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  1. It depends... Is it more efficient to bring the plant as huge ship to all collection sites? Maybe. Is it efficient to gather some materials by relatively small freighters? Maybe... e.g. I wouldn't collect ore and take it to a facility to extract the needed uranium. The conversion ratio is too bad. I'd rather do some conversion steps in situ out there in the black and only take preprocessed materials home to the central fabrication facility. In fact, the end-game sub-light-engines from FFT offer so much dV, that efficiency in transport doesn't matter anymore. You can easily build a ship with 100.000 m/s dV and more. Producing gravi yourself is endgame content of FFT for me - it marks the transition to the FTL era for me.
  2. What are you going to change about the warp effects? I like them. Maybe you want to collect feedback about new visuals with some photos? Whats that new device gonna be? Does it make the craft hover?
  3. Feel free to try it and to adjust the values to your liking. Keep in mind, you'll need the almost complete compendium of Nertea's near and far future tech mod suite as it is full of dependencies. I'd also propose the Station Part Part Expansion Redux Mod (SSPXr) by Nertea for such huge stations. - and some heavy lifter tech. The patch above just adds another conversion mode to the nova facility. Once you get antimatter, you have gravi. You may add other ressources to your liking, e.g. some Hydrogen do make those protons interact with the antimatter to generate those exotic gravi particles. Kinda true. I like building dedicated orbital installations that offer new gameplay loops. Yes, i also have a fleet of particle harvesters and drilling machines. But once you built one, you simple exchange the storage tanks and use it for every drillable / collectable ressource. That might become a grind a some point. That's why I like to have the possibility to have several ways to do so... e.g. send a harvest mission to jool for several kerbal years... or invest many funds/sciencepoints in technology to create the stuff at home in an efficient industrial process. I wish, that I could enable the process of making graviolium after natural gravi was found and brought home. But that would be to complex. I just play it that way. Here some eyecandy on how I got my first graviolium by getting an ansteroid to kerbin (using a big nuclear salt water rocket propelled tug) and using a gravi harvester SSTO afterwards. Sending a harvester directly would have been too easy. The SSTO is inspired by Matt Lowne's Argus class
  4. Honestly, I do both. Just like what ever i like more innthat very moment. Going to dres is also fun. And if I need to fill up a huge warp vessel, than I use the orbital facility to avoid grinding. I also have an Gravi-harvester ssto to mine asteroids,... so to me everything is fun and i alter my sources just depending on mood. Out in the wild of other star systems I will define some gravibelts (my planet mods come without those spacedust belt patches, so I will have to define them myself unfortunately.... it breaks the moment of surprise, since I define it beforehand, but... anyway,... maybe I'll forget what I defined until next time playing) and construct a harvester to replenish the warp fleet out there in the middle of nowhere.
  5. Yeah... I had much fun patching the stuff and building a highly experimental station in LKO. The antimatter (part of Nerteas Far Future Tech Mod) is highly instable and can go boooom if not contained properly. Really nice mechanisms... Patch and pics of the respective facility in orbit should be somewhere around page 66 of this thread. So here is the way to go for me: This monstrosity is needed to produce gravi in LKO instead of harvesting it. There is many a cooling loop to keep stuff stable. All the black panels are just cooling... for reactors, for ressource converters and so on. On the bottom you can the Tokamak-style fusion reactor (FFT by Nertea) to power that huge machine. The long huge part in the foreground is just one giant part (FFT -> Nova Facility) This is the Cochrane Center in LKO. Anyways... here is my patch from my live-game: The thing is.... you need to build a very complex production chain to turn natural ressources into graviolium. There is a whole path from stuff you find in Nerteas Near and Far future mods to finally make antimatter. The patch above does offer one last conversion step, which can be done using huge amounts of electricity... (which requires to master Nerteas Fusion reactor tech)... So it fits quite well in a technological evolution of the kerbal race... Mining is a step before producing the stuff by technology. In my head it makes sense for the kerbal race to have an industrial production of gravi before going interstellar... Yes, first warp flights are done using harvested natural gravi... Later on the tech evolution kicks in and makes it produceable thus making the kerbals really an independent interstellar travelling race.
  6. Wow, so many Winupdates after booting up the computer after such a long time.... soooo here is my current config - live from my KSP install: and here is some footage right from my KSP install: Here my Gravi-Ring. Here an ugly test vessel. You can see the gravi flow in the harvester part itself, in the ressource panel (0.00, since the value is very very low). Also the gravi tank is filled with 0.01 unit (started absolutely empty). hope it helps... Maybe I changed my config after delivering it to be inputed into Blueshift. So that's why I delivered my current version from my live install on my computer. Maybe give it a try. @KspNoobUsernameTaken. So for completeness: Here is my Mod setup: But I tend to change things in the mod configs make them fit to each other balancingwise... so your results may vary... I'm not trying to deliver proof, but only want to help... There must be some reason, why this works on my computer and does not work for you. I run KSP on a Win 10 x64.
  7. I personally use the orbital graviolium facillity that turns antimatter into graviolium (see page 66 of this thread). Patch is there, for those who like the idea. Works for me and hopefully for others too. Near and Fae Future Mods by Nertea required. Last time I played I had a lot of fun by feeding the production chain,... producing gravi is kinda more fun to me than collecting natural gravi particles. I love, that there are so many ways now to get the illusive particle. Alright for me. My text was meant totally un-emotional. But i am not a native english speaker, so I may not have met the correct tone (?). I can only provide, what worked for me. But sinnce I hadn't have any gaming time in ksp in the last months i can't help debugging. I juat can tell that I had no issues last time i collected gravi from a belt. But since I cook gravi nowadays, I didn't test for at least 1,5 years for sure. But as far as I remember everything worked, since the last time i worked on the gravibelt config. That's all I can say.
  8. No reason to get offensive. I currently have to time to boot up ksp make an image as proof. You may change your config to you liking. If you found a config, that works for you, fine. If Blueshift adopts your config, also fine. I will put in my config in my game anyways... so... do what you like. Maybe I changed some values later on in my config, that are not in BS''s package... maybe not. Don't know anymore... I currently have no time to play ksp, so I can't tell. Haven't booted up my computer for months... Other RL stuff is currently more fun. So... have some fun... if the majority has the same issues like you, i don't mind if BS will be adopting your config. I just say, I have no issues. You pic shows no Gravi belt... have you scanned for it using right scanner?
  9. I can confirm that my provided spacedust ressource configs work well in my install with unchanged spacedust mod. From my point of view no need to change anything. Please explain what you want to have changed with your pull requests. From my point of view there is no need to change the harvester efficiency and the PR. Topic might also interest @Angelo Kerman
  10. Mhmmm... warp dragging seems to be not my cup of tea... Maybe there are others sci-fi-ish ideas, that could be implemented. But this dragging... i don't see me enabling it. Thanks for making it optional. For me it's more an immersion breaker to take everything in physics range with me instead of leaving a space station's vicinity with warp speed, like the enterprise did in StarTrek III.
  11. Alright. Just take your time. I love your stuff. Just take all the time you need. Juat don't burn out and have a nice cup of tea. Best greetings from central europe
  12. Any info when to expect the new mass effect-ish mass manipulator? Looking forward to it.
  13. In order to transfer Uranium you need a well trained engineer on board. I don't know where the limit is exactly but a 5☆ engineer will enable the transfer for sure.
  14. In my install out of the box without any changes iirc the regolith harvesters mine He3 directly from the mun surface when placed in an area with regolith. Make sure you have the appropriate tanks with you
  15. Yeah, I really see fast ships coming. I mean let's test those impact-o-meters on the mun, right ?! Un-kerbaled of course
  16. Addendum... the more i think of it, the more i am curious... Does reducing the mass instantly result in acceleration? In terms of conservation of energy it should, right? Or will the mass reduction not result in orbital changes but make the vessel more susceptable to accerlation by applying thrust after Ezo-device-activation? And how will rocket motors will react to the mass reduction (Ziolkowski-Equotion)? Will they reduce thrust due to exhausting less mass? Or will the rocket exhaust have the normal mass and normal thrust due to leaving the Ezo-device's effect range ? In fact, i am not that hardcore enthusiast, so any nice-gameplay-compatible solution will be fine for me. I am just curios about your concept.... I am really looking forward to it
  17. I like, that they'll work completely different and offer variety in design rules for different vessel propulsion strategies. So you will implement hard locks between each other to prohibit nast side effects, right? Sounds cool. The mass effect core will result in massive vessel speeds (not translation, where the intial impulse is kept like the warp engines do...) I think the Breaking Ground impact messurement experiments will see maaaaaassive impacts on the mun . I am almost sure, that I will ram a rocket at almost relativistic speeds into the mun surface. Let's see if we can break those cheap seismic sensors of those deployable experiments. Sure ? Some gun I have in my BDA inventory says in the description, that it alters mass.... but i am not sure which one it was, because i am currently not in range of my computer. It was some two-tipped fork look-a-like sci fi turret, that worked well. Could have been from some BDA extending part pack. I can't look it up right now. I just wanted to say, this mass altering during flight rapidly could be a summoming device for the kraken - which can also be very funny.... like you get a chance of 25% to blow up your vessel due to KSPs physics engine sending you its love.
  18. Mhhhh.... are they intended to be combined? I somehow feel this could have unforeseen side effects. Sure you want to allow mass change and warp tech to be active at the same time on a vessel? Sidenote: BDA+ has a sci fi turret, that iirc destroys vessels by rapidly changing vessel mass values... changing the mass of parts of an active vessel could summon the kraken.
  19. Yeah.... got it. Element Zero in terms of the mass effect game series. But what will we be able to do with it? Will we be able to use the device to change the mass of the vehicle like in the lore of MassEffect?
  20. Okay, I should be more precise: please give us an understandable usable hint, what's around the corner in terms of the new device
  21. And... it will be... ? A gravitic mass driver to accelerate other vessels into space ? Give us a hint, pleeeeease
  22. Does the science relay mod work correctly in KSP. 1.12.x ?
  23. Any small hint, what the new device will be? Give us some crumbs of knowledge . What can the new device do? It may not be a warp engine, since we have them already. It won't be a displacement engine, because they are already covered in KFS... so what will it be? Maybe a gravi-powered super-relay using subspace transmission technology ? (Reginald Karcley thinks of the MIDAS phalanx from Voy)... what could it be, what could it be.... I am dying of curiosity...
  24. That sounds fantastic. Any info to us about the new device? We could give our thoughts (naaaaaah, I am just tooooo curious ). Sorry for the waiting time. Currently my time to play games is very limited. But I'll give my bewt to test the new device.
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