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  1. Design screenshots (For 3c, clipping the docking port: My craft currently does the same thing with a docking port into a fairing (which I assume is fine), and with a docking port into a fuel tank (which I assume is not). Does that seem right? And for 3d, the tiny nose cone: that's where it is when I place it. I didn't use the move tool to do that.)
  2. I'm thinking of giving this a go. Some quick questions: 1) Does it break rule 4 to stage parts off of the ship before arriving at Jool? I'd like to drop some empty tanks mid-route. 2) What's the highest apoapsis for LKO? 3) Regarding rule 2, would any of these be illegal: a. An Oscar-B tank or Spark engine sunk into the hole of the Doughnut tank b. A Mystery Goo unit placed vertically into a service bay and clipping out of the ends. (I'm not aiming for Jeb's Level, so this wouldn't be a "functional" part) c. A docking port sunk into a Science Jr d. A 0.625 nose c
  3. Thanks for the responses! I... kinda took this in the wrong direction. I'm using both a pod and a Science Jr on the landers now. I'm using the Trajectories mod, which is usually fairly accurate on Kerbin. Would I be right in assuming that this would help me find land? (My Laythe lander is very top-heavy; testing it in Kerbin's oceans did not go well) …this is going to be harder than it looks, isn't it I see you're one of the people who's done it. Another quick question: how much dV would it take to bounce around Jool's moons? I'm trying to design my landers without
  4. I'm heading to the Jool system for the second time soon, and just for fun, I want to see if it's possible to pull off a landing on all five moons in one go. I plan to bring two landers docked to a mothership, hopefully letting each kerbal in my five-person kerbonaut team claim their own moon. Without spoiling optimal designs, what kind of mass should I be looking at for my landers? I've currently got a parachute-descent Laythe lander down to 6.2t (4.2 dry), with a payload of just the command pod and smaller science instruments; I've also made a two-stage Tylo lander for 16.8t (5.4 dry),
  5. While this is off topic, this. Eve is always the first place I'm sent out of Kerbin's SOI, and an Eve return is completely impractical for someone who's being guided along by the contracts.
  6. Thanks for the responses everyone! (this is what I was looking for, thanks!)
  7. My relay buoy is shorter than the waves, and since my computer doesn't support ship-wave interaction, it looks pretty silly. How can I lower the wave height (or disable waves entirely)?
  8. I'm a few months into KSP and I think I've gotten the hang of the basics. That said, I've seen a lot of people talking about having a "wide" transfer window, or having a transfer window "close", and I'm not sure what that would mean. Right now, when I want to go to another planet, I check the dV map, send a ship into orbit, check the transfer window planner, then - depending on my mood - leave Kerbin SOI either at the lowest dV, or as early as I can get with the dV on my ship. From what I've done, it seems like launching too early or too late just results in higher dV requirements, but I
  9. I bought KSP on Steam, and usually open the game through the Steam desktop shortcut. When in-game, I can use alt+enter to switch from fullscreen mode to borderless windowed mode. Recently, I installed CKAN to manage my mods; when launching from the CKAN "Launch KSP" button, the alt+enter trick switches KSP into a regular window, instead of a borderless one. Is there a way to fix this? (I'm on Windows 10, 64-bit, running CKAN v1.29.2. My Steam launch options are "-force-opengl -popupwindow".)
  10. If I were to download this mod, would I have to configure my own effects for every single engine, or are there already config packs that I can drag-and-drop into my stock-engine game? I have no clue what actual engine exhaust even looks like, so that's a huge issue for me.
  11. Are dV values on the map vacuum dV, or are they however much dV we can actually get? (for example, if I have a first stage that gets 2500 dV in vacuum but only 1500 at sea level, should I use the atmosphere value or vacuum value?)
  12. I'm playing on a save where my goal is just to complete the "world-firsts record-keeping" contracts ("Orbit Kerbin", "Dock vessels around Minmus", etc.). And the next one is telling me to plant a flag on Eve. This is the farthest I've ever gone interplanetary - my last save had one probe on Moho, but I've never made it to another planet's SOI beyond that. Now I'm worried - will the next contract be returning from Eve? Since I'm only taking those contracts, if I get one I can't do, then I'm just stuck with no more income. Do I have to plan for an imminent Eve return mission?
  13. I have a spacecraft with a lander can and a probe core, and I want to send it to orbit the Mun to fulfill a docking contract there. Since it's early-game for me, I want to leave an engineer in there for the experience gain. I'm not sure if I'll still be able to control this ship once it gets to the far side of the Mun though; I'd imagine that the on-board kerbal would be able to use the probe core somehow, but I've never actually tried doing this without a pilot on-board. Should I still have control in this situation? (note: with 1.11.1 there's a bug giving me full control no matter
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