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  1. Well with the additional space afforded by not having SLRaptors, a gimbal mechanism could probably be added. (If it’s something that RCS can’t deal with)
  2. Well now that we have more "real" HG-3 alternatives, could it be speculated that the pumps are RL-20 or XLR-129 derived?
  3. What a brilliant conclusion! Ive greatly enjoyed reading over these past few months. Speaking of SAVES in the Ciro system, I can think of one thats been a bit neglected
  4. I identify your username by the words that say “adsii1970”
  5. You can justify it as shutting down aging probes and satellites to ease the load on the DSN.
  6. D’oh, just a few minutes late! @adsii1970for what it’s worth, I’m here now!
  7. I would say that NTRs should come after Apollo. I know that they’re around the same timeframe, but it makes more sense progression-wise. It should go with the surface base/long-term habitation tech level as it would be along the lines of a reusable tug or something.
  8. The video has been released!! It turned out great! @The Destroyer did a great job!
  9. Yikes! I can’t think of a forum-compliant word to describe that guy. He got what he deserved though
  10. Absolutely hilarious concept, but remarkably well executed! Cant wait to see more of this!
  11. That would be quite entertaining to use! Cant wait to see the Jeb-Ski mod @Caerfinon is next
  12. I don’t know, but I am! @ColdJ is probably making a boat or something
  13. Seems useful. What if you had a solution of gold?
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