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  1. The tweakscale thing worked but the Scatterer ocean itself didn't even work If you need logs let me know
  2. Where is the final update?
  3. Is sciencepanda alright? I mean he seems inactive

  4. Where can you get parallax 2.0 working with the KSRSS reborn It's because you have to delete parallax because KSRSS reborn is not have been updated with parallax 2.0 you gotta wait until KSRSS reborn has been updated or you could have just deleted the parallax folder in the KSRSS folder
  5. It stayed at 0 it didn't even throttle up and plus It has enough fuel
  6. Sadly there is a bug where the booster didn't perform the landing burn and crashed right next to the launch tower
  7. Perfect Opportunity to fly a Starship with my eyes closed
  8. Will there be a tutorial how to use the Starship by using kOS? and plus is the kOS starship mod gonna be on CKAN?
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