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  1. Wizard Kerbal's post in No orange 3.75 meter nose cone. was marked as the answer   
    Ok. So, you have to put the white nose cone on the tank, then turn the console off and on again, then on the tank you can select the orange variant.
  2. Wizard Kerbal's post in Mk1 VAB/Launchpad is Science mode glitch was marked as the answer   
    I fixed it with a missile
  3. Wizard Kerbal's post in manually entering thrust limiter value was marked as the answer   
    There should be a # icon in the top right of the settings tab where you can type in values. This came on Xbox in patch 7, and I am loving it!
  4. Wizard Kerbal's post in I need help for building crafts! was marked as the answer   
    That happened to me a lot! The command pod begins to sway back and forth until the kraken devours it. My solution was to strut up the payload, then using interstage nodes, put a stack separator between the payload and CSM, if you are going to dock with it.
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