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  1. The end of the universe (heat death, big rip or whatever) exterminated all life and therefore all greed.
  2. 5/10 you don't post overmuch
  3. I've started this project with FAR, looking pretty decent so far. No pictures yet.
  4. Geonovast became afraid. He expected the safety inspector to appear before dark. The team thought that massive boosters might counter the lack of struts on Kerbin. The mission would gradually devolve into reaction wheels, something literally revolutionary to Kerbalkind. How extraordinary that is, considering the effort required to make big ol' pitch forks and feather dusters with large torches, and wiggly tentacles playing the piano for fun. Exactly one week later, the inspector woke to find a great disturbance in the force - a PowerPoint presentation. The horror of it overcame him with great quantum superlinearecitation. A Massive vortex opened to reveal a terrifying cake-producing monster. The inspector immediately panicked and reached for his pogo-stick, deftly bouncing off the bed that he was floating on down the Nile and into the grasp of Curveball-Anders who spontaneously barfed. Rutabaga, meanwhile, emerged in the river of dreams. Snark saw Kerbiloid and thought, is that Adsii? What strange and bizarre manifestations appear when Aerodynamic Kerbal suffers from a ColdJ virus. Deddly, Vanamonde and TakeTwo ninja'd the cake as Admiral-Fluffy forlornly tried to soak a stolen dry bagel in lox. The cake-producing monster began slithering towards the first person to run a bakery in the best Dakota. Competition wasn't anything the monster felt like wasting time on. However, the mountain of cake was devoured by the kraken, leaving a steaming pile of useless debris. Boris (the monster) started a clearance war while Adsii cleaned his plate with an explosion of flavour that could've potentially rivaled the famed Tibetan chocolate croissant. Meanwhile 18watt and Starhawk were hatching a plan to take over Minmus with an icecream van. Scoops of Minmuscream were flung in every possible direction, while Vanamonde insisted on waffle-cone diplomacy complete with toppings and spoons. The outcome of the event was uncertain; the icecream was completely consumed by Gargamel and the cones became crushed from
  5. KSP has a pretty good rendezvous and docking tutorial, so I'd just do that. Maybe play it 2 or 3 times, but you don't strictly need to.
  6. This marks my 2nd dream about a KSP mod release: I was flying a private jet at night with volumetric clouds and rain, and there was a bug that caused the runway to always look wet. Of course, as it was raining, it worked fine. I do wonder whether rain would be possible with, say, really big sheets with rain textures falling from clouds...
  7. What's pushing an Orion drive spacecraft? From what I know, the only reason a nuke will blow things away is because the heat causes air to expand and push objects. But there's no air in space, so the only thing that could be propelling the spacecraft is the small amount of mass in the bomb itself and the light energy.
  8. So this might be a bit of a dumb question but here goes: What if you put vertical stabilisers on a long boom behind a flying wing? From what I've read, a big problem with flying wings is that putting vertical stabilisers on them can very much reduce or even negate the decrease in drag (not sure why), while being ineffective because they're too close to the CoM. So, what if you put them on a long boom so that the wing and stabilisers don't interfere with each other much and almost act as seperate objects?
  9. Basically what I'm saying is there's no need to separately pay for a composer. No, the music may not be composed yet, but it will be regardless of whether it gets played live or not. And the team does have a composer to transcribe it. "assuming that KSP 2 only costs as much as an orchestra to make gravely oversimplifies things"? No, there's a misunderstanding. If KSP2 costs $x without a live soundtrack, let's say it'll cost $x+$m with a live soundtrack. Therefore, to pay for the live soundtrack, you'd need to sell enough copies to nullify $m, or $m/60 copies. I'm saying that it's not out of the question to sell $m/60 copies.
  10. I think there's already music composed. You could "just" transcribe it to sheet music. (I know, I know, not the easiest thing in the world) It shouldn't be a problem integrating live music, it's the same thing with a different file. Although @shdwlrd makes a very good point about practice and rehearsal time. I'm not sure how that figures in the estimates I've found, as they may be for pieces that the orchestra members are already familiar with and therefore don't need to rehearse much.
  11. So some googling suggests that hiring an orchestra for an event costs maybe $60,000. Doubling or even tripling because this is a recording for a game that gives $180,000. If KSP2 will cost $60, you only need 3000 more people to buy the game to make up for the costs. Considering the playerbase of KSP1 is at probably least a million (as r/kerbalspaceprogram's 1.5 million members would suggest), and that KSP is IMO very well suited for good music, it seems pretty plausible that Take-Two could get more profit from having a live-performed soundtrack.
  12. Strange that it is so obsessed with the saturn IB...
  13. It is a bit strange, but it's somehow different to be in a multiplayer world in a game even if you hardly interact with the other player. In our Minecraft world, my and my friend live over 1400 blocks apart and only meet 2-3 times a session, but it's just completely different.
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