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  1. PERFECT! Thanks @BeanThruster that worked perfectly. I'll probably just write a script to return all of their gear since I'm definitely NOT flying missions out to all the planet, moons, asteroids, comets, and bases I have scattered around the system just to return their gear. My save file is 15MB and I have way too many Kerbals to do by hand. I'm assuming you got the "INVENTORY" tag data from another simple save file? Thanks again!
  2. I'm a purist, no mods just all the expansions and a long complex career mode. With flights on the way to pretty much every body, I just rendezvoused with a comet, sent my scientist to collect a sample and he's now floating away with no jet pack. Why didn't you provide default equipment to existing flights? Any way to roll back to an older version on steam?
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