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  1. @StarCrusher96 Why does the Galaxymode add so many new insane objects that aren't normally available?
  2. That's really cool! Looking forward for this update! Do you make your own models for the ground scatters or just the configs?
  3. How do I make the star systems rearrange into a spiral galaxy? i installed everything and it still looks like this: I don't know why but also, my brown dwarves look like this and isn't leethe supposed to look like a pulsar?
  4. Hi, I really enjoy this mod, but sadly it is not compatible with Parallax 2.0, idk why. I'd like to know if there's a fix or if it will be fixed soon. Thanks
  5. I found a bug with the mod. I think that the ground scatters of GU might enter in conflict with stock terrain features keeping them from generating. I'm asking for help, does someone knows how to fix this?
  6. Hi , I have quite of an issue here. Basically when i have the mod installed, the surface features from the breaking ground dlc doesnt spawn.
  7. I don't know how to fix this, but the fuel tank parts doesn't hold any fuel and doesn't give any any choices of fuel, it acts basically as a structure.
  8. It basically doesn't give me the choice for Methane + Oxidizer, only Methane alone. The H2 tanks doesn't support H2 + Oxidizer, but only H2 alone.
  9. Hi, I have an issue with the Methane engines. They use Liquid methane and oxidizer, but in all of the fuel choices i get there is only lqd methane alone, oxidizer alone, or Liquid methane + Liquid oxygen wich isn't the same as oxidizer. Basically it means that i can't use any of the methane engines.
  10. Hey, so I just found out that the mod *also ToolBarControl* are incompatible with the newest version of Kopericus, i always get a message saying that kopernicus couldn't load the other planets etc and my games can't load too, only when these mods are in my folder, so i'd like help here
  11. I litterally installed Interstellar Fuel switch to see if that could fix the problem. also does someone knows if procedurals tanks can support Methane?
  12. I can’t use methane engines because they use Methane + Oxidizer but the only fuel type containing methane that shows up is Methane + Liquid Oxygen (which is not the same as oxidizer) so I can’t use them, anyone knows how to fix it?
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