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  1. Something I would like to point out is that I did an unmanned Eeloo orbiter today and when I rotated the trajectory was only changing by a very little amount, even though I was very far away where the trajectory is very sensitive to speed changes.
  2. When the rotation settles down it seems to always go back to the original trajectory, but any maneuver node to change my encounters don’t work bc when I tell SAS to hold the vector for the maneuver node the trajectory changes causing an infinite loop of the maneuver node vector changing and the game trying to hold at the maneuver. I’ll send a video of it when I can get on. Also here is the ship:
  3. Also to clarify, I am manually making it spin, it’s not like I’m stuck in some infinite rotation loop
  4. Here: https://streamable.com/5z23h5 and this only happened a few days ago once I got 1.11
  5. While I was rotating my ship, my trajectory was changing , I am not using rcs thrusters and my craft isn’t complicated or flexible enough to bait the kraken. I have tried saving and loading, warping, and restarting ksp, which haven’t worked. It’s happening to other ships too and is making the game pretty hard to play
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