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  1. My Environmental Visual Enhancements mod does not seem to have an effect on the visual display of Kerbin or any other planets otherwise affected by EVE. All of my visual mods are up-to-date (1.10-1.11, as not all mods are updated to 1.11). Here's my Gamedata folder: The EVE icon is displayed while in-game, but upon opening complains about not having a config for certain visual mods on EVE. Now the main solution would be to download the configuration files from the EVE download page, but the only thing they have is the source code, with the following message "Note that the Config files have not changed in this release - you do not need to update them if you already have these or another config.". Here's an example of the config error: (The same error message is displayed when in a different category, but instead of "EVE_SHADOWS{}", it is replaced with whatever category it is in. (ex: "EVE_CLOUDS{}" for the cloud and atmosphere category). For the last image, here's what the actual problem is: (it appears as though EVE doesn't even have any affect on Kerbin at all). So my question is: Does anybody else have this problem, or a solution to it? And I also ask if EVE Redux is a working mod that functions as intended (that won't also have this problem)
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