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  1. hi, I have always the same issue...I'm not able to attach the solar panel truss, because they start to float away... @benjee10
  2. "As for attaching parts together in space, that's an exercise left up to the reader" I didn't understand that part. Sorry
  3. Is there a way to download the revamped version as a pre-release? And if i want attach the solar panels in space, how can I guide the panels in their position?, with the help of what? There's no canadarm/kerboarm compatible with the version 1.12.2, and I find that htrobotics it's very wobbly
  4. hi I have downloaded from gitub but it's the version 0.2.5 the only one available from 25 Jun 2021, but i don't have the revamped parts
  5. hi, thanks for answering, I have the problem only with solar panels, but I noticed that in your screen you have more parts than me, what mod or mods are you using? habtech or habtech2??
  6. hello, I have a problem with this mod. the solar panels once docked with compact habtech2 docking mechanism, for some reasons they start to float away please help me help me help me @benjee10
  7. I hope that this is not a dead project..because the sguttle, the habtech and the redirect are amazing mods. @benjee10
  8. I'm trying ke karin starship but it is uncontrollable, well textured and well made, but, uncontrollablle while discending in the earth atmosphere and in the final descend for the landing. tends to flip, roll and pitch (upp and down) even whith RCS on it is uncontrollable @Karinthanks
  9. pure stock no bug, I remember in the previous versions of your mod (I don't remember wich one), this problem wasn't here
  10. @R-T-B I have the same issue, it happen even with no mods and with only kopernicus installed. I'm running ksp 1.12 (last), no mods, only kopernicus
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