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  1. If it helps, I'm getting this exacot same game error in the Hangar screen when I try to use this or other "Incompatible" Mods, and even a few compatible ones like RemoteTech. What do all these mods have in common that gives the same error?
  2. Thank you both so much, I thought that setting was doing nothing because my antennas kept getting signal on the opposite side of the planet but when I started a new save and chacked those settings in the begining they worked! again, Thank you!
  3. Hello, just a quick heads up, RemoteTech 1.9.9 seems to be having an error with KSP where the game itself (or ModuleManager, I'm not sure) is telling me the mod is incompatible. When I'm in the Hangar building a rocket most of the time it will not let me exit the hangar again, neither to launch or to the space center or to the main menu, forcing me to close the game and try again. Idk if that last issue is RemoteTech related but it stopped doing that after I deleted RemoteTech.
  4. I was able to do so with RemoteTech back in KSP 1.10.1 but I can't seem to find the code or option for it in any of the files and I'm not tech savvy enough to write my own plugin for this. Can anyone help, or has this been asked before?
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