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  1. press the left stick to use your cursor. within 200 meters of the target vessel, you can click on docking ports and an action menu pops up
  2. German dive bombers downed more aircraft than a designated fighter the british made. The reason: forward-facing armament.
  3. I see through your LIES STORMPILOT! I know your face- that dreadful amazon-box-smile
  4. Yeah nevermind But yeah! Good story. I wanted to make a joke, but it had a word that I feel I can't say on the forums. It's not offensive, don't worry, I just probably shouldn't say it.
  5. I forgot i’d be launching that orange fuel tank separately, and removing it made the CoM much closer to the center, making it possible for me to just use Vectors and balance thrust limiters.
  6. It doesn't work. I don't like the aesthetic of wheels on my bases, unless they provide a lot of functionality, (see the fuel tank.) And due to this, when the landing gear is deployed, the wheels don't reach the ground. I like that idea, but how would I get it down? So, I forgot that I would be launching the fuel tank in a separate launch, and it was much easier to just add 4 vectors and balance thrust limiters. I apologize for the inconvienence.
  7. Apparently there's a ghost upstairs. I'm definitely not re-reading this story, playing calming music and holding, let's say, a 1-pronged fork. AHHHHHHH WHAT THE HECK APPLE MUSIC THIS IS NOT CHILLING MUSIC. Anyway.
  8. OH COME ON I just did this, then deleted the craft It must have been luck, I can't get it to work anymore.
  9. Do rapiers in rocket mode still count as jets? Nevermind. I added some whiplash engines, but i'm still working on making it transition from vertical to horizontal. It's too unreliable, nevermind.
  10. Dog. Who would hurt dog. (Especially space dog) Therefore, I win. If I had to fight, go for the legs or neck. Probably the legs to not hurt my opponent too much.
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