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  1. Not everyone likes fiddeling with mods. Mods to circumvent bugs in the basegame? Thats rubbish. A game must bring a certain quality by itself. I dont like installing mods, as fiddling with all the cross effects and cross dependencies is just to much stress. I like to have a game, that works out of the box. This is not IKEA. This is a videogame.
  2. So I'm still on a full stop on playing KSP, as playing with rockets without nice plume is not satisfying. It took so long to release this 1.11.2 and the fix list is so short?! That's a bad joke, eh?! Further visual bugs as the halfway opened housings of the 1x6 and 2x3 retractable solarpanels aren't fixed either... another visual immersion breaker leading to a full stop in playing the game. Disappointed. Please dear devs, please fix the accumulated (and highly upvoted !) visual annoyances like: https://bugs.kerbalspaceprogram.com/issues/27233 or https://bugs.kerbals
  3. Nope, didn't have this issue in the last launches. Maybe I should mention, that I play KSP in vanilla. Maybe it's a new bug since 1.11? I haven't launched a single rocket since then, as i was more into planes with propellers and helicopters ans spaceplanes in the last weeks. But as up to and including 1.10.1 I did not have the issue which you described.
  4. Hard to say, these are the worst bugs. Haven't experienced one of them. For me it's the visual bugs , which disrupt my immersion most. "Worst" is never a objective criteria.
  5. 7-8 Weeks till 1.12? I highly doubt this. I would not expect 1.12 before the end of july.
  6. I wish for a 1.11.2 release. Will we get one, if we beg politely?!
  7. Yeah, nowadays everythings matures in customer's hands due to rushed releases, driven by the guys in suits - the management. But even if the consequences are not as servere as an accident in a car. Imagine your entertainment system stops working after an update, or the air condition can't heat anymore, due to software bugs due to lack of testing. Result: The customer is annoyed. Will he buy your brand again? Will he tell others how good your brand is? Will he use the services, which you offer around your product? You get it. If the brand I am working for would offer such bugg
  8. It did what !? If I park a heavy ssto on the runway it still drifts so somewhere even with activated brakes. And yes. I don't want to revert to older versions as they lack many nice features. What is the point in bugfixing, when the answer is: go play an older version. Doesn't make sense, eh? I think a product should develop to less bugs, not to a piling up amount due to introducing x (afterwards well documented and reported) bugs while fixing only y bugs with x > y. Yeah I know, I'm putting pressure on the devs by writing this. But that's what a customers expects. A
  9. Yeah, but i updated my vehicle/lifter/ssto arsenal to new standards already... they won't run on older game versions.
  10. Yeah, nobody reads the credits. Anywhere. Sorry to say so. But I will take a look, when I start KSP again. Probably after the next bugfix, as the situation is currently very buggy and doesn't delivery satisfying rocketry with real potent kawoosh-engines. Yeah NDAs are pure fun - it kinda feels like being secret agent. Have some on my own job.
  11. Alright. I didn't know your job splits. I just saw, that some bugs are assigned to you, so I thought it would be a nice idea to give you a ping. :-) It didn't mean to put pressure on you. I just wanted to make it clearer, that visual bugs are also relevant, even if they not prohibit progression in a direct way. At the moment there are some bugs of this visual kind accumulated, and i think, it would be nice to take a look at the visuals in the QA-loops.
  12. New visual bug found since 1.11.1 Bug #27233: Stock Engine Plume broken since 1.11.1 - Kerbal Space Program - Squad Bugtracker Engine exhaust does not match current engine throttle even if the thrustlimiter is set to 100%. See Picture: Broken Engine Plume KSP 1.11.1 - Imgur The exhaust is far to less for 100% Throttle and thrust limiter on 100%. @ the fabulous community here: Please add some evidence pictures to the ticket. @TriggerAu @Just Jim Can you please adress all the cumulated visual bugs in the next update please. Such as the one mentioned a
  13. @TriggerAu Thanks for your Post on the patching strategy. Can we expect a 1.11.2 in order to get some more fixes before the development train moves on to whole new features in 1.12 ?! Thanks in advance.
  14. So... how many upvotes does it take in the bug tracker. Some of my filed tickets have 8 or more upvotes and no fix.
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