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  1. Thanks for the tip. I ended up making my own forum post (and I managed to get the logs with Dropbox).
  2. The instructions here say to delete the settings.cfg file before launching the game. I see two, though, one called settings.cfg and one called Settings that is a CFG file. I delete them both, but once I launch the game, the Settings CFG file reappears. Is this supposed to happen? What happens when this settings.cfg file isn't deleted before launching? I've had such issues with KSRSS (I've never even gotten to play it, they're so bad), and I wonder if this settings.cfg file might have something to do with it. I was looking at the main page for this thread, and it appears that the cr
  3. It would? All you have to do is go to your steam library, click properties, and select 1.8.1 under Beta versions.
  4. I got v33 (using Microsoft Edge instead of Chrome), but still no luck. My logs keep giving me the same endless series of "object reference not set to instance of object" or something, as well as "index was outside the bounds of the array." The output log shows a crash report saying that it "failed to load body: Ceres" and it seems to just fall apart after that. Does anyone know what to do about any of those three recurring phrases in my log?
  5. I tried doing this, but any version I download that's past v28 gives me that "may be dangerous" message, and the downloaded file itself is a weird CRDOWNLOADED file...so I tried 1.10.1 v28, but now the game loads with only the stock planets (which to me implies that Kopernicus isn't working). I've basically seen two alternative ways the launch can go after all the fixes I've tried: 1) Kopernicus doesn't work, in which case the game loads successfully but only has the stock planets, or 2) Kopernicus apparently works (judging by the fact that all the KSRSS bodies pop up in my log), but acco
  6. https://www.dropbox.com/s/fxx5kkknxswqdct/Log.pdf?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/7byypj9nl0n1wj4/Player.pdf?dl=0 I tried getting 1.8.1-1, per the instructions on the original KSRSS forum post, but then I got stuck on the black loading screen (while the title music plays), like before. My logs are above; according to another forum user, it's stuck in some sort of loop and so it will never advance past the loading screen.
  7. I tried to get it off of GitHub, and I get a banner saying, "Kopernicus-1.8.1-30.zip is not commonly downloaded and may be dangerous." Can you vouch for the safety of the v30 Kopernicus from GitHub? I got it from here: https://github.com/Kopernicus/Kopernicus/releases
  8. They're the names of the .zip folders I originally downloaded (I just used them since they show the version number); I extracted the contents of their respective GameData folders and put them in the KerbalSpaceProgram\GameData folder. Try these: KSP Log: https://www.dropbox.com/s/gdior9nwq3pozux/KSP Log.pdf?dl=0 Output Log ("Player"): https://www.dropbox.com/s/2x4q3st9bb0jgfk/Output Log 2-10.pdf?dl=0
  9. Update on my post from yesterday: I realized that I had the mod folders inside the Steam version of KSP, so I moved the KerbalSpaceProgram folder onto my desktop and moved the mods into there. Now my file directory looks like Desktop --> KerbalSpaceProgram --> GameData , and inside GameData are my mod folders: - Kopernikus - 1.8.1-28 - KSRSS - 0.6.1 - KSRSS Textures 8K - 0.6.1 - MechJeb2 - - Modular Flight Integrator To the best of my knowledge, these mods are all up to date (that is, the proper version for KSRSS to work. My game is also 1.8.1)
  10. Okay, so according to the logs, Kopernikus and KSRSS seem to be working, huh? All right, I'll start asking in the KSRSS thread, hopefully they've seen this before. Thanks a lot!
  11. Do those file.io links work? Those are my newest logs, from the launch upon which I discovered that the stock solar system is still there. And yep, CKAN is using 1.8.1.
  12. Right, I reverted back to 1.8.1 before installing KSRSS and its dependencies. I also have Kopernicus v1.8.1.
  13. I used Dropbox with total success last night to create a link to my files, but now I can't figure it out. The files I uploaded last night appear as .txt files on my home page, and there's a "Share" button I can hit, which then gives me the option to "Copy link." But the ones I'm uploading now don't appear on my home screen. I go to All Files, and they're there, but the "Share" button is nowhere to be found, so I can't get the link. Also, they're uploading as .log files instead of .txt, even though the files themselves are originally .txt. Yeah, I'm starting from the KSP folder now on m
  14. I'm not sure what you mean by change compatibility settings; what's that have to do with CKAN? I ran the Steam check and it said "1 file could not be verified and will be reacquired." Then nothing else appears to happen; is Steam reacquiring that file automatically when I launch the game next or something? Okay. Good news: the game loads and I can actually play. Bad news: it's still just the stock solar system. My latest logs look quite different from last time... I'm trying to figure out how to post them on here, which I did last time with DropBox, but suddenly I can't f
  15. Okay, so I did all that, but I Ctrl+Xed my KerbalSpaceProgram folder instead of Ctrl+Cing it. I just put it back exactly where it was (...steamapps\common); am I still okay? I do have CKAN, and I like it for its auto-installation, but I find it pretty limited the number of mods it offers. It doesn't have KSRSS or any of its dependencies, so I had to get those from GitHub and manually install them (which took a few tries to get right).
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