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  1. First letter of my name + first letter of my middle last name + first letter of the final surname. Lo.M
  2. From what I've seen, we have nothing on.
  3. Lo.M


    As ksp2 is a futuristic technology game it would be cool to be able to produce bio-hydrogen pure enough to be used in nuclear fusion.
  4. Lo.M


    Biofuels good idea or something stupid/unnecessary? When we develop medium-sized colonies would it be possible to produce biofuel? Of course I know needed water, fertilizer (in plants), sunlight, carbon dioxide and other things. We could grow algae, microorganisms or plants for that. We may be able to use the waste (if added) that kerbals would produce. We can extract from alien ecosystems (if added)
  5. Scientific name: Annona Mucosa

    Popular Name: Biribá/ Araticum-Pitaia / Amazon custard apple

    Widely cultivated in domestic orchards in the Amazon, the tree has 8-18 M, the fruits are consumed in natura being very popular, has juicy-mucosal pulp of white and sweet color, thefruit can weigh up to 1.5 KG.


    1. Lo.M


      The peel of the fruit is extremely thin.

    2. Lo.M


      Outher scientific name: rollinia deliciosa

    3. Lo.M


      Do not confuse with annona squamosa or annona cherimola or annona crassiflora

  6. ----- > In a Comprehensive new Test, the EmDrive Fails to Generate any Thrust - Universe Today
  7. Sorry, I must not have interpreted this part correctly, English is not my mother tongue. @sevenperforce
  8. @KerikBalm "By comparing the available genome sequencing data for the virus chains, we can firmly determine that SARS-CoV-2 [as the new coronavirus is called] originated from natural processes," said Kristian Andersen in a note. , associate professor of immunology and microbiology at Scripps Research, the American nonprofit medical research center. According to the research, the molecular structure of the new coronavirus would not be something done in the laboratory because it is very different from that seen in other diseases of the same group. However, it has similarities to known virus
  9. Fools' Day!!! Today is also Cyprus National Day and the Iranian Islamic Republic Day congratulations to the Cypriots and Iranians.
  10. Here in Brazil the new variant has already spread to all states, not to mention that the state government (since the federal denies the need for lockdown, but I think it has a lot of smell of political campaign) is in that opens a little, closes a little, the federal government is trying to release an "emergency aid" that will vary between R$ 150, R$ 250 ou R$ 375 (26,63/ 44,38/66,56 dollars). The federal government is betting on "early treatment" Ivermectin, Hydroxocloroquine, Nitazoxanide I do not believe in these remedies, the only one that for me can work is the Rendesivir but needs m
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