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  1. I don't know what I did. I don't know how to fix it. Many parts are missing, most have their textures replaced. The thing at the top is a docking port.
  2. Good News: I got it working! Bad News: They're no longer working.
  3. Help I've watched so many guides I can't even add a couple visual mods
  4. Flew my first mission on PC. I still don’t know what the small throttle adjust/throttle all the way down buttons are so I did it all at full throttle.
  6. The oldest trick in the book! Pretend like the kraken put that button there, and you should have no issue.
  7. That was the goal. I wanted to show you two it looked like we were on Reddit, not the KSP forums.
  8. Imagine being stuck on update 1.10, missing half of the features, with it being more buggy than update 0.9
  9. Not yet. The laptop came early but I’m broke from buying the laptop so I can’t buy and play it yet. I stopped playing enhanced edition months ago, though.
  10. Come Thursday I will no longer be suffering on KSP “enhanced” edition
  11. How did you know I wanted to play Bloodborne? I wish I could revert to before I sent that post. Your wish is granted’nt.
  12. Alright, but you only get one. I wish my wrist un-sprained itself so I could use a controller again
  13. I realized I started working on one of my designs the winter of 2020 (I still don’t have it flying), and so I wanted to ask other kerbonauts: what is the longest you’ve spent getting one of your designs to work, let alone perfect? About that design, it’s a cargo VTOL that uses 6 electric engines to lift it and <50 tons of cargo into the air across the planet. It has so many little parts that have to work right that are easy to not work right, and it’s just annoying! (6 engines, 48 propellors, 3 rotating clockwise with 24 propellors with a certain pitch, 3 counterclockwise with 24 propellors pitching a certain way, 2 of those engines on rotating servos that have to be mirrored but the engines can’t be on symmetry though, and and and . . . )
  14. Much more boring. Just spacecraft names, their crew, destination, and status, and the date that input is required. Like, Firefly -Jeb, Bob, Bill - Duna System Waiting for window-y3d40 Solar orbit - y3d330
  15. Not in KSP but related I stumbled across an old notebook of mine that just helped me organize a bit, and remember a couple things. Oh 11 year old me . . . If it wasn’t a headache I would put some pictures here. On the first page, it has the KSP rocket except with rainbow colored exhaust, “It’s not like it’s rocket science!” -Every KSP player and then below it the formulas for DeltaV and aircraft range, and then a hand-drawn DeltaV map-planet’s colors and all. It even has a Dres doesn’t exist joke; there’s just a poof where Dres should be, and ???? where I would write it’s name! (After that it just looks like a space-traffic controller’s notebook)
  16. Trying to remember which one is Pol and which one is Bop
  17. Pretty much. The last patch was . . . . . . . . .
  18. Toki, calm down, get some water, go outside, and remember that this is a poorly ported version of one of the best PC games, and calmy try to get a refund and go on PC to get a copy. Don't wait for a patch; you're not getting one. I learned that myself.
  19. General Kenobi!? I'm sorry.
  20. Ah, the memories of watching my shuttle tumble through the atmosphere as I desperately try to regain control and avoid breaking up
  21. I've had this idea of a Space Navy Missile Frigate in my head for a while, and finally put it together, mostly. Most of the tech it has isn't available in KSP (Active Protection Systems, Self-guided Missiles, Guns, etc.) But I did the best I could and I might draw it later. I had to build it on 3 parts though as altogether it would be 491 parts and 2.463 megatons. I'm a bad artist, so i'm happy I can finally draw it with reference!
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