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  1. the electric props technically use electric energy as a propelent, so thats a no go. and the other props, the turboprops need intake air, so no eve .
  2. What if you tug a asteroid into eve orbit to act as a generator? That way you dont have to haul all the fuel from Kerbin
  3. Wow, that might work. And if u have 2 nerves facing eachother then that could be your generator.
  4. Well like 2 other people said that like a month ago
  5. I think a liquid fuel grand tour could be possible with mining and a elaborate eve lander. If nerves make 0 thrust at eve then this wouldn’t be possible without the idea of using the nerve alternator to power electric motors. However, if you dont have breaking ground, this will not be possible. Unless, you can get speed from rolling down a eve mountain, but that wolnt get you to takeoff speed (Assuming this is a plane with massive wings) to go into the air, then somehow accelerate to orbital speed. Does anyone with the breaking ground DLC want to try this? Anyway, great job on th
  6. Cool! Do you think it would be possible to do a ssto? A tylo landing would be hard tho
  7. https://imgur.com/a/ocL0P4z I have finnaly done it! This can get into LKO with 47ms of delta V left. I know this isnt inpressive, but im a bad player and to me, this is impressive. Uhh, have a nice day ig.
  8. Wow, that’s more than I thought would be possible! Also, I’m thinking about making a v2 of this thread and adding badges and stuff. However I’m trash as making badges so... does any1 think that might be a good idea?
  9. No mods that improve/make the challenge easier. However, cosmetic part packs, that add things like landing gear and antenna are fine. and a rtg wouldn’t be allowed because it is technically nuclear powerd, not liquid fuel. However, using the alternator of a nerv would be allowed
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