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  1. I Would Really Like To See That The Gemini SpaceCraft Had A Option To Add Wings As The Original Idea To Land The Gemini Spacecraft
  2. Ya i Just Notice But Thanks For The Help Anyways
  3. Can Anyone Help Me With This All Of The Texture Are Missing https://imgur.com/a/djqfGQR https://imgur.com/a/knI5tEj
  4. So Every Time I Download This Mod B9 Always Pop Up A Warning And Its Getting More Annoying Every time me I See it Now I Cant Give An Image Cause I Cant Find A Website that can convert the image to a URL And No Mi Not Gonna Use Those Website That you need to pay for or you need to sign up i just want to make a image to a URL not give you all of my private info
  5. I Will Really Like That This Update Happens Or Something Similar . This Update Should Add Survival Addons To KSP. Parts : A New Soyuz Command Pod will be added. Airbags Buoys And Retro Rocket Will Be Automatically Be Added To Every Command Pod But There Will Be an Option To Turn Them Off. Oxygen Generator. New Solar Panels And Thermal Radiators. And A Farming Room . In A Farming Room Kerbals Can Planet Crops Inside Of Them When The Planet Cant Sustain Life For Example Moho. New Styles : Kerbalism Will be Automatically Be Part Of The Stock Game Expe
  6. Ah yes OPM mod that need 1.9.1 can work in 1.11 ah yes the code is made out of code
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