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  1. I love all these parts you got. REALLY love the decoupler though. Very nice job
  2. I see all these awesome parts to try and i wont be home for another 7 hours. This is gonna make the day go by so slowly. Damn good job BTW. Cant wait to get home and try this out.
  3. HOLY CRAP! I have been hoping for landing struts for a while. It will make my landings more realistic. I cant wait to try them.
  4. These look pretty badass man. I will be DLing them as soon as i get off of work.
  5. I have tried using thoes calculators but with no success. I think i just need more practice. I just feel sorry for the kerman brothers though. I left them orbiting while i am at work. I will end it when i get home, i just want to see how many orbits they will do. I do have to cry for them a little bit though. :'( They are so close to the Kerth, but will never be able to return home.
  6. So far i have only been able to do powered landings when still flying in the atmosphere. I havent been able to do one after orbiting. i am working hard on skilling up enough to do that though. When i do it i use the quad parachute adapter with the mini engine and fuel tanks to land.
  7. Wait, are you saying its easy to do regular orbits? I can only seem to get the eccentric ones. Mine seem to go from about 45km perokee to a 145km apokee. No matter what i do i cant seem to go into a more circular orbit. Right now my Kerbonauts are on a nice long trip, stuck in orbit, with no fuel left for getting back. Its on about hour 11 right now. ;P
  8. I took your suggestion on the avatar. It works out especially well seeing as most of my rockets turn into ICBMs.
  9. Anyone here know where i can get a badass signature(banner) and avatar to use on the forums? Obviously i want it to be KSP related. I have absolutely 0 artistic abilities in the graphical department. If anyoen can help i will give you a kookie. ;P
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