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  1. I think this will go well! We need more stock system revamps. I'll be sure to play at release. Good luck!
  2. I cant wait for this! This is gonna be one of the best things to happen to KSP since KSS and GU.
  3. Oh nice! Instant follow. I can not wait to see where this goes! Looks amazing so far!
  4. Looking amazing so far! Instant download when it releases. Do you have any lore, or is that under wraps?
  5. Lol yea, thats why I never got around to posting it.
  6. That's really awesome and creative! You know, I had an idea like this pack one time, and I thought I should just put the KSC at the bottom of the ocean lol. But thats so much better! Cant wait to play!
  7. This looks like an amazing new challenge, that I cant wait to play! I just have one question; Where the KSC?
  8. Oh great, now the Alter Kerbin is even more horrifying. But really, that looks awesome!
  9. Thats ok! Take as much time as you need. I’ll still be waiting for you!
  10. Whoa! Where is this? And more importantly, is there any planets around it?
  11. Thats so cool! I love how the ring is not fully formed, is this the result of a recent impact or the debris are not dense enough to form a full ring?
  12. When will reentry be added, and can kerbals die for gee forces?
  13. The scatter effects on the atmospheres have disappeared, I have the dependency's installed and scatter, it looks just like the stock atmospheric textures.
  14. I think I booked first class? Can someone check that? But in reality, can’t wait to get on the new hype for 1.0!
  15. Where is the statue of the kraken like statue holding the yellow and purple orbs? And is doing this position “Y”. Is it on Gilly? I hope it’s on Gilly I love Gilly and I want an excuse to go there. Also nice collection!
  16. When a kerbal or multiple kerbals are recoverd from a craft that lands on Kerbin, they disappear from the roster for ever. Some kerbals come back but most don’t. I sent a bug report and I’m just warning people.
  17. I’m bad at plotting encounters, and I still am and I am shure other players are too so will a encounter planner be added in the future?
  18. The hype train has almost arrived at the station, take your belongings, and get ready to depart across the universe! It’s been fun hype train!
  19. I really like the rocket launch theme and I was wondering when it will be on a music streaming services?
  20. He better not troll us lol, I've been subscribed for 4 years and that would result in a unsub from me.
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