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  1. Parts should crumple gradually rather than completely disappear when they break. Their hitboxes would shrink while the crumpling animation plays.
  2. ABSOLUTELY. I just hate it when my ship blows up, but all the parts are looking pristine. Also, it'd be cool if there were overlays for re-entry damage
  3. I saw no thread for UI suggestions (please tell me if there is one) and so I decided to make one. After seeing the latest dev insight, I remembered that the kerbals are very visible and placed very prominently. I think they should be in a less conspicuous and useful place because even though it is Kerbal Space Program, the kerbals are only for decoration, basically.
  4. I guess so, but you probably won't figure out , an equation for the orbital period, on your own with trial and error, and it just gives you an interesting bit of insight as to, say, why my orbit around Jool has a period of 3 years.
  5. I always thought that it would be good if KSP told the players about the equations and formulae, etc. that impact the orbits and such. Everything makes more sense and the game is easier after learning them, because you know roughly what does what. It would be a bit of a challenge to not get people turned off by seeing math, but I'm sure that the devs could figure out a good solution.
  6. Or it could be that you are made of wood and paint.
  7. Banned for the Moon in your profile picture not matching the Moon's phase right now.
  8. Hi I'm running low on disk space, and I noticed that C:\Users\(My username)\AppData\Local\CKAN\Downloads has a lot of large folders in it, for example what seems to be the zipped version of the RSS textures, which I installed awhile ago. Can I delete those folders? Thanks.
  9. I suspect it's just Kerbin, but with a weird name whose name's reason is only known to the devs
  10. I want KSP2's music to reference KSP1's music. Age of Empires IV does that with AoE 2's, and very well in my opinion.
  11. I was looking at the currently online section and I saw your name in yellow. "Hm, I didn't think Nert was a mod", I thought. Then I remembered you are working on KSP2 lol.

  12. How would you look at the code? KSP is not open source.
  13. why might you be following me?

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      Honesty, idk ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 

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      thanks, anyways -- you're my first follower

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  14. I always thought that it looks really strange when your rockets explode but the parts that survive look good as new. In KSP2, I think it'd be good if the devs make it so that surviving parts look damaged. Maybe just an overlay.
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