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  1. Hello is there also a surface shipyard coming? And the shipyards use alloy and a lot of new resources but i dont know the supply chains of them because im am not yet in the prerelease and in i am in ksp 1.11.0 .
  2. Hello i heard about botany, geology and habitability ratings. I heard if the hab rating of a planet is 500 % that the home and hab timers would freeze is that true? And what happens if the geo and botany ratings are 500%.
  3. Ok thanks I like the new shipyard, parts look more like the other mks parts than GC or EL. Is the left one the surface one and the right one orbit one? ore just different sizes
  4. Hello roverdude do you need machinery for the new shipyard to work? Another question do you need specialized parts to build ships with the new shipyard
  5. Hello i have a question. There are the wolf en atlas parts but i don't now how wolf works. I would like to have some idea of how wolf works. And i have another question do you need specialized parts for building with the new shipyard?
  6. I think it would be nice if we had a a craft desinger but not the gameplay. My idea is that you select a part in the parts bar then click on the object you want to attach it to and then select the right node or if you want to attach radially the symettry. Then if you click on a placed part you can click delete or the move tool. The move tool should be buttons with up down forward backward right left and rotate the same but then with rotation.
  7. Im building my base with GC. I will make my base so i can possibly switch to a new system without problems. Nice that there are new resources coming up. Do they replace the ones that are here now or are they just an adittion? And does it replace GC? O and i have a question if the new resources are processed from recources that are already here then can you give me the production chains so i can build the infrastructure on my base so i can have a smooth switch between GC and the new system?
  8. I wasn't on the forum until a month ago. And checked this tread first out yesterday. Nice Thread.
  9. Hello roverdude i have another question is the orbital shipyard thats coming up something like the Konfabricator or is it a different system. If it is a different system i would be curious to see how it works. I ask this because im planning on building a mun base but it could have problems with big changes in the mod. I aks this so that i can modify my base so its change-proof. And the model for the orbital shipyard looks good!
  10. Isn't it Eeloo? Or is it just a joke about Eeloo.
  11. The system only pulls materials when its on half of its original supply of that material. You can look on Youtube at the channel mark thrimm. It has good info about mks and how it works. I also used this guide to get started. Didn't build a colony yet. But im planning on a mun colony.
  12. Oh i saw this weekend that you can make diy kits using the assembly line parts from GC. I guess i will maybe test it. Haven't installed the pre-release yet. Planning on a mun base. Im gonna send two diy kits and some materialkits and a workshop to the mun with some recyclers on it for the kerbals. They are gonna build an diy kit assembly line and a rover/materialkit producer. Then i am gonna build A food/hab section so the kerbals can stay longer, Medbay included. And im gonna set up a machinery and fertillizer production plant. I am gonna use the Planetary Domes mod for the domes so it look
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