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  1. We did which means I blew my chance I WAS SO CLOSE We were this close to greatness. No, I was.
  2. 1! Although, this may not be the case, as I have a long post. So I guess it was the case.
  3. 17 posts. That means 8 more, 7 more as of this post. AND, i'm determined to be the first one on 400!
  4. I'm doing my history homework and, "For most of the year, trappers led isolated lives in a dangerous environment. They endured bitter cold, intense heat, and attacks from wild animals. Jedediah Smith was once scalped by a grizzly bear." I'm not gonna read the rest, but he returned to work a few weeks later. Coiencidence? (Probably is, but) I THINK NOT! Edit: I thought we were already on page 399, so you could have imagined my excitement then disappointment. Sorry for double posting, unless post-merging activates. Anyway, Hey llok new page. Edit: Wait! we were, I was lo
  5. Stop speaking in dumb riddles. They’re not even riddles because I understand them
  6. What's your favorite place to go? Even if it's close, or just views across the solar system, if it gives you joy to visit, then specify the place and the first time you visited it, and why it’s your favorite. My favorite places are Vistas in general, on Mun and Duna. It started with a botched Duna landing that left me on the edge of a crater. The vast, red landscape was beautiful, but terrifying. I promptly left. Then on the Mun farming science I got a great view on one the edge of a canyon. But, my favorite celestial body is Ike. When landing on Duna, it's basically a treat for
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