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  1. Which subforum causes the most trouble overall? Besides spaceX discussion
  2. Hard to believe it's been over a year since this series started!
  3. Will we see KSP2 at game events such as E3 or Gamescom?
  4. That game made me want to have these cool IVAs in KSP Glad you're back!
  5. Probably grading papers or something… @Souptime
  6. Probably busy with other things like school, work, etc.
  7. 323: Being "one of those people" who type in comic sans all the time
  8. I presume a lot of that is probably the tutorials as well? Seems like they would take a lot of effort.
  9. Congratulations!!! Glad to see they’re bringing great people onto the team
  10. Happy New Year Everyone!

    At 12:00AM, 1 Year ago, I joined the forum!

    It’s been a great year of KSP, and I look forward to many more!

  11. Ha! They tease us and now we CLICK!
  12. Shouldn’t the deorbit burn happen first, so there’s no chance of it being stuck with no facilities like on that one Soyuz mission?
  13. Merry Christmas all!

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