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  1. Fine-tuned my astronaut training machine ("The puke machine" or "Puke-o-matic 2021"). Jeb loves the ride, but Bill and Bob don't, unless you promiss to give them a bunch of snacks after the training. And Dr. Rodney McKerman refused completely to take seat in the machine. He says, he's to intelligent to risk his precious brain in this torture thingy... After that he ran away and pulled out some Jell-O, while watching the other Kerbals doing the ride... Maybe he ate their jelly, too ?! (Nice tactics, Rodney.... tzzz!) The batteries beneath the seat are only counterweight to the kerbal. All
  2. Ksp today: Tuned my Colossos Mk I: a 52 Kerbal-transportplane, powered by two Goliaths. (Really a boring subsonic plane... meeh) And: Made a 1st attempt on construction of my new Damocles Mk I: A Goliath-powered transporter with 4 SRB-powered Missiles (Rocket science on SRB-impacts on mountains of snacks - molten caramell, yummie !!!) on deployable hinges. But unfortunatly the plane has yet still some stability issues upon deployment of the missilestarters on the hinges in the pre-launch sequence, as the missiles have guidance wings and mess up the center of lift, as soon as the fr
  3. Mostly single-use multistage rocket based lifters for freight... because it's convinient... And Spaceplanes for crew transfer... Because I have a fleet of them. (I currently play Science Mode.)
  4. Isn't the game all about starts and landings ?! Just askin'...
  5. This eva construction radius should ONLY be tied to the respective Kerbal - not any rootpart. Why? Cause it's the kerbal, who's constructing and it has nothing to do with any root part. Do the devs read this discussion threat ?!
  6. Would be nice to see 1.11.1 soon and consecutively some 1.11.2 and .3 in order to fix all the prominent issues, instead of already programming 1.12.0
  7. Exactly my observation. Yeah, it's sad, that the engine does not draw profit of huge RAMs like my 32GB. At some point it gets stuttering and needs a restart.
  8. Thats 's exactly what I did (counterrotating props). But getting a stable flight ahead is kinda difficult. But I added a Juno secondary propulsion system today. It helps. I'm still figuring about a easy way of control (what on which button, ... which controls can be accumulated and so on)
  9. Ksp today: still fighting with my 1st helicopter construction. But I will defeat the aerodynamics... I shall win. :-D... it's kinda more difficult than expected... yeah, I'm more the plane&rockets-guy...
  10. I know this behavior. I play vanilla Ksp on a 32 gig machine with a 9700K. At some point i have to close the game and restart, as the game gets reaaaaaaal sloooooooooow and stuttering. And at this Point ksp doesn't even use 8 Gig RAM. Somehow it seems to clutter up its allocated memory and does neither allocate more nor cleans up old garbage. It's not a fault of my machine, as it happens only in Ksp and not in other RAM-hungry applications.
  11. ... and more than 8-way symmetry in stock... without doing strange glitches...
  12. I've got a question on the speed topic. I've built this, not for challenge but for fun. At first I had 24 Blades on each pair of counterrotating rotor on each side. (So in total 96 blades). And this resulted in a slow speed of around 170 m/s. But after reducing to only 8 blades per rotor (In total 32 blades) the speed increased to 240m/s (235 m/s fully kerbaled). Why is it this way? I don't understand, how less blades make the plane go faster (as ksp does not simulate air turbulences near the blades) I thought: moar propeller blades = moaaaar power!... but apparently, it's not..
  13. Lowest speed to hold the altitude.
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