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  1. Spaceman.Spiff's post in Scatterer working. was marked as the answer   
    I recommend installing CKAN. It will install mods for you and keep them up to date. 
  2. Spaceman.Spiff's post in What would i need to upgrade/replace for a higher FPS? was marked as the answer   
    That's unfortunate. There really isn't anything you can do then other than remove some mods. I would start with those that you just mentioned. Then go through your modlist and ask yourself "do i actually use this?" Also, if there are processor-heavy plugin mods, maybe consider doing something about those. 
    Since you have a laptop, there is no way to improve it.
  3. Spaceman.Spiff's post in How can I get BG 1.6? was marked as the answer   
    Sorry, should have clarified. 
    I updated to 1.11.1 so it’s not an issue anymore. 
  4. Spaceman.Spiff's post in If i had a better PC would KSP be shorter to load? was marked as the answer   
    Well.... I switched from an HDD to an SSD, and it only made about a minute difference on my 7 minute loading time. I have yrt to update parallax which may have limited my loading speed. (issue now fixed).
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