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  1. I'm really sorry for posting on an 'old thread' but I just have to say that it's a very nice mod. It has genuinely helped me out in certain scenarios with the callouts , It's also just very nice to hear "TERRAIN TERRAIN, PULL UP" when I've messed up. Thank you for this really cool mod. I really would recommend others to get it!
  2. That's nice. This is a Windows laptop so I'm unsure. I might reinstall KSP cause I have it saved on my School Google Drive.
  3. It was a very interesting sight really, I only got like 5 - 7 fps per second. Truly weird. I SHOULD'VE tried running the game in windowed mode and just scaling the entire window down but yeah. I used a performance enhancers mod and graphics and visual effects were set at their lowest mode.
  4. If you're talking about me then I didn't remove them. IG it was automatic I'm speaking through the FABLED laptop right now, I had to wipe all images because they were searching laptops for unallowed programs.
  5. I haven't done anything yet. I'm about to set up my "T Flight Hotas X" so I can play KSP with this cool joystick. It's gonna be fun 8)
  6. I think there was a mission in Moonbase Alpha where ghosts would appear on the screen iirc. This video reminds me of that lol.
  7. Normal planet and moon activity, I drive past singularities on my way to school all the time!
  8. Possibly I've seen too much. KSC, I know too much.
  9. Tried it out, I'm using one of the versions from 2013 since I'm running 0.22. It works great and improved performance a little better, I have V-Sync on with this as well.
  10. Welcome! print("Hello World!") lol
  11. I was a little hasty on building a vessel to fly to the Mun and so I forgot to bring landing legs, no problem. I landed on the Mun, did some stuff and left. I was back in re-entry and realized that I also forgot to bring parachutes. I made my crew jump out mid-flight and parachute down to Kerbin.
  12. Oh hey all, I'm just showing off my new build that uses Hullcam VDS Continued. Wait. I've been fooled. I spent an hour making a Hullcam/NeptuneCamera hybrid. (Alternate title for this thread, "local idiot spends one hour in blender making a fake hullcam vds part") Also yes, It does actually take photos.
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