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  1. 1 hour ago, TLTay said:

    not be the quantum leap from heavily modded KSP1 that some hope for. 

    I think it’s also tough to compare because the modding scene keeps making quantum leaps of its own. 
    If KSP2 came out at it’s original date, everyone’s minds would have been absolutely boggled by the volumetric clouds and awesome terrain, but when you compare to things which are (or nearly are) in the original game in the form of mods, I get that it doesn’t hit the same “wow” factor. 
    Perhaps we’ve just been too spoiled by blackrack and Gameslinx :P

  2. 2 hours ago, Dafni said:

    May I ask the community here what EVE configs they use?? The stock (Boulder Co) lacks many goodies that I got used to! And Parallax clashes with the other eyecandy packages I like to run.


    Long story short, looking for nice EVE configs, stand-alone would be nice.

    Firstly, that’s  probably a better question for the EVE thread. 

    Secondly, I love Astronomers Visual Pack, it never fails to look phenomenal. 

  3. Will there be a Mammoth-1? Perhaps a slightly less powerful, less efficient, and more expensive version unlocked earlier in the tech tree. (Representing the original F-1s vs. this which looks like a more modern design with refined components, more cost effective manufacturing, etc)

  4. On 7/8/2022 at 2:29 PM, Beale said:

    TantaresLV Version 15.0

    Thanks for feedback, now includes Tsyklon rocket.

    The Tsyklon rocket is a product of Ukraine [snip]



    Download Links

    You need B9 Part Switch for all Tantares mods.

    B9 Part Switch

    TantaresLV - GitHub
    (Launch Vehicles and Upper Stages)

    TantaresSAF - GitHub
    (Simple Adjustable Fairings)


    Highly based. 
    Thank you for the great work, even during your “retirement”!

  5. On 6/11/2022 at 4:19 PM, JadeOfMaar said:


    Gentle reminder that these will be largely useless on stock scale, otherwise they take their rightful place as the cruising engine on your hypersonic planes, and can replace the RAPIER's closed cycle for upper atmosphere flat run phase. I'm doubtful about providing the shcramjet at this time. There are a few obvious texture faults. Those won't remain.


    • 1.25/1.875m hollow (radial but goes over your fuselage like slipping yourself into some shorts)
    • 1.25m nacelle (radial only)


    • Colors: White; White + Thermal Tiles; Only Thermal Tiles
    • Mounts (nacelle only): Shroud; Pylon (repeats per color variant)


    On the side, I received quite a bit of crit on the design for one of the interstellar engines. I spent all the energy intended for unwrapping it into changing the raw model to make more sense for how it operates.

    Those look epic. Is there any chance you’ll make a tiled version of the basic liquid fuel tank?

  6. 8 hours ago, blackrack said:

    Last quick shots from tonight. I'll probably need to manually paint some maps and distribute more varied cloud types to make it feel less static/samey. You can see a quick try with some cumulonimbus in the first shot



    On a 2080 super at 1440p:

    Running at 200 fps from the ground and 120 when flying through the clouds.

    A 1060 should be able to run it at 1080p with scatterer by my estimation, I also tested with a 1060 before but in unity.

    Are these sorts of clouds only going to be rendered in a low-medium orbit, and the old method used above a certain altitude?

  7. 2 hours ago, Gameslinx said:

    Kerbin is almost done. I've made some huge optimizations to how the geometry is rendered and now I've managed to get a much better density of objects. Technical stuff below, but the picture first!


    Ironically, I was limited by draw calls which this scatter system is supposed to reduce. Before the above optimizations, foliage was being rendered on a per-quad basis - each quad being its own draw call. Now I've rewritten part of the compute shader responsible for culling so that it combines every object's position from every quad and writes them to a single buffer which is used to render from. This took a scene with much less foliage than the one above from ~110 FPS to 160+ with a significant CPU usage reduction. Safe to say, it was worth the effort!

    Can this handle different scatter types for each biome?

  8. 2 hours ago, schurem said:

    There's a little problem that's coming up: The tutorials (training section) are broken! They ask for modules that no longer exist

    Welcome to the forum!

    As you'll find for a lot of things in KSP, there's a mod for that!

    I would also recommend taking a look at getting CKAN as it will make trying out different mods much easier. 

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