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  1. You are correct. This is a travesty and must be rectified!
  2. Howdy. @Starhelperdudewill probably be next
  3. I’m excited for multiplayer, so that I can play with (and/or against!) friends. So hyped that the game is finally releasing. Myself and many others have been waiting for years. So glad the day has almost arrived!
  4. Clicking? I haven’t done that in years. Tapping is all the rage these days
  5. Trying to get back into forum things with KSP2 around the corner @AtomicTech might be next. Maybe?
  6. I can’t wait to meet the smaller, fuzzier inhabitants of the Kerbal universe, the Gerbals!
  7. Nothing in particular. It is somewhat spammy and filled with nonsense. The first day was like a car crash that you couldn’t take your eyes off of, though. Moderately entertaining.
  8. Very well deserved indeed! Congratulations @Gameslinx!
  9. Happy New Year everyone!

    1. tillyd


      yo space, kitten says hi

    2. Spaceman.Spiff
  10. Nope. Hopefully it’s @AlamoVampire
  11. Well that’s kinda nonsense. Lucky you for not having a severe case. My cousin, who is in her twenties and otherwise excellent health, was bedridden for a week with COVID. It can, in fact, impact younger people severely.
  12. Rule Modification: It may be a picture of any favorite food. This may seem rather unnecessary given the prevalence of common snack foods in our society, it is intended to widen the audience for the game (“Calvinball”) and furthermore provide greater convenience for the author of this post. AS A FURTHER MATTER OF CONVENIENCE I WOULD HENCEFORTH SUGGEST THAT ANY WHO DEEM IT A GOOD IDEA TO REPLY TO THIS THREAD MAKE THE DECISION TO REPEAL THE “100 WORDS PER POST” RULE IMPOSED BY “JebIsBestPilot” Said rule can only be described in a forum appropriate way through one of my favored snack foods PITA chips. Anyways, Here is my lunch from today:
  13. Egad It appears I have missed a few pings @kerbiloid
  14. I’m guessing Kraft. I hear macaroni manufacturing is moving into the 22nd century.
  15. On a related musical note: Blinded by the light: Orbit within 1000km of Kerbol.
  16. This actually gives me an idea. Maybe it’s a pipe dream, but what if the Navball/UI changed and modernized as you advance down the tech tree? It wouldn’t make sense for a brand new program using a Mercury-esque capsule to have a digital readout, but as you get towards an Orion or similar modern design, the displays may become more digital or informative.
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