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  1. Come On Please come back we miss you

  2. Can Ascent guidance work with the landing guidance like when i use ascent guidance i seperate the booster and try to land on the droneship but it land on the wrong side
  3. When i tried to deorbit starship it led to retrograde i didn't actually press it i was on SAS i was on Radial out
  4. When I tried to launch the endurance it crashes my computer and also when i tried to use the rocket to menever to the space station and i was close until it crashes my computer So what is the solution to fix this problem?
  5. How do I put the whole KSC extended to the planets and moon like Laythe,duna,minmus,eeloo,eve,moon,moho and others
  6. The Center only on the starship superheavy doesn't show up the waterfall thing how do i fix it? But also I wish that there is a starship launch pad craft file lol
  7. Does anybody have a lunar lander that looks just like the video? Without realism overhaul Configs
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