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  1. And its best to not think we'll get something next Friday either, the good ol'days of expected news is gone, expect the real news in 2023.
  2. I'd also love to see parts being all burnt and sooty after reentry, even if it was just visual only, it just makes new vehicles vs old vehicles different Before: After:
  3. The ground effect makes landing and taking off easier and more realistic. pretty much all of KSP landings are rough without ground effect. Also, Ekranoplans.
  4. I have played Planetary Annihilation, one of Star Theory games with Howard Mostron soundtracks. I expect great things to come out of KSP 2. My favorite piece.
  5. I would play it on Windows, but I'd like some Linux support for the Steam Deck.
  6. I don't think it will be, it will still be wobbly and bendy, but the developers said that they are adjusting that, finding something that isn't too wobbly and isn't too solid, Solid rockets or wings aren't realistic either, they have to find the sweet spot in terms of realism and good gameplay experience.
  7. That is probably correct. According to my prediction post and some others' in the community, it's around October. I am 100% sure there will be one about Multiplayer, but that will probably come near the release, I'd say 1 month before the release. Assuming they will release the game Late Q1 (March 2023) then we may see another feature video that isn't about Multiplayer. I don't think it will be a follow up to Interstellar, I feel we were given enough information. What I'd like to see is one about Aerodynamics, or Physics in general. It's a topic that wasn't touched at all by show & tell nor feature videos. KSP's Aerodynamic system is super simplified, I'm certain KSP 2's will have a more complex and more accurate model. It would be worth a visit to see what has changed.
  8. I see, I misunderstood the word "rotational" as in mechanical rotation, not magnetic rotation. However, it seems like my question has been answered, there will be animated parts in KSP2, even if rotational magnets don't have anything to do with animations since they are physically unmoving.
  9. I noticed the word "Rotational" in some of the annotations. does that mean some of the parts will be animated?
  10. I think your idea is amazing. KSP2 is rumored to have weather and wind effects, it's not easy to feel wind in computer games, this drone camera system will be perfect for it, it lets you feel the wind pushing the plane around. It will also be a hint for players to know if the planet they're on has got an atmosphere or not, and how thick the atmosphere is. In this video you can see the camera shake is minimum above the clouds, but when the plane descends under the clouds it gets considerably more shaky because the wind above the clouds is much calmer.
  11. I think the issue stems from the fact that the sides are using particles while the exhaust is using a 3D mesh. Maybe it could look a lot better if they used the same technique as the exhaust
  12. There are many things that may seem insignificant but they make the game experience much more fun, they are all minor so I will list them: When breaking the speed of sound, a sonic boom should be heard in a realistic fashion (to spectators but not to the player) When it's raining (if such exists in game), there should be rain effects on the glass, and things should look more reflective Propellers should make a sound with varying pitch depending on the side and speed of the propellers, since KSP1 didn't have that. Landing on a runway without wheels should make sparks, and landing on ground should make sand particles effects, the particle spreadness and gravity is affected by the planet's gravity and atmosphere Hitting the ground at extremely high velocity or extremely high mass should create big explosions due to the kinetic energy they hold, instead of a small smoke poof, mushroom clouds on really big explosions is a must!
  13. Either that, or we'll get more frequent videos. The landing isn't always the end of the journey, you have to return too! Multiplayer video is certain, but I feel like there are many topics that they haven't touched on yet. Like Colonies, and Aerodynamics, if we are getting videos of those, then the feature videos should be released more frequently.
  14. You absolutely should not worry. All of that footage could easily have been recorded months if not years ago. In game development, you typically never see the most updated version for months. The Pre-Alpha means nothing either, it just means everything is subject to change.
  15. According to popular predictions (including mine), a new feature video should show up soon, hopefully this Friday
  16. Knowing what everyone thinks statistically is cool. The poll is multiple choice, if you think it's releasing within a range, select the months for that range, please keep it 3 months or less.
  17. I think it's wrong to think it'd be there, the schedule is for Gamedev stuff specifically, no game announcements or trailers in there.
  18. It would be nice to have a link to check. But most likely, not really, betas aren't released to the public just like that. And it's not announced anywhere other than that one account you claim.
  19. Developer Insights #13 – KSP2 Resource System - KSP 2 Dev Diaries - Kerbal Space Program Forums
  20. I don't know if you're aware but 3D TVs were officially announced dead in 2017, ever since 2017 no new TVs got released with 3D functionality. Now VR, I'm all in for it, but 3D TVs? They're a worse version of VR.
  21. As I pointed out in a comment on the feature video release pattern thread, they will make a video about multiplayer.
  22. I agree with this. VKBSim is a good brand for this and their products are quite affordable. Their NXT series is quite modular and I believe it got everything anyone needs. I haven't bought their products yet to give my opinion on them, i'm waiting for them to release their long awaited throttle, but looking around the internet they seem quite praised and they seem to be more reliable than the more expensive ones. VKBSim Joystick VKBSim Module bundles, they're also sold one-by-one
  23. I've been thinking about the same. These custom built controllers are called "Button Boxes". Its super easy to build one if you know what you're doing, the screen part is hard. Most parts needed (switches, buttons, joysticks, LEDs) are available in many hardware stores, what you need is a part that interprets the inputs to something the computer understands through a USB port, that part is an Arduino or any Arduino-compatible board. Preferably you need something with a lot of inputs/outputs, depending on how many joysticks you want, you need something with a lot of Analog-to-digital converters I recommend you look up stuff about this, the boards I'm talking about are Arduino, Teensy, ESP. Note, not all Arduinos can work as a USB device. Some people made some custom controllers for KSP before
  24. Using MSFS2020 as an example, there should be a "Volumetric Clouds resolution" option somewhere Here's how they'll look under different settings.
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