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  1. I’m preparing to launch my interplanetary expedition, and it says my rocket is too big. What? I look at the launchpad, and it’s the level 1! I exit and re-enter the VAB, and it fixed itself. Edit(s): Now it’s the right pad, but it still says my rocket is too big I went to the engineer report and it was 160/18 tonnes. It’s so overweight for the mk1 launchpad
  2. Yeah i’m squeezing that last bit of performance out of my rocket.
  3. I’m planning to do a Gilly mission/Eve flyby and will return in a Mk 2 lander can. I’m wondering how much ablator I should bring for my kerbin re-entry. That’s all.
  4. Moderator since I fixed it the hard way can this post be deleted?
  5. Bob had landed on the mun. He left and re-entered physics range. His tall rocket with a small base hopped in the air, and slid down the crater, with the hatch-side down. Its not like he could even leave, because his rocket had tipped over Bob has lost his sanity reloading quick saves Bob is going to crash it into the VAB engineers once he gets home On the 15th try, ”The kraken has blessed me- oh.” Nearly 100 tries later, he gave up. He rolls it towards the midlands and waits for rescue. 40 minutes of attempts later- he did it. It’s upright.
  6. The “stock crafts” setting is off. But the making history crafts are overstaying their welcome, but I can’t delete stock crafts. I hate it here
  7. Yeah, I just want to be able to delete stock crafts. That’s it. And there’s a patch 7 glitch that keeps the stock making history crafts around even with that setting turned off
  8. I have the “Stock Crafts” setting with the light off, yet I have the stock making history ships, and it’s quite annoying.
  9. Can my name be changed to “Sikez Kerman” If not i’ll go with my original Idea, “Wizard Kerbal” Please and Thank you!
  10. Shoot, now that I can I don’t know what to do
  11. I don’t like my name I just threw words together when I was signing up is there a way to change it
  12. I have a workhorse 38 ton to LKO 100% recoverable rocket, the SSTO i’m asking about can carry small sats/tourists to LKO, I just want to extend it’s range to Minmus and Mun
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