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  1. thats right. I purchased it online from Kerbal store. Not steam or anything
  2. Unfortunately I don't get that "1.11.0 Some Reassembly Required" page . Let me illustrate the steps and results, just so you are clear 1. In my Account Info=> Your Orders => I see"Kerbal Space Program: Breaking Ground (Direct Download)" with a download button next to it. 2. Once I click the download button, it takes me to "Ready To Download page => in the page I see hyperlinks for the following: - Breaking Ground Expansion 1.6.0. 1.5.1, etc 3. Just to be clear - I don't see the above "Kerbal Space Program: Some Reassembly Required" screen shot you provided above.
  3. I navigate through KSP => Store => PC Download. I am unable to see any KSP 1.11.0 or for that matter any other version. Am I in the right path?
  4. Just purchased "Kerbal Space Program: Breaking Ground (Direct Download)" I am trying to download breaking ground expansion 1.6.0 => It mentions "Use this installer if you have a non translated copy of KSP 1.11.0". My question is where do you get this KSP 1.11.0? Please guide me as I am trying different ways to find this.
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