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  1. I asked ChatGPT3 for an app for logging the results of First Robotics Competition games, and it basically gave me what I wanted in minutes. Granted, the app isn't very complicated and if I wasn't rusty with tkinter I could've done it in an hour or two, but it's kinda depressing to see how fast it did it. As someone who loves programming, I'd be really sad if programming turns out to be like steam engines- very prevalent for a short time, but then simply gone. I see a lot of articles about programmers being irreplaceable, but they honestly just feel like copium to me- if ChatGPT3 can do this in minutes, what will it be able to do in just a few years?
  2. What does this even mean?! Who are "we"? Who is now incapable of accessing the school? What exactly is blocked when one blocks a school?!
  3. Myself submitting to Android Studio's cruel ways (the lime and white thingy is the Android Studio logo). The text is an extremely annoying error I was getting, which actually didn't have anything to do with Android Studio, although Studio was extremely unhelpful in resolving the error.
  4. When you write Mr. Name as Mr.Name and pronounce it "Mister-dot-name" in your head.
  5. Is GPT4 better at math than GPT3? I've found that GPT3 is surprisingly bad at math, even claiming that e^-1 = e and not 1/e.
  6. Dakota said this would be the case; very excited to see if I'll be able to run KSP2 someday!
  7. By that logic, are interstellar parts really necessary? is KSP2 itself really necessary?
  8. For me personally, the icons with dots and the crosshairs were out because they don't indicate the exact location as well, and the belows were eliminated because they're above in KSP1 and I'm used to that (although now that I think about it I like the belows better). I thought that the pointers looked too elaborate, and that the text placement on the lines unavoidably looked kinda awkward. Lastly, I chose alpha just out of personal preference- I like things transparent usually. This gave an end result of above alpha arrow. All of these nitpicks are just that- nitpicks, and I actually really like all of these.
  9. Granted, all you can hear now is basic messages from microbes and bugs. I wish for more time before my robotics competition.
  10. Deeplearning4J's reinforcement learning model sucks. The FRC competition (which is cooler bigger FTC) uses python, which I know, so I think I'll be using Python actually.
  11. A PID controller is a system with certain adjustable parameters that is used to move things smoothly and without over-compensating. They are a very widely used technology, and I'm pretty sure KSP2 (which, disclaimer, I haven't played yet) uses them for SAS. Letting people adjust the SAS's PID controller doesn't seem like it'd be terribly difficult, and being able to adjust this PID in the very interactive, hands-on way that KSP allows would teach people about PIDs very well IMO.
  12. I felt a great disturbance in the Force, as if millions of math fans suddenly ate pie. Cherry pie for us!
  13. I hate it when people ask me what school I go to, because I have to admit that I'm homeschooled, which always leads to the same tiring and very annoying comments. Some of these questions that I get asked every few days include "So your parents teach you?" (no, I read from textbooks mostly) and "Are there any tests?" (kind of). These ones, however, aren't nearly so bad as one particular comment which always gets my blood boiling: "sO eVeRy DaY iS sUmMeR bReAk??" N O. N O. Every day is NOT FREAKING SUMMER BREAK. I hate that people think that I spend my entire life doing nothing and playing video games and stuff while I in fact work my ass off every day. I don't want people to think that I'm "so lucky", have it easy and never study. I don't want people to think that I'm some hippie that's scared of chemicals and is overreliant on his parents. I don't want people to think that I'm some idiot that doesn't know anything and has all the time I could ask for. I wish people knew that I probably do just as much work as them, and I wish that people would treat me and think of me the same as anyone else. Most of them probably do eventually, but that summer break question makes me feel like they initially don't. If you ever meet a homeschooler, just don't ask them about it. Homeschooled kids have heard this same crap too many times.
  14. Been getting into heavy metal lately, and this is one of the coolest songs I've ever heard. Any suggestions are welcome!!
  15. 10/10, you're a big MSFS fan with impressive dedication and knowledge, and you're the Herald of the Don't Click This Thread. Also I am sincerely sorry about all the crap you've had to go through.
  16. You're allowed to use special characters for your team name in a certain robotics competition. What if you call your team \n?
  17. yeah, I know- I just couldn't resist the opportunity to use the template
  18. 10/10, very cool history professor and fan of books who used to break forum rules but now enforces them
  19. OMEGATRONIC and Doeshotter are so cool! I want to be just like them!
  20. 3/10 though I may be associating you with @Souptime
  21. "goal is to lower the minimum requirements over the course of EA." -Dakota WOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! HOPE FOR MY 1650!!!
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