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  1. I always thought that it looks really strange when your rockets explode but the parts that survive look good as new. In KSP2, I think it'd be good if the devs make it so that surviving parts look damaged. Maybe just an overlay.
  2. it was the first thing i thought of for my test
  3. @Dman979 crepes What temperature do you set your oven to when you want to make cookies?
  4. Do I have to install Katniss' Cape Canaveral Extended for this to work, or is this the aforementioned mod with some extra features?
  5. Oooh, this sounds like fun. Is this a limited-time thing?
  6. I thought that was stockalike. Does it get patched by RO?
  7. I just installed RSS and RO and am enjoying the challenge, but I noticed that a lot of the models are just stretched/squashed versions of stock ones. I noticed however that some stock parts are upscaled, would this apply to the DLC parts? And are there any recommended part mods? I would like to have more parts. Also, the KSC always just looks like it got plopped somewhere and does not go at all with the surrounding terrain, unlike this and many other people's launch sites. Thanks.
  8. I'd love caves in KSP2, personally. Those are actually the ones that hang from the ceiling...
  9. I installed it, and am having great fun, but how do I ignite the engines that say "Ignitions remaining: Ground launch clamps"? The stock TT-18A doesn't seem to do anything. Also, what are some good part mods?
  10. Minimum computer specs? NVM, installed and it works fine
  11. It's really nice! I wonder if you couldn't make the small rocks sorta fade in, like chunks being rendered on the Bedrock edition of minecraft, as demonstrated in this video
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