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  1. I'd usually put this in the megathread, but, I think the KSC birds live outside my window
  2. (From another game) This is what happens when you add rocket boosters to this plane. They are not wrong though I have no idea why there is a fully modeled Soyuz rocket in this game, or how it appeared here. Here's a video of the real plane: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j7yqmWZel4k
  3. This could be many issues, but in your case it’s likely too few control surfaces/too little lift. Images of the craft always help!
  4. I believe i’ve been fiddling with it for a year, and it’s still not operational, but I have a massive VTOL aircraft that’s just a few structural panels and 6 big breaking ground rotors. It started as an osprey replica. Then I added more engines and made it probe-cotrolled. Then I replaced the cargo bay with structural panels, and removed the wings. Now, I still haven’t flown it above 2,000 meters with a payload.
  5. CLEAR! You have to turn on advanced tweakables in settings.
  6. I was just curious what a kerbal’s crash tolerance is. Or at least, what it most consistently is. In my testing, kerbals can hit water at speeds up to 60 m/s. On land, I’ve had kerbals hit the ground at 24 m/s and just get up, but I haven’t had any kerbals hit at speeds more than that but less than supersonic. But on lower gravity planets, I’ve had them hit up to 60 m/s and be fine(with a bit of spahgettification).
  7. Made something that was supposed to look like the old colored rocket launches.
  8. This is so very dead, sorry, but! LB/L1+Y/Triangle will bring up a menu for the sas controls!
  9. Leopard 208 right? Pretty cool and funny. Now, Mine. Falcon 9 malfunction Geostationary Kraken Skylon Kraken 128 Seperatrons Duna Glider - Back with a vengeance As long as the pilot's alive, it's a successful landing.
  10. 1. It’s unavoidable for me, it’s why I prefer rockets. 2. All Mk2 rocket planes i’ve made before or after watching Matt Lowne have similar wing+engine configurations. It’s just cool and efficient!
  11. Not today, yesterday, but, (inhale) Launched a shuttle with a big orange tank to my LKO station, sent my refinery, rover and hab module to Munbase, landed and began brief surface activity, refueling the lander, doing science, flipping the rover twice, noticed an ideal Jool transfer window, sending relays, a sentinel and a vall expedition, spotted a whole helluvalot of comets, then failed to get a Tylo gravity assist.
  12. @DoctorHoon @twilly @PappaKerbal Try using the old parts. I don’t know how to do it on PC, but on Xbox just keep pressing B on the parts list and then go to the 1.25 parts, and you should find a thick yellow one. That worked for me.
  13. 1. What’s plural of apoapsis? I’ll just put a * for plural. I deployed 3 sentinels, 1 for eve, duna and jool, and holy lord that’s a lot of objects. I’ve captured a few asteroids, so i’m focusing on comets and interstellar interlopers, of which i’ve not found . But i have found comets with apoapsis* of <3-10x eeloo height. So, just how far out can these be?! If anyone says ~Farrrrrr ouuuuuut brooooooo~ I will tell them to go back to California.
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