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  1. Ok. I will try that next time I fire up the game. Thanks!
  2. I tried that. Nothing in the Kerbal's inventory, yet the bars go read. I have two ships docked with each other. I was able to place two thrusters on my ship but then after that it would not let me do more. I should mention that I also tried removing everything from the kerbals' inventory and that still didn't work. Here is a pic https://pvbi0-my.sharepoint.com/:i:/g/personal/gardei_pvbi_edu/EcgmHNuR7xlJmNZZlL4iFjsBHi00ndeC1Fy1Ray5ao-rdA?e=puAM7w
  3. Hi. I sent a Kerbal Engineer out to attach some thrusters on my ship. I was able to do two, but after that I was not able to add anymore thrusters to my kerbal's inventory. Please let me know what I need to do or what I am doing wrong. Thanks!
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