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  1. Huh? Were they docking? I haven't kept myself updated with the doings of Spacex.
  2. But isn't Minmus going to be in KSP2?
  3. Looks like an amazing mod! Would it work on a GTX 1650 and I5 processor? Sorry if it's a dumb question, I don't know too much about computer hardware.
  4. Ah, I see. That makes sense, and yeah, that would be really nice to have in the game.
  5. You mean like, with NO textures? Nah. The slight dirty look (especially on e.g. BACC Thumper) can definitely look terrible sometimes, but pure colors in my opinion would be very boring, artificial and flat.
  6. I do the same! A typical go/no-go list of mine: Booster engines: Go Payload engines: Go SAS: Go RCS: Go Parachute: Go Landing legs: Aw man, forgot about them.
  7. I've always wanted better IVA features, like being able to move around in your spaceship, being able to do maneuvers and switch SAS targets from command pods between modules, maybe even being able to actually do science from inside the craft. I've always thought that the IVA experience was lacking in many ways, and always thought it would be so cool to easily fly a whole mission in IVA in stock. Maybe also some more habitation modules to float around in. Edit: Also I think they should make some experiments take loooong times, such as zero-g growth so that stations are useful for things o
  8. In the 5th picture, is a MK1 cockpit depicted? It's beautiful, whatever it is.
  9. Built a Soyuz-looking rocket to rescue 3 stranded kerbonauts on the mun then realized I wouldn't have enough to get back. I wanted to practice landing at a set location so now I'm just pretending it's supplies.
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