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  1. Hehehe...... I got 3 in a row! (But I'm gonna fail now!!) Anyways, @Misguided Kerbal
  2. Nope. It happens @AlamoVampire. Gotta watch out for Zorgs too!
  3. Banned for mentioning the Kraken in your post
  4. (nope) You're probably right. I'll tag @Lewie though
  5. Nope He may be, but I am not! My fellow C+H fan, don't fail me! @AlamoVampire
  6. I don't believe it requires Boulder co, as it is a drop in replacement for classic EVE. Most visual packs should work with it. I personally use AVP, but others include Spectra and StockVE. Edit: I want to clarify that you do need something that includes configs for EVE for it to function. That could be Boulder or the other visual packs.
  7. No! You pinged me! Better luck next time @Souptime
  8. Thanks for the kind words everyone! This is such a great community. (couldn't find the gif) I think google photos might work. I'll try it later. A tutorial on imgur would be quite helpful though! (Especially if it's easier) So far it's really fun! I tried to build a helicopter, but they are reeeeeallllly tough. Having the robot arms on space stations is cool and a bit of "realism". The deployable science is cool, but I haven't used the new inventory parts yet as I'm still on 1.10.1. (mods, ya know?) Hopefully I'm going to do my first Laythe landing Soon™. I'll deploy some science then as well. Edit: And I'll wear my fancy new space suits
  9. @adsii1970 Is there a guide on how to upload pictures to the Forums? I saw on the "How to use the Forums" page, it says to use imgur. I'm not really sure how that works.
  10. Nope. A new challenger enters the arena! @Souptime is a name I have seen. (Did I do it right?)
  11. I guess another KSP sin was not knowing how to revive Kerbals!
  12. Whaaaaaat!?!?! Can he be rebuilt better, stronger, and faster?
  13. On my fourth KSP launch ever, many months ago, Jeb was lost due to a misunderstanding of the navball. At the time, I thought "Oh, it says orbit! I'm in orbit! Wooohooooo" meanwhile, not looking at the map screen and seeing that I was very much not in orbit. I forget what happened after that, but somehow I thought Jeb was in orbit and would be fine, and he was very much NOT in orbit and NOT fine. RIP Jeb
  14. I really think that the Kerbals provide a sort of "human" aspect to the game. Probes are great for getting science, but at the same time, it's much cooler to land a Kerbal than it is a dinky probe. In addition, I don't really mind if I lose a probe, even if it's fairly expensive, because I can just launch another. However, if I launch Jeb and mechanical failures my noobiness results in his untimely demise (RIP), I feel reeeeeally bad. He probably had people on the ground who were awaiting his safe return when they learned that he had crashed. It's not possible for me to empathize with a probe in the same way. I'm not going to name my flagship Interplanetary vessel the "Mun-03", I'm going to call the incredibly advanced and historical vessel, the "Jebediah". TL; DR Kerbal are like people; I want them to be safe and not get hurt.
  15. Wow! This is by far the best Mission Report I've read (although I'm new I have read back a few forum pages for fun). Your writing is excellent; informative but witty, and you have also incorporated truly gorgeous pictures as well. Not to mention the massive accomplishment that is going to the Joolian system in JNSQ (yes you used FFT, but the point stands). Great Job!
  16. Alright, thanks for the tips! I'm away from my PC but I'll probably have screenshots up somewhere bt the end of the day.
  17. Hello and Happy New Year! I for one am glad that 2020 is over, and I'm looking forward to a better 2021. I started playing KSP in April, and it's been a time-sucking blast! (Well, the time hasn't sucked, but there has been a lot of it!) I've done a few Interplanetary adventures, but I've also been very happy to relax in LKO and learn about SSTOs, mods, and space stations! I recently got the BG expansion and so far it's been fun to have some robotic arms to grab stuff with, and I also love the fresh outfits. Let me know what I should do with it. Thanks for having me on the forums and I look forward to getting to know the place!
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