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  1. AAAAAH just wanna have incentive to build large habitats, gotta make you understand Seriously, I've always been so annoyed that kerbals are fine with sitting alone in a tiny capsule for 100 years, and that there's absolutely no reason to make awesome, huge space stations and motherships
  2. Half of what I do in KSP is messing around with funny planes and fireworks and FAR. I don't really want to be constrained by anything in this pursuit, so while I do think that KSP shouldn't need a sandbox mode (the way Minecraft wouldn't be horribly annoying if Creative mode was removed), it should have one anyways.
  3. I tried to fly a stock "recommended" space shuttle (with only the parts that seem especially made by Squad for shuttles) to see whether it'd actually work, especially with FAR. However, it just keeps falling apart on the pad!!! The launch clamps seem detached, and all the decouplers seem detached as well. The flight log, however, doesn't say the usual "Structural linkage between __ and __ failed"!!! I HATE YOU KRAKEN!!
  4. After remembering that KSP2 probably won't have the same unresponsive Kerbal controls, this seems like a pretty cool idea. Only thing is, it's a little oddly specific, and perhaps not the most useful. You have to land near a pretty steep cliff, which don't seem super common most of the time, and there needs to be some good reason not to just hop up with your lander.
  5. This is probably the best thing I've built- Very proud of how compact it is, and the fact that it's fully RC with an onboard compressor and everything I haven't been building as much because I use the floor to build, but I have to clear it out to practice my cello... maybe I should try sweeping the stuff aside.
  6. Yo I got accepted to a chamber music program! Pretty exciting
  7. Well, what makes speed appealing in real life? Convenience. As people (and perhaps kerbals) are willing to pay for speed, and fast delivery helps reputation, perhaps you simply get rewarded better the faster you make a trip.
  8. I suppose that's one of the newer modulars- I wish I could have more but I don't have enough space Perhaps I should figure out a rotation system...
  9. Perhaps just reinstall the game? Other than that, boats are pretty cool. Hmmmm-- what if you did a firework Orion drive?
  10. A long time ago, in elementary school, my dad showed me a KSP video, by you. I was taken. My dad then downloaded me the demo, which I played forever, then the full game. It became, and still is, my favorite game. Back then, I absolutely detested math, with all its memorization of times tables and long division. Eventually, though, I came to the realisation that everything KSP was doing was based on math. I picked up a prealgebra textbook, and came to love math. Now, I am in the top percentile in my state at math, thanks to you.

    When I searched for that video, though, I found that it was gone. This is why I'm messaging you. In the video, you orbited a space station core based off Zarya. I remember you said you had a cold and so your voice was off, and you put on nose cones because "everyone thought your rockets were ugly".  If you still have that video around, I'd be very grateful if you could perhaps re-upload it. Attached is a picture of my recreation of the spacecraft.



  11. Is there any word for when a person tells you to do something in a nasty way, and you want to disobey just because the person said it so nastily?
  12. When I turn most of my planes and rovers at high speeds, they strongly tend to keep turning faster and faster in the direction I turned, which often results in the craft flipping over. It happens even if I just touch the steering. How can I stop this from happening? Thanks.
  13. I have a cool project I'm working on, but I'd like to replace the firework trail FX with something else. For this, I'd need to know the location of the trail particle file. I know I've found it before, but I don't know where! Thanks.
  14. We all know how to get to another celestial body- get the right angle and burn prograde. You get an intercept with your target body. When at your periapsis, burn retrograde. You're now orbiting your target body. Apparently, the Hohmann transfer is often the most efficient way to get to another body. This is accomplished with 2 prograde burns, which does not seem to be what the "normal" transfer does, even if you use the parent body as a reference frame. How do you do a Hohmann transfer in KSP, and what are the differences between such a transfer and the "normal" one? Thanks.
  15. not using slashes in your date and time.
  16. @An Amongus Sussy Player Care to join the conversation?
  17. Minmus sucks. It's small, the ground is ugly and doesn't look like anything, and the terrain is boring.
  18. Hmmm, I drove a rover about a quarter the way around Duna, maybe this would be a fun challenge for me
  19. Yeah, that's a bad idea. Something more subtle seems like a good idea, though. What I came here to suggest, though, are radial separators. It's not super common, but not vanishingly rare either, to want 2 parts of a rocket to separate radially without a decoupler on either. And considering that it probably (???) isn't toooo much work, I think it's worth it.
  20. Near Future Technologies, Scatterer, EVE, Waterfall, TURD are the staples of my install
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