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  1. So anyway after i came back round from passing out i thought i should say great job, its looking amazing : D
  2. At last, kerbals with sustainable power
  3. Ok i was just asking because i wanted to make sure i had not imagined them in a earlier post. i am now very excited for boats like jumping up and down level sounds childish but i dont care im happy.
  5. If multiplayer would include inside views why would single player not? it would just be a wasted opportunity
  6. With regards to No Man's Sky which i played i have clocked up 100+ hours on NMS but i see your point. NMS is a great game but the fact that it is procedurally generated does take a special something out of the game. Having a hand crafted solar system is what make KSP so special and why i have stopped playing a game with trillions of star systems and instead switched to one that has one special star system. Rouge planets. It is hard to convey how much i would love to see that in KSP 2. Also @Master39 i just finished portal and i think im gonna put this as my home screen on my PC. <<There's no sense crying over every mistake you just keep on trying until you run out of cake and the science gets done>> Still Alive, Portal
  7. I watched it 30 times yesterday beat that lol
  8. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm i think that's probably quite likely
  9. Will KSP2 Have More Than One Extra Star System? I know we are obviously getting the Kerbol system and at least one more but more than these two has never been confirmed. Two seems to be a good number but three would be perfect and achievable. I know that making planets, stars, orbits and spaceship parts is hard work and I completely understand that three would be a lot unless there was only two planets per star system. I'm basically sticking my nose into Intercept Games private business but I'm just so excited for KSP2. If the devs see this please keep up the good work and continue on. Thank you for all you have given us, IronKerman @KSPStar @Nate Simpson
  10. What About A Brown Dwarf Solar System Having No Sun Would Make Life Very Interesting.
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