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  1. Ever wanted to look up from the Muns surface and see two Kerbins? Well now you can! This mod adds a binary friend to the Mun called "Leriter" one noticeable feature is, water, plant life, and a atmosphere! One day the Kerbal's, finished exploring Kerbin's moons, so they all prayed to have a new one, then Eeloo, goddess of change, blessed them with this new moon, but Dres Demigod of mischief, tampered with the moon! So be carful, this moon is not its chalked up to be! There will be scatters, that will show the dark history of this moon! https://imgur.com/a/JidyP0l - A poster for the mod! Coming: Soon-ish
  2. Yea I have modal manager, yea so I unzipped the file twice, and I saw Texture replacer sci rev and weekworld planet jam. I put them all in game data. There was no message when I loaded the game and reached kerbin in the main menu, the only thing different was the Kerbal skin color. https://www.deviantart.com/skyfitu/art/C-Users-skyfr-Desktop-New-folder-GameData-9-23-20-930534704 The link is what my game data folder looks like.
  3. Hey I cant get the mod to work? I have all the dependency's? The mods are listed in order below. 000_Harmony Kopernincus Modular Flight Indicator Scatter Scatter atmo cache scirev squad squad expantion texture replacer week world planet jam KEX-Common KEX-RegonalPSQ KEX-Vertexhightmap16 Why cant I get the mod to work? The Kerbal skin color changes but nothing else. Kerbin and the planets are still the same.
  4. Wow... Is this mod still in development? Because this is awesome! Also where is Ahum 1?
  5. I dot expect them to take like 30 years right? Since the Kerbal universe is scaled down, I think they might take 10-20 years depending on speed and distance?
  6. When I played KSP1 I was a little annoyed that the "Bring tourists to a destination missions" where so simple!" I think there should be like "Bring two tourists on a EVA, around [PLANETART BODY] Also tourist kerbals should be able to get out of rockets on the surface of body's. What's the point of a tourist going to a moon or planet, but not being able to go in its surface.
  7. Oh im so sorry! I did not know! Take as much time as you need!
  8. Oh cool! You used my name! Also I love the new dev forum!
  9. Where is the Kerboler system located in the galaxy? That green galaxy kind of looks like a magnetic cloud!
  10. Whoa! That is amazing! (Little disappointed it did not explode though!)
  11. I have a cool name! What about "Far Out: a Kerbal Adventure" and for the current mod it would be "Far Out: a Kerbal Adventure: Red Skys". Mabey Alpha Centuri could be "A tripled Adventure". Also maybe the abbreviation could be FOKA.... wait. Nope, don't say that out loud . I think it could be FOAKA. Oh and may I suggest some systems? The first is "TrES-2b", and the other is "HD 80606" It has only one planet, but it is in a hyper elliptical orbit!
  12. I have a feeling this mod is going to get super popular on realease!
  13. No using blank profile pictures! That's cheating!
  14. Hello! I've been so exited for this mod, I have already started making some fan art for it! (Will notify when done)
  15. Banned by the Holy Roman Empire
  16. Thats awesome! Nice job! I really like how you did the balloon!
  17. Welcome to the forums! Uh are you talking about KSP1 or KSP2, moded console support is not available, and I think KSP2 is unconfirmed.
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