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  1. Alright, seems pretty cool I'll try it out, really cool system.
  2. Well, when it comes to landings, I'd highly suggest packing lots of extra fuel into your landers. I'd highly suggest a few degrees before going over your target on the surface, slowly zeroing your velocity, descending down with zero lateral velocity, turning as needed to steer your lander closer to your surface base, then, you should be able to figure out out from then and just land normally. If your a bit off, I'd suggest small suborbital hopps. As for the ground mining operation, you should probably have unmanned mining landers which will dig up resources and refine them into fuel, then transport the fuel with rovers with docking ports on them over to ascent landers. At that point, you would want to top off your ascent landers fuel, haul up all the fuel to an orbital depot, which then you could use for refueling spacecraft departing from the kerbin system, exporting fuel via tanks with a heat shield and parachute back to kerbin, and distributing fuel around your tug network. As for Rocket Witches post. I was kind of inspired by old Space Transportation System concepts, where something that is reusable goes up and delivers a payload to a tug, lands back on kerbin, and the tug delivers payloads, comes home, refuels, then repeats the process. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Cargo_transport_from_Space_Shuttle_with_the_space_tug_to_Nuclear_shuttle.jpg
  3. Hello, I'd like to share with you all my proposal for a highly economical system to deliver crews and payloads to multiple destinations around the kerbol system. The system will comprise of several orbital tugs in space, modified second stages of my Raptor Heavy launch vehicle, which can deliver a second stage into space with just a first stage and a booster. These several different tugs are launched into space with docking ports, a mixture of solar panels and rtgs, and more monoprop tanks. Then, several Raptor Heavy launch vehicles are launched into different orbital inclinations around kerbin. Then, a Raptor 1 launch vehicle, a Raptor Heavy without four small liquid fuel boosters and a smaller fairing, could launch up payloads with a modified reusable second stage, which would deliver a payload or crew to the orbital tug via docking ports, then, it would re-enter the atmosphere, parachute down to the surface, and be recovered. To expand the effective range of said orbital tugs, more refuel depots could be delivered to the orbits of different planets and moons, to serve as stops to refuel for stages departing from kerbin. To keep prices down, this system would need to be sustained by several IRSU sites spread around the kerbol system would need to be operated, periodically replenishing their supply depots. The orbital tugs themselves have 5.1k deltav, which would allow them to deliver a payload to just about anywhere, refuel along the way if needed, refuel for a return trip, and return back to kerbin. Additionally, tugs could be kept on standby outside of kerbin around other celestial bodies, allowing economical crew and payload transport to and from any destination around the kerbol system. For instance, a mission profile could follow a tug refueling in orbit, a delivery stage delivering a payload to a tug, the delivery stage being recovered on kerbin, the tug going to, for instance, duna, delivering the payload, refueling, returning back, topping off its fuel, and repeating the cycle. I'm going to be attempting to refine and replicate this system over time on my savegame, and trying to figure out exactly how much it could save. Thanks for reading over this, please comment with your feedback.
  4. I'm just wondering what kind of launch vehicles different people use. I usually use a wide variety of spacecraft depending on my preferences and the mission, but its almost always an ssto and is usually expendable.
  5. Alright, thanks for advising me on my situation, I'll be sending a rescue mission at the next launch window, thanks!
  6. I'm confused about this, I launched up the Gorija Mk4, and it only has 2850 meters per second, I tried launching up a cargo versino to resupply it with fuel, but there is no docking port, I even have kerbals stranded on duna because I didn't have enough fuel to get back, I even directly re-entered the atmosphere.
  7. I'm just using a parts mod, but nothing that actually changes anything gameplay-wise. I aerobraked in to conserve fuel because I thought I wouldnt have much left, but I used too much on landing, I'm also tipped over, so I might use alot of delta-v trying to orient myself. Should I just send a rescue mission? https://imgur.com/a/4KEnYYO
  8. I was landing my rover with my skycrane, and it was a few meters above the ground, I drop it, my skycrane flies up, I switch back, and it's flipped over. The issue is it doesn't have reaction wheels, and it is dependent on solar power, so it will soon completely run out of power. I am willing to use cheats or hyperedit. https://imgur.com/altlnuD
  9. I've succeeded in getting it back to kerbin, thanks for the advice and welcoming me.
  10. So, I'm a big fan of Kerbal Space Program and I wanted to get involved with the community. I just reinstalled KSP on steam and have been playing through career. I'm quite interested in the fields of aerospace and technology, and would like to learn more over time. I also came here to get advice on getting stranded kerbals back to kerbin in a very limited time window. (I have some kerbals about to crash into the mun with very, very little delta-v.) I'll generally just be floating around this forum and participating in some posts.
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