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  1. I think it’s also tough to compare because the modding scene keeps making quantum leaps of its own. If KSP2 came out at it’s original date, everyone’s minds would have been absolutely boggled by the volumetric clouds and awesome terrain, but when you compare to things which are (or nearly are) in the original game in the form of mods, I get that it doesn’t hit the same “wow” factor. Perhaps we’ve just been too spoiled by blackrack and Gameslinx
  2. Firstly, that’s probably a better question for the EVE thread. Secondly, I love Astronomers Visual Pack, it never fails to look phenomenal.
  3. Seems like the joints are a bit messed up? Other than that, just glad to see actual footage from the game!
  4. Not fast enough apparently. @Souptimei summon thee
  5. Sweet. I’ve wanted something like that for a while. Any chance these will work with SystemHeat?
  6. As it happens, yes. @SpaceFace545 you’re next.
  7. Will there be a Mammoth-1? Perhaps a slightly less powerful, less efficient, and more expensive version unlocked earlier in the tech tree. (Representing the original F-1s vs. this which looks like a more modern design with refined components, more cost effective manufacturing, etc)
  8. Highly based. Thank you for the great work, even during your “retirement”!
  9. Those look epic. Is there any chance you’ll make a tiled version of the basic liquid fuel tank?
  10. Been looking forward to this one for a long time! It’s great to see the process that you all go through to make this stuff. Maybe in the future we could see some of the texturing/materials process?
  11. Oh my, that looks awesome! Will the cool bioluminescence effect that the current Laythe clouds have in AVP be possible with the new clouds?
  12. Maybe they’ll do it on 3/14 for pi day!
  13. While unfortunate, this is about what I expected, and i'm glad that y'all are taking the time to make a great game and not Cyberpunk it. Or we can blame Blackrack and Gameslinx for making the competition a bit tougher
  14. Are these sorts of clouds only going to be rendered in a low-medium orbit, and the old method used above a certain altitude?
  15. I am not clicking this, I am tapping it.
  16. Clicking from the Johnson Space Center!
  17. Welcome to the forum! As you'll find for a lot of things in KSP, there's a mod for that! I would also recommend taking a look at getting CKAN as it will make trying out different mods much easier.
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