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  1. I think there was a mission in Moonbase Alpha where ghosts would appear on the screen iirc. This video reminds me of that lol.
  2. Normal planet and moon activity, I drive past singularities on my way to school all the time!
  3. Possibly I've seen too much. KSC, I know too much.
  4. Tried it out, I'm using one of the versions from 2013 since I'm running 0.22. It works great and improved performance a little better, I have V-Sync on with this as well.
  5. Welcome! print("Hello World!") lol
  6. I was a little hasty on building a vessel to fly to the Mun and so I forgot to bring landing legs, no problem. I landed on the Mun, did some stuff and left. I was back in re-entry and realized that I also forgot to bring parachutes. I made my crew jump out mid-flight and parachute down to Kerbin.
  7. Oh hey all, I'm just showing off my new build that uses Hullcam VDS Continued. Wait. I've been fooled. I spent an hour making a Hullcam/NeptuneCamera hybrid. (Alternate title for this thread, "local idiot spends one hour in blender making a fake hullcam vds part") Also yes, It does actually take photos.
  8. Hey there. Sorry If I'm bumping or anything like that, but I think I may have a solution for your issue. In my config files for "Opal Visible Light Camera", the module for NeptuneCamera was commented out for some reason. I changed this and now the camera loaded and took pictures fine. Unsure why this happened but maybe check your part's configuration files?
  9. Yeah, I'm setting my sights for Duna next. Let's hope my computer holds together.
  10. Got into orbit around the Mun. Don't mind the camera.
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