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  1. As per the 1.12.2 announcement, the devs left the door open for minor bugfix releases. It doesn't seem like a priority right now with KSP2 in the works, but it's possible that sometime in the future there'll be one last bugfix update. https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/204167-kerbal-space-progam-1122-is-live/
  2. Specifically for Jool, this is the map I used to plan out my Jool-5 mission. https://imgur.com/skAIz90 In stock, Jool is the only planet this is really important on; most other planets only have one moon, and Kerbin's two would be easy to map out as per those recommendations. But Jool is complicated, since you basically need a subway-style map from every body.
  3. Specifically for Kerbin: The Mun has 0 inclination, so you can set it as your target and match inclination with it. That’ll get you your AN and DN markers.
  4. I see that there's a "maximum_drag" and "minimum_drag" value in the part cfg values. I know that these were used pre-1.0, before the new atmosphere model. Are they still used now? And if so, how?
  5. It looks like you've placed your wings in radial symmetry, instead of mirror symmetry. Try repositioning the whole wing, or the fuselage that it's sitting on. Additionally, your wings can bend a little bit, since they're made of many parts; this makes it a pretty bad spot to put your wheels.
  6. The \@thumbs folder contains thumbnails of a lot of parts; it's pretty useful for me, since a few of the wiki pages need new images. However, it doesn't contain all the parts. Right now in my stock 1.12.2 game, the first three parts in the folder are the slanted 2.5m to 1.25m adapter, the flat 1.25-0.625, and the orange variant of the previous part. Also, I'm pretty sure that when I checked, the slanted adapter wasn't there before. Is there a pattern to what parts have thumbnails in this folder? If so, is there a way to force the game to generate the pictures for other parts?
  7. Is it still on CKAN? I can't find it, I tried searching for "TUFX" and "post processing".
  8. The wiki has a lot of references to a part being covered in "multi-layer insulation"; all these references just link to Wikipedia, and I can't find an explanation anywhere as to what it means in-game. (for example: Probodobodyne HECS) Is there actually some in-game effect to insulation, or is this just describe appearance? If there's no in-game effect, I'm thinking about wiping it from pages I edit.
  9. Regarding rule 3: What counts as the “final stage” of a lander? For example: * I have a large, high-TWR stage I eject a meter above the ground * I lithobrake with a stage, but eject it before coming to a halt I’m assuming that the first one is fine and the second one isn’t, but where’s the line between the two? Also, what’s the point of rule 8?
  10. I want to try playing on a 2.5x scale (or similar) solar system. So far, I’ve looked at Rescale, but it appears to only go up to 1.9; and JNSQ, but there’s a warning on the forum page that’s kinda scaring me off. What other options for a rescaled system are there, and which ones would you recommend? (I’m not looking to start immediately, so if there’s a mod that’ll be updated soon, I’d also like to know about it)
  11. Regarding the craft: Craft saving is separate from game saving. If you clicked the “save” button before launching your craft, then yes, it has definitely saved. If you didn’t, then… I believe that it’s still saved? The game will auto-save the last launched vessel, and this can be selected from the vessel list. However, I’m not sure exactly when this happens, and someone with more experience should chime in here.
  12. Unlike the other thread, if you’re ok with lightly modded solutions, the Trajectories mod (and I think KER too? I don’t use it) displays a target where you’ll land. You can use this to refine your approach, without going all-out with MechJeb autopilot. For your Mun tug, don’t use RCS thrusters to hover. Use engines; they have far higher specific impulse, and odds are, if you can land your drone then it already has TWR >1. RCS can be used for horizontal movement.
  13. The claw does not allow fuel crossfeed, while a docking port does. If your engine was on one ship while your fuel was on the other, it won't work. (It's like a decoupler; engines below the decoupler can't drain tanks above it) Fuel transfer is different from fuel crossfeed. That's dependent on the difficulty level, as said above; look for the "Resource transfer obeys crossfeed rules" option in the settings. This lets you move fuel from one tank to another through the right-click menu.
  14. I found this YouTube series to be really helpful for learning how to best assemble a modular base. The key takeaway (at least, what I got from it) was that it's best to use some external vehicle (a rover, etc.) to move the base components into place. That way, you don't have to build the wheels and navigation into every module. One method I like now is to build a "cart" that can slip underneath a base module, then use the landing legs to lower the module onto the cart. In addition, for your plane wheels + RCS method, you can select the docking port and choose "Control from here" to make it act more like a rover. In addition, if you really don't want rotation, you can disable pitch/yaw/roll in the "Show actuation toggles" option, if you have advanced tweakables enabled.
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