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  1. I like the shape of this fairing a lot and also the functions and base. Unfortunately, the fairings make that the rockets have a tendency to flip over. With a stock fairing the rocket goes perfectly into orbit, with a procedural fairing the rocket flipp shortly after launch. Same Parts except the fairing.
  2. It looks like there is a problem with Apollo XII. The mission is still not available but i have met both conditions (Apollo XII + Surveyor 3). The Surveyor 3 is still on the moon but it looks like It's not accepted. It looks like he have problems with these lines: DATA { type = Vessel requiredValue = true uniquenessCheck = CONTRACT_ACTIVE targetVessel = Vessel(Surveyor-3) title = Surveyor-3 must be an active vessel on the surface } DATA { type = Location vesselLocation = @/targetVessel.Location() hidden = true } BEHAVIOUR { name = WaypointGenerator type = WaypointGenerator WAYPOINT { name = Surveyor-3 landing site targetBody = @/targetBody icon = marker altitude = 0.0 latitude = @/vesselLocation.Latitude() longitude = @/vesselLocation.Longitude() } } That does not work. If i set it to : BEHAVIOUR { name = WaypointGenerator type = WaypointGenerator RANDOM_WAYPOINT { name = Surveyor-3 landing site targetBody = HomeWorld().Children().First() count = 1 icon = marker altitude = 0.0 waterAllowed = false forceEquatorial = false } } The mission appears.
  3. Thanks for answers, today the games starts normally. I use Ckan for Mod handling und starting the game.
  4. Hello, maybee someone can help me, I have the attached error message since today. KSP is installed at the actual location since 2 years now and nothing has changed.
  5. Yes i have used the last versions of the mods. If the problems not exists in the olders versions, i like to give it a try (via pm?). just a little problem: I have cleaned my Savegame, so all parts are at Lvl 0.
  6. Ok, I went back a bit in history here and saw that it is probably a known problem. It's a shame, I like the mod, but unfortunately it's unusable in its current state. Each switching between locations, save and load savegames takes many times longer than normal. there is a bug with the varying DeltaV while using this mod
  7. Is it possible to use Ohscrap without Scrapyard? With enabled both mods, savegames take a very long time to save (KSP is installed on a M.2), making it a pain just to switch from VAB to launchpad. With Ohscrap/Srapyard this takes 2 minutes, without 25 seconds.
  8. Is this mod still kept up to date? I have the problem that the DeltaV values on the left side of the screen constantly fluctuate when I use one of these launchpads.
  9. The Soyuz - 4 + Soyuz - 5 Missions are broken. It is not possible to fulfill the goals. Mission Soyuz - 4 : Start a Vessel with 3 crewplaces and 1 Crew, then dock with Soyuz-5 switch 2 crew to Soyuz-4 and return with 3 crew Mission Soyuz-5: Start a Vessel with a Crew of 2 and return with 1 Pilot As you can see, this is impossible to fulfill, if you don't find a kerbal in space somewhere along the way. Btw in the description for the mission it is correct: Soyuz 5 was launched with a crew of three men -- Boris Volynov, Commander, Aleksey Yeliseyev, Flight Engineer, and Yevgeniy Khrunov, Research Engineer.
  10. Yes i have this too, to be precise, the deltaV values in the left bar fluctuate constantly by +/- 1000 m/s And some other problems: When I do "Revert to launch" it very often happens that the base on which the rocket is standing is suddenly crooked. When time-boosting for a rendezvous launch, the rocket starts swaying abnormally (does not happen with the Squad launchclamps) Just a trifle: the crew platforms have no trigger to automatically fold them in at takeoff Unfortunately, all of this prevents me from using the mod more often, even if I enjoy building a nice launch platform, it's no use to me if I can't start properly anymore.
  11. I recently had some problem with this mod, related to DockingcamKURS. The docking cams were all turned 90° to the side. Thanks to @Stone Blue he was able to solve the problem. I created a folder "Patches" in the EDP folder. There then i made a file (KURS_patch.cfg) with with the following content. Now the cameras look ahead.
  12. Hi there, i have the problem that the Dockingcam-KURS integrated in this Mod looking 90° to the side instead of forward. Is there any solution how i can fix that myself?
  13. Nobody said something about 1.19.9 except you Thx for the reply @allista
  14. I also use this mod in KSP 1.12.9 and haven't found any problems so far. Is there a reason why I shouldn't use it for 1.12.9?
  15. the cost multiplier does not work as it should. If you set it to 25% it's more expensive and if you set it to 200% it's cheaper.
  16. These Mod is not longer compatilbe with KSP, it causes weird physic effects in construction mode.
  17. I found the Mod that causes that problem. It's Kerbal Joint Reinforcement.
  18. I have the same issue, we share this mods: B9 Part switch Community Ressource Pack Kerbal Joint Reinforcement NEAR Future Construction + IVA Probs Maybe this helps to figure out something, i will also test ist ;-)
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