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  1. I have to say, I love these shots! S-IC Separation Transposition and Docking Configured for TVI Flyby! Entry Probe Deployed
  2. Oh yeah definitely. I never said I was giving up on Freedom lol. I just need to relaunch it with the new Saturn Parts, that will either be done tonight or tomorrow, aiming to release it in a day or two. I want to keep up these fast paced missions, I disliked it when I took over a week for a mission
  3. Oh wow this is amazing. I’m glad to see people inspired by mine and others work! I expect great things here
  4. *Sigh* I had Expedition 4 nearly complete, but then this happened... Wait, you think this is a bad thing. Oh no, definitely not - This is Amazing news for Freedom! Just look how awesome this Apollo block III looks- It will be a few days before the next mission though, because I’ve had a busy weekend and I need to completely relaunch the mission (and also Hyperedit a new version of Freedom to orbit - It wasn’t even me upgrading it this time, the Plumes on the RCS broke and they can only be fixed by launching new RCS ) See you all soon then, hopefully I don’t take too long haha
  5. Hey sorry but what Config is giving the HabTech modules a slight metallic shininess?Is it the TUFX, or is it a Config? If it’s a Config, please may I have it - I think it would look really good on Freedom Awesome work guys
  6. Yo Maybe @TruthfulGnomewould like to Relay this message too?
  7. Freedom Expedition 3 August 1989: Between May and July 1989, Freedom has been receiving all the modules it needs to reach its Initial Operational Capacity (IOC), with the docking of Discovery and Columbus providing 2 science laboratories, and the S1 Truss providing the power required to supply them. To achieve IOC, one more launch is required, the Launch of Freedom Expedition 3, to grow the crew to 10 Astronauts. The Crew of the next Expedition is: -CSM - Pilgrim -Commander Jingle Kerman -Pilot EM Kerman -Mission Specialist Adrian Kerman -Mission Specialist Emillius Kerman -Mission Specialist (ESA) Maria Kerman The Main Objectives of Freedom Expedition 3 are to: -Maintain the station in an Operational state. -Host the docking of Node 2 ‘Harmony’ -Outfit the interior and exterior of the new modules with the required hardware -Perform research using the two new laboratories -Achieve IOC upon docking -Stay on the Station for approx 6 months -Return safely August 1989, Pad 39-A, early Evening. T-27s, S-IF Fuelling arm retraction T-8s, Engine Ignition T-0s, Launch Clamp retraction, and Liftoff Roll initiated Passing through the cloud layer Approaching Maximum Aerodynamic stress on the vehicle - Max-Q Approaching S-IF Burnout Stage Separation J-2 Ignition is Nominal LES Jettison Nominal Orbital Insertion SLA Separation, and Pilgrim Transposition Pilgrim closing in for Docking (Note - you’ll see me start to use this Blue coloured Config a lot more, especially in the next mission, but tell me what you think about it, @ballisticfox0 did a great job making it!) Extraction from the S-IVB Pilgrim now coasts for the next couple of days I’m orbit, closing in on Freedom Pilgrim Performing its phasing burns Approximately Freedom Pilgrim lines up once again with Docking Point one, much like the other spacecraft visiting Freedom, however it doesn’t need to do the Flyaround Challenger’s aft Port is directly ahed of it. Camera Views from Freedom: Challenger cam Monochrome camera on SSRMS 01 Colour Camera on SSRMS 01 Closing in... Prepare for Soft APAS capture Captured! Hard Capture Confirmed Freedom has Officially reached Initial Operational Capacity! Thanks For Reading! As of today, the crew for Expedition 5 is: Calvin Kerman Heinrich Kerman DG Kerman There are two seats left, so if you want to join Expedition 5, just say so Have a great day
  8. Oh thanks man! Sorry it kinda spoils it for you I would have Started with Skylab and Spacelab, but the BDB parts were bad at the time, because we have the new ones now. I might think about going back to do Skylab and Spacelab after Freedom. I have a few ideas on what to do after Freedom has finished Assembly, but I’ll talk about that later
  9. Columbus, the European Laboratory. Europe has had a major role in American Spaceflight since the end of the Apollo program. Firstly, wanting to send more than one Astronaut every few missions to Spacelab, the ESA developed the Block III+ mission module, a living space for the crew in orbit, much like on the Soyuz. This allowed crews of 5 to be launched in an Apollo capsule without being extremely cramped. Then, Europe contributed the European Research Module (ERM) to Spacelab, a large module designed to extend the internal volume of Spacelab by a large amount, whilst providing a laboratory for the crew to do experiments and science inside. Finally, NASA asked ESA to join the Freedom project. Under this, they were to construct a module for Space Station Freedom, a new, larger mission module for the Apollo block IV, and a resupply craft, named the Minotaur. The Columbus module is of a similar construction to destiny, however, it has large mounts on its forward bulkhead for large science experiments and research. Columbus is the last module in Phase 1 of Freedom’s construction. Once it’s docked, Freedom will be able to support a crew of 10 Astronauts aboard. This is Freedom’s IOC - Initial Operational Capacity. However Phase 2 Of Freedoms Expansion will add 3 more modules, and two extra solar array segments, extending Freedom to it’s FOC - Full Operational Capacity - of 15 Astronauts. Despite it being a European contribution to Freedom, Columbus is launched on a Saturn M02 from the Cape, as any current European rockets aren’t capable of lifting such a payload. Instead, Columbus was flown to the States and Integrated in the VAB. July 1989; Pad 39-B, Early Evening. The Saturn sits Fuelling on the pad 10...9...8 - Command Engine Start... ...3...2...1, Holddowns released- Liftoff The vehicle is passing through the cloud layer Passing through Max-Q Thrust is Nominal Saturn Enters the Twilight Approaching MECO Stage Separation, confirmed J-2 Ignition Nominal J-2 Performance Sinking back over the horizon SECO on the S-IVB, attitude hold SLA Panel Jettison Separation of Columbus Columbus now coasts for a couple of days In order freedom to catch up with it and dock. Approaching Freedom Columbus now Targets Docking point 02 (DP2), on the opposite side of the station to Docking Point 01 (DP1). Once lined up at DP2, Columbus can preform the flyaround and target Unity’s Portside Docking node. Columbus is lined up and targeting its port - It has to closely fly by the P1 Truss segment, hence the 2nd Axis of rotation has been disabled on both Solar Segments for this docking Soft Capture! ...and, Hard capture! Phase one of Expansion has been completed on Freedom Freedom looks closer to complete than it ever has before! Thanks for Reading everyone! Freedom Expedition 02 will be coming in a day or so. Currently, the mission info is: Spacecraft: “Pilgrim” - Apollo Block IV Commander: Jingle Kerman Pilot: EM Kerman Mission Specialist: Adrian Kerman Mission Specialist: Emillius Kerman Mission Specialist: Maria Kerman (ESA)
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