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  1. Someone else asked this I think a few months ago and damon said that it will be part of the gojira overhaul update
  2. Wait is there a pre release? If so, is it public or only for certain people? I’d love to play the dragon xl
  3. Yeah I saw Nessus using the starship in his Jupiter video but I couldn’t find any configs so I decided to ask here. It’s very sad that there are no public configs... That looks so beautiful!
  4. Is the pre release publicly available? I’d love to play with the new stuff
  5. I don’t have any question, just want to point out that this forum is at 420 pages
  6. Do you have a release date in mind? I also had this issue, all the crafts say they have missing parts but they load, but when they do its still messed up a bit. for example F9's first stage engine doesnt work and also Starship's flaps dont work. i Just rebuilt the rockets
  7. The grass in around the launchpads are extremely green, i don't know why this happened. any help would be appreciated
  8. Hey, I cant get the Starshi[ fins to work with wasd. The craft files require me to press 5 and 6 to activate pitch, yaw and roll for the flaps but when i press WASD nothing happens. Is this a bug or am i doing something wrong? Thanks
  9. Hey @RoverDude Are there airlocks for the new atlas parts? I don’t seem to have them. Thanks
  10. ngl that was pretty dumb question that i made, i hadn't tried FARc in 1.11 before asking that. I haven't had any problems that i know of.
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