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  1. @Nertea I have uploaded this issue to github at least twice, but somehow it gets deleted... Don't know why. Maybe you want to pick it up here. I may upload it the third time, but am not sure if it will not get deleted again, (like the two times before).
  2. I think it's on a good way - but there might some steps to take. Here my thoughts - you may consider it or drop it : The bugged behavior mentioned above should be fixed The double sound crack if moving throttle fast should be fixed A optional speedlimit for usage in a unmodded solar system would be usefull (to make it work with sensible speeds... e.g. 2c is enough for the vanilla star system - but enough to make it feel wooooow! Otherwise a modded star system would be a dependency. Just give a speed limiter option of the maximum reachable Warp speed in the main config, and scale the throttle setting and warp effects to it. Other option: maybe consider to kerbalize the value of c by factor 1/10 to match the size of the vanilla solar system. The drive should not require to turn on it's main power supply in order to work. It should instead also accept power sources e.g. fusion or fission reactors from FFT or NFE (both Nertea stuff). The speedcontrol is kinda complicated. You have to increase throttle until some threshold is reached, to get the vessel even moving. This is kinda unintuitive and the minimal warp speed is kinda unpredictable. The warpspeed depends on SOI and has hard jumps. This makes it complicated to controll and not to overshoot The auto-circularize button is not available in most cases even if activated in settings, as soon as you accelerated once using the warp drive. Bug, needs fix. Hope it helps. Feel free to use this as polite input. (no native speaker, so don't misunderstand me, if things should sound unpolite - this is not intenional)
  3. Also keep in mind: My reported bugs were just the last 1% to perfection. So... others struggle to make their stuff even work. So today I uninstalled some of the WIPs, that were sold as finished, from other mod makers... :-) Some where so much bugged, that I wasn't even in mood to report all the not functioning stuff... So yeah! Somehow I feel a mod from your workbench can be installed without thinking about it - it will be a good experience.
  4. No tweakscale involved - haven't got this mod. This is the Nereid command pod from Near Future. But changing the commandpod doesn't change anything. So I took my multipart warp drive from the first post suddenly it worked. Than I removed the LqDeut tanks and relaunched. It didnt work anymore. Re-added the SAME tanks and launched again. Didn't work anymore. So to my mind mind, this mod needs still some debugging.
  5. So I didn't find the 2.0.0 branch on github to test anything... so silence might be due to people didn't find any bugs? Or not finding it on git (like me)... Maybe the other guys just wait for new reports from your dev workbench... ?! At least I am looking forward to the upcoming mainrelease of NFE ! I have recently tried some mods from other mod makers and none of them reaches the quality and low bug level, that your mods do. Keep up the great work.
  6. Edit: a ready to use warpdrive does work if I add LqDeut AND activate the Main Power (Power generation) other power sources are not used. But my build above with a seperate big fusion reactor (from FFT) does not accept the LqDeut and the provided energy. Broken Patches for FFT ?! Need building advice OR if it's a bug a correction. Also noticed a soundbug: There are cracks if you accelerate to fast. Some kind of double click. I am using the newest version of Blueshift (1.6.0) and KSP 1.12.2 Also: Is there a way to limit the maximum Speed at full throttle? I'm using no planetary expansion right now and want to limit it to 2c at maximum.. Can I set a limiter somewhere in the configs? If not, would you consider providing this setting? @Angel-125 Another Bug detected: If I turn the auto-circularizer on in the settings, the button is still hidden in the menu of the warp drive if I arrive at a planet.
  7. Yeah, I had a game crash on trying verything. also staging. Also tried switching to engl. localization. Same problem. What can I do? What have I built wrong? There is no button to make the displacement generator run. So... What to do here?!
  8. How do I get this ugly testrig-ship to warp? It says, that it needs more power. Playing with Nertea's Mod compendium installed (including FFT and NFT) How can I get this displacement generator to work? Playing on german localization. In the VAB it says it can go to warp:
  9. Yeah, i asked for this kind of pre-filling with graviolium for me to get started in e.g. a sandbox to get to know the mechanisms. And do some proof of concepts before I would carry this knowledge over to my real savegame. What does the patch for the stock big docking port do to the port? I already have the drift-bug-fix from gotmachine installed and fear of too many mods conflicting, if they fire down on the the same part. It adds a WBIDockingAlignmentLock. Somehow i wonder if it is a problem with the new stock-locking mechanism and the driftbug-fix. All these things target the same mechanisms. Can somebody help me out to understand before I mess up a savegame with many existing stations using the Clampotron senior?
  10. Do you have to mine Graviolium or can you fill it up right away from the start of a vessel from the SPH/VAB (interessting for Warp-capable-SSTOs...) at a certain cost? Are there also converters planned to generate graviolium out of other ressources (e.g. stuff from the NF/FF Mods or the community ressource pack?) What are those fission pellets and electroplasma ressources for. They are not mentioned in the wiki? And as i scanned through the configs of the mod, I saw you do something with the stock docking ports. What does it do? Does it interfere with the driftbug-fix-mod from gotmachine/JPLRepo?
  11. Is NFE 2.0 complete or are further feature increments in development? Just a curious questipn
  12. Again... little showcase of SSPXr as advertisement for this great mod... Lovin' it....
  13. Supplied Chandra-Station with its Krew: Here you can see the new munar station with one of my Phoenix-Class SSTOs docked to the long docking arm. Welcome to your new home Lansby, Elsa and Radec... The centrifuge in the back is now deployed and rotating.... (Jim and Sharon are only support team to boot up the new station)...
  14. Ah thanks... did know about these standing wave patterns. I am really courious how it will look, when finished. Thank you for the wiki article. Now I've got something to read this evening/night
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