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  1. Okay so how do I get the waterfall configs for this? I've seen posts about downloading Stock waterfall effects mod and editing the files, but how do I edit the files? I know you said @benjee10that you aren't making the configs for now, but I was reading a few pages back about you having them up on Github, but I can't find any there Please can I get a definitive answer from someone on where to get them and how to Install them Thanks (Sorry if I came across a bit rude there lol, I didn't mean too )
  2. Wow this is amazing!!! I especially love the insulation around the STME, makes it look more like the SLS RS-25’s - small details like that make a great mod Keep it up!
  3. Fill both slots of a kerbal's inventory with anything other than the EVA pack or parachute. It's a stock thing. I think you need the science backpack and something else that isn’t a parachute or an EVA pack . I tend to use the EMU helmet on my Apollo Suits to get that
  4. Yeah well not everyone can. With the mods I have, my computer won’t load KSP with JNSQ or KSRSS installed. I would use rescale but I’m already months into my save so I don’t want to abandon it.
  5. Thanks very much then. That’s a really cool insight into what is what. I had some idea that they were different, but I didn’t know enough. Thanks
  6. Either in the Saturn Update, or in a later update to supplement it, are you planning on adding C-8 'Nova' parts? We have BDB's M-1 engines in development, and we have the Apollo CSM and the S-II. All that is required is the first stage tanks, a larger third stage tank and a landing stage with legs ( I say 'All we need' because it's to show what we already have, I'm not trying to say modding is easy and making these parts will take half an hour, I'm just pointing out how we have some of the pieces already ) I think the C-8 Nova would be a great addition to BDB!
  7. Really nice! I needed a Way to deliver my LRV to the Mun’s surface, so the other day I made this (Screenshot tax!) I was struggling to make a working crane to lift the LRV off of the LM Truck, so I did quite a Kerbal solution: I strapped Rockets to the Rover, so when the crew arrive, they fly it off of the Truck! I’m Extremely happy how the LRV came out!
  8. That truss port has various part variants that will make it fit with different form factors. You should try them out and see what fits for each situation Cheers Benjee!
  9. By the Way, how do I dock the Trusses and solar panels? Do I clip that small docking port into the truss, or is there another way, because without clipping it, the trusses have a big gap Between them thanks
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