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  1. Yeah, but as far as I can see only the mouse-aiming-reticule is affected. If fired using one of the two camera/laser targeting devices the bullets hit, where you aim.
  2. Oh nooooo !!! The technologicly backstanding kerbal nation "chocolate-haters-coalition" (CHC) has found out, that the KSC has new snacks in stock. So they now try to strike the KSC and the sweets depot.... They don't really know how to fly fast, but the bring loads of sugar-solving bombs to the KSC with this stolen vehicle. Oh noooo! Here is a quick screenshot of the green baron. Armed to the teeth! Unfortunately the CHC made a treaty with the Kerbal-Dentist-Union... Oh noooo !!! (Vehicle is stock, except the bombs from BDA+ and some weapons pack)
  3. @DocNappers I think, I found something odd. I took a 130mm turret from one of the weapon packs and mounted it under the belly of a big plane (for fun - not for balanced gameplay). But somehow the targeting reticule does not take into account the carrying vessel's own velocity. So if you show forwards, you overshoot the target, if you shoot backwards, you undershoot. also the bullets do a really strange curveball trajectory (best to see if shooting sideways). The shot starts nearly linear, than the vertical speed decreases and the bullet flies more horizontally in the second half of the trajectory. Since it's the BDA+ mechanics, I guess it doesn't matter which mod it was from. I here deliver the part for debugging: https://www.filemail.com/d/lfqjizcvsrbhnaz I guess it was from BDA extended by @SuicidalInsanity, but i am not sure anymore, where i got it from (cause i took only some parts, that I liked and integrated them into my bda folder). I gave it nuclear amunition, so you can test the strange trajectory behavior by your self. Just mount the gun under the belly of a suitable Mk3-plane and try to bring havoc to a place of your choice. Just shoot around, observe the bullet trajectory and compare the impact point with your initial targetting point (best to see if using nuclear ammo). EDIT: So after testing a bit more: Aiming with the laseraiming device works perfectly. So only the free aim reticule for mouse aim is affected. Tested in
  4. Hi there. Do the engines have Waterfall support?
  5. NF Spacecraft does only deliver additions command modules. It does not replace any, like the Restock mod does.
  6. If you have a decent pc, go for the pc version. Even my old potato pc with 9th generation i7 and with a weak gtx 1060 does very well even with a heavily modded install. More features, more performance and mkst important: mods! Ksp1 lives by the glorious modding community. Many a mod is now a must have for me and i wouldn't play the game without them anymore.
  7. Couldn't have said it better. Some nice Engines from the Near- and Far Future mods can ease the pain. Especially the fusion aerospike from FFT. Otherwise an eve ascender for more than one or two kerbals is hard... at least with stock parts.
  8. @DocNappers... BDA+ now comes with a vessel mover? Does it replace the stand-alone vesselmover mod by @jrodriguez? Or is it just a redistribution? Can you bring some light into my confusion ?
  9. Bugreport: Current BDA+ generates NREs upon adjusting the Minimum height parameter of the AI-Pilot for planes. The slider minimum flight level of the controller becomes unmovable. Logs: https://www.filemail.com/d/nrllycfycgxzbnn @DocNappers In the previous version everything worked. So I reverted back.
  10. It is totally possible to replace the nkd-nuke module from the config and replace it with the one from bda+ which is to my mind superior. Pretty straight forward. Look in the bda+ thread, all required information are there to do it on your own. I did it for my own install, but won't redistribute the configs and therefore used NKD-assets due to respect to the NKD creators... and licensing... Sooo... do the following: download the nkd package, open the part configs, remove the nkd-nuke-module and replace it with bda+nuke module. Voila, your have nukes made compatible with bda+ and can even drop the nkd plugin, in case this causes problems for you. Just read the information about configuring things into nukes on the bda+ thread. I place there a how-to-do-tutorial for the config. You'll find it. Edit: This describes how to make a normal bda+ part a bda+ nuke ... you can adapt the provided info to make a nkd-plugin-using nuke a bda+nuke. Have fun nuking asteroids! Mhhh.... just remembering bruce willis on an asteroid. Armageddon... long time since that movie.
  11. Obsolete post. Somehow took the wrong way to the ksp2 exchange, not the one for ksp1
  12. Tested in isolation. I just upgraded to SH 0.6.0 from 0.5.6 . - this seems to have been the reason. now it works. Just about to balance stuff. But one thing is still odd. Systemheat does not respect different values of outlet heat and generated heat and heat/effiency curve. You can change them like you want. SH will do what it wants. Looked through the MM log. Nothing else is patching the antimatterfactory... strange behavior! Here is my current iteration of the patch: Maybe @Angelo Kerman wants to offer it in the next Blueshift release as optional patch. This way you can use the complex production chain to generate some graviolium in the late game out of antimatter, which is rather difficult to create. This patch suggests a 4:1 rate to generate even more precious graviolium. Because it's an industrial process it's faster than harvesting the material as spacedust for several years. But you have to have the production chain and the power to do so (Feed the hungry FFT fusion reactors, to make Antimatter and than make Graviolium of it).
  13. didn't work for me. Placed a testvehicle and only put on the gravi conversion. The loop temperature did not rise. Strange.
  14. Dear Far Future Tech-Users that also use Blueshift: Here is a config, to make use of your Antimatter-production-chain: Replace your fft-antimatter-factory-1.cfg in FFT with the following complete config in the spoiler. It will allow you to convert a little bit of your precious and effortful crafted antimatter into graviolium in your lategame of FFT. Unfortunately I had to hardcode it into the fft-antimatter-factory-1.cfg itself. It did not accept the heatvalues if i placed it in a separate patch to be applied afterwards (I don't unterstand why. Can somebody explain this? @Nertea - it only executed the conversion to the Nova-AM-Factory but ignored the SystemHeat integration - and it was the same config, as added here. Just a separate config with @Part.... etc. ) The red section in the config is new. You can also only move this over to your part definition. Have fun.
  15. @Angelo Kerman I guess I found some bugs. Today I took the switch from 1.9.0 to 1.9.4 # 1 This version should bring the following since 1.9.1 : "Hotfix to auto-deactivate generators that are integrated with warp engines when the warp engine is shut down. Similarly, integrated warp coils will auto-enable/disable upon engine activation and shutdown." It does not work: When I try to deactivate the warp core via action group it does not turn of the generator and continues to spend graviolium - i have to shut it off using the PAW. Testvehicle here: https://www.filemail.com/d/nixgnbizwxxzzuw (uses a "Near Future Spacecraft" capsule, sorry - it felt a bit more like the famous phoenix from Star Trek first contact to me and I didn't want to change the craft, that is causing troubles in order to not prohibit propper bug hunting by changing the input variables) - launch it, and press AG2 to shutdown the warpcore. It does not kill the powergeneration, nor does it disable the warpcoils. Also removing the warpcore and installing the sameone after mod-update does not change it. Maybe some code fallback when compiling 1.9.4 - or does the energy generation shut off not apply to all warp cores ? #2 there is an actiongroup setable to de-/activate the power generation of a warpcore. but this action is only settable to an action group after launch, not in the VAB. So you can't set up an AG to toggle the power generation before launch. Both issues tested with KSP 1.12.x in Win10 22H2 with german localization. Tested on the S-2 "Planet's edge" warpcore. Logfiles: https://www.filemail.com/d/mitlrynfhaxqxjx
  16. @linuxgurugamer can you tell ab bit more about how it works: Does the mod create cfg-files for every edited wing and store them? Or are the parts only templates and the length/width...values are only stored in the craft file? Can I re-use already set up wings on other crafts (or domthey have to be transplanted via subassemblies?)
  17. @Angelo Kerman I guess I found two bugs: 1. The Bussard collectors only work, if a warp core is present. So you can't make sub-light-Gravi-collectors. 2. I placed an ugly testrig in the Kerbin gravi ring. See here: The Gravi-flux is exactly zero. Not 0.00000000x but exactly 0. The resource collector (patched by blueshift to collect also graviolium (thanks for the Patch, Angelo, by the way. It does fit in really nicely!) ) from Far Future Tech works in the same place. Interestingly the Blueshift-collectors seem to collect LqDeut and other stuff present there in the ring - just not gravi, even if present in the ring, like LqDeut. Strange.
  18. I like SSTOs the most.... SSTOs > Rockets > Shuttles (fiddly to fly on launch.... sigh)
  19. Scatterer, EVE, Spectra, Waterfall (+needed Configs), whole Near Future Tech suite, Far Future Tech, Kerbal Atomics, Cryogenic Engines, Blueshift, Sandcastle, Outer Planets Mod (needs Kopernicus), Planetside, System Heat, Heat Control, SpikeX (in NESDs Warehouse), KerbalKonstructs (plus Mods that build upon it like Kerbin Side Remastered or KSC extended)... yeah.... that are my must haves... And if you like this stuff: BDA+ Unfortunately my old potato pc can't handle parallax 2 or the new volumetric EVE-upgrade on top of my big mod stack. I'd have to drop other things, and thats a no go at the moment. KSP2 will featurewise and visually not be on par with my heavily modded KSP1 install for some years. Nope, no way.... I say some streams of KSP2 and am not yet impressed. Sure, it has potential to become a solid foundation for the next years, but right now I only see the potential - we are not yet there, and probably won't be for the next years
  20. That reminds me of Elite Dangerous: Odyssey (an upgrade - DLC for the base game, they had released on all plattforms)... Promissed performance improvements and finally the cancelling for all consoles and weaker hardware... In fact it made me leave ED (what I played on console for social reasons) I have only little trust in "performance optimization" of KSP2 after the ED:O story. Many devs simple give up on that and say: Let them buy hardware! And in the case of Elite: there was visually no reason to be this demanding. ED:O looked like an older game from 8 years ago and they didn't manage to plug their perfomance sinks. By the way, so does KSP2 - it does not look like a... lets say cyberpunk, where you see, where all that graphics card power goes. The visuals of a heavily modded KSP1 are to my mind far superior - with less hardware demands. I think KSP1, and also this new volumetric EVE package will have a long life. Even longer than we all expect.
  21. Those fuselageparts, where are they from!? Sorry for you... but this is a really kerbaly experience. Bob would be proud.
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