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  1. Have parts been deprecated lately? Or are only very old legacy parts in your mod meant?
  2. Short Question: Does this mod change things about the stock buoyancy system, or does it only fill tanks with weight? I ask, because some of my vessels are made for waterlandings in case of emergency, and I want to know, if I will have to check their swimming ability for every vehicle or not, if I install the mod.
  3. What does this mean? Which parts are now deprecated?
  4. You really should give them a try. They really really enhance the KSP experience!
  5. I think I found a tiny bug. If you hit a small open jumpgate's event horizon fast enough (eg. small gate-fitting buggy with about 10m/s will do) you may end up distant from the target gate. You still end up on the right planet on the ground, but maybe far away from the small destination jumpgate. So if you're going to use the portal, use it slowly not speeding into the event horizon.
  6. I think, being a "new" mod, which is able to live parallel to/next to the legacy NFE installation, sounds like the smoothest way. So everyone can still use the old reactors, if they want to and can also use the new ones from this mod upgrade. Maybe deliver it as an optional addendum to NFE ? I would love maximum variety among the reactor options. The more options to choose from the better, even if they have similar values. That's why I think, deprecating old ones is not neccessary. Already understood. But it would be really sad, if the new models you created would end up in a box, forgotten and dusted in the corner of the storage. They are just too beautiful to remain unused. I am very happy, that you consider completing this last mod upgrade for Ksp1.
  7. The most talented modder of the KSP-cosmos is back in town. Happy to see, that you are still planing to release those little reactors, in which you already put so much effort (and great design!) in. Will the upcoming NFE release be backwards compatible to the older NFE-version's parts by keeping deprecated parts still in the mod for compatibility? Will reactors be replaced? @Nertea
  8. Do I have to have ASET RPM installed for the IVAs or do I get more stock-alike IVA if I miss out on those additional mods? Edit: My question targets the newest branch of OPT, maybe I am in the wrong thread. But anyway... What is changed about the mk2s drone core? I have used it quitr often - does ist become more prone to drag or less?
  9. Hi there, I just discovered this Mod and am interested in it. Just a short question: Is this mod compatible with the following?: Nerteas NF and FF Mods (including e.g. CryoEngines, Kerbal Atomics, SystemHeat. HeatControl etc.), Community resource pack (does it use those ressources, for which i already have tanks etc from other mods?) Blueshift Waterfall Does it change/reconfigure stock modules or stock game mechanics?
  10. Your hard work in your FREETIME is really apreciated. No need to hurry. Somehow I feel that I should wait to get into AP+ until things settle a bit, cause I kinda archive my most loved crafts and it would be sad, if they only worked with a specific beta release... so I will stay tuned and listen to the posts in this thread for the right point to get into this mod and start creating even more planes, whose parts are kinda stable in their properties then... no need to hurry. Just take your time. I really apreciate that you spend so much of your free time to make mods work (better). Thank you and the team so so much. Since I did a lot of bugtesting & reporting for other mods, I will start with bugtesting here when things settle. But right now, i just take a break from bugreporting and just enjoy a little bit of actually playing KSP. You know the issue well: Real Life, engineering job, and all the things that keep you away from booting up your gaming rig in the evening.
  11. Is the balancing and optimizing apart from FAR already stable? Or is this also subject to changes? E.g. I don't use FAR and am interessted in this mod.
  12. Maybe it does not justify a seperate release... but next time you put hands on it, why not? But don't stress yourself. it was just an idea and not a need-to-have-feature-request
  13. Yeah, it was just a thought. Maybe @linuxgurugamer is interessted in that idea... if not, also alright. It was just a humble idea
  14. Especially If you have a while multitude of mods installed, the toolbar area gets really really full. And there are toolbars, that you regularly use (e.g. trajectories for setting up for a prograde or retrograde entry) and those, you never use after setting up... e.g. Waterfall's toolbar. e.g. Nertea's Spacedust handles it well. It is only there in map view, where you would use it. It would be usefull to have a global mod, that lets you select, which toolbars are shown in which game mode (KSC-View, Map view, Flight scene, Construction) or not at all... There I would deactivate some toolbars, which I never use after being done with configuring a mod. E.g. i never touch E.V.E. toolbar in the KSC view, cause it simply works. @Gotmachine may be something for a QOL-Tweak for Community Fix pack?!
  15. Can not confirm with Kopernicus and OPM installed. Neither the missing button for auto-circularization, nor the Planetary-Spacial-Location-Display in the PAW.
  16. a very humble proposal: How about only offering the Kopernicus setuo toolbar, when in KSC-external view (like E.V.E. Redux does - it does not show it's toolbar in Flight scene or VAB/SPH.). This way Kopernicus doesn't clutter the toolbar area in Flightscene or VAB/SPH, where many other Toolbars kick in. In my ideal thinking, in KSC-view you get to see the toolbars for visual-stuff, in VAB/SPH those relevant for construction (e.g. Nertea's Systemheat), and in Flight you get to see the toolbars for flight (e.g. Trajectories).
  17. Don't think, he'll feel insulted. Taste differs - it always has been and always will. For me it was the issues of glowing outside and and the fantastatic pink plume, that fitted perfectly to another nuclear engine mod's plumes. Yes, the newer plumes are more correct physically, but it's a game: Choose what you like. You can also download the newest release and replace the nerva plume with one config from an older release. Just mix and match as you like. Knight did a fantastic job creating these eye candy things ! Thank you sooo soo much!
  18. Heheee, so all planets beyond Eeloo's orbit are made of pudding. Delicious! Will try the new Kopernicus version with fix, as soon as I am back on my PC to play KSP.
  19. Okay... what happens, if I land on... lets say one of the OPM's outer planet without it enabled (feature off by default)? What will happen? Will the planets be unplayable, or frustrating due to often happening sinking into the ground? When do the fps drops with activated feature kick in? Only when I am near the SOI of such distant planets or does the whole game take a hit (e.g. even when launching stuff from kerbin? This is usually the part where low FPS are the most annoying due to the highest part counts upon launch) Haven't got any telescope mods installed (except from spacedust, but this is a completely different thing). As for the CPU. I'm using a i7 9700K... should I worry? (Think, it's just a cpu-thing performancewise, right?)
  20. How hard does enabling the collider fix hit the performance, as you write in UI ? Which side effects are to be expected?
  21. @R-T-B Can you tell, when Kopernicus reaches a semi-stable status, when it makes sense to upgrade to this version for some one, two or three weeks? Somehow I don't know if it makes sense for me a simple user to pick every version increment (which is really appreciated, don't get me wrong! I like your fast-paced dev speed!) Which version is the current go-to-version that simply works stable with some old mod like OPM or so? Maybe a sticker to the releases, that it's a release for the end user and not a release for modders to try something out, would be fantastic.
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