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  1. Any chance you can have an optional window or something that can be enabled by modders so that they can make custom plumes, like in Waterfall?
  2. We can still click? Someone must have fallen asleep at the moderation wheel!
  3. Have you considered adding waterfall plumes of the appropriate colors?
  4. Perhaps I’m missing something, but from what I can tell, once you launch a Kerbal, you can’t change their EVA suit until they’re recovered. I’m not sure how difficult it would be, but a suit changer in-flight would be handy for when I forget to change to the suit color I want, but have already spent a few hours on a mission.
  5. Click like your life depends on it!
  6. Bloom: Yes Heat Refraction/Distortion: Yes Lens Flare: Maybe a little.
  7. I didn’t think that “no more major updates” was so difficult to understand Also, Restock exists.
  8. Wait! That’s illegal! You need to guess! @Deddly arrest this man!
  9. Could KSPCommunityFixes implement something along these lines to improve performance?
  10. @Quuy You can actually get it for 10 USD through Humble Bundle right now!
  11. Minmus looks AMAZING! So happy to see it’s had a bit of a design adjustment.
  12. Hehehe… my cookies now! @Gargamel probably wants cookies too! You should bring more next time!
  13. Pretty sure if the game is unmoddable, they’ll lose a lot more money than if it is. It’s a key part of the game, and I think that Intercept understands that. Also- having hired one of the community’s most prominent modders, one would hope that they are looking for input on how to make the game better for those who want to create for it.
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