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  1. Made my own """accidental""" fireworks and watched a vessel implode. Such great fun!
  2. We will never know how they stay on, it is a mystery.
  3. My two Kerbal Sins. I don't add ladders to Landers. I also don't add RCS.
  4. Great Picture! It looks beautiful.
  5. Absolutely great, now they can see what's happening. The latest in Kerbal Technology.
  6. pyropelush


    I saw something like that happen in a Danny2462 video. Really spooky, ain't it? Just seeing. Shadowy Kerbals. Just standing there. Staring at you. Anyways, they're just really spooky.
  7. They spent all the budget on snacks. They had to cut a few corners on the pool, sadly.
  8. I recreated my Small Mun Rover (from my other post) in 0.22, It flips alot and is barely controllable but I'm trying to fix it. (To clarify, I did not use DepotDownloader or any tool to obtain 0.22)
  9. I wish I could get to Eve, I only have gotten to the Mun, Minimus and Duna. Nice job dude!
  10. It does suck that there is no official way to get older versions of the game, those extra hoops of risking your security and PC for an older version of KSP seems a little extreme.
  11. If you own KSP on Steam, then you can get DepotDownloader and get versions 0.22 and above. I haven't tested this yet but it seems like it works.
  12. I put a very small (and cheap!) Rover on the Mun, I wouldn't recommend using it when the Sun isn't out. For the camera, I used Hullcam VDS Continued.
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