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  1. Well, thanks, but I didn’t make this. I’m nowhere near good enough lol. It’s a wip visual pack which I’ve been invited to test etc. I would share it if I could, but at the moment I’m not allowed
  2. So I’ve begun to use this new Visual pack, adapted from RSS to use with KSRSS 2.5x, and honestly, KSP has never looked better Yeah, I know. There just isn’t a Degree symbol on a Mobile device I hope you all have a great Christmas!
  3. The return of Expedition 6 As part of Expedition 6’s departure, a fly-around of Freedom is scheduled for photography and mapping of the Station Undocking from the Station, Frontier retreats to 200m away from Freedom, Departure point 01 To initiate the flyaround, Frontier preforms a small burn with its thrusters and begins to stay facing Freedom. Through the Cupola, the crew spots Frontier Frontier has now swung 90* around the station. Another small thruster fire continues its movement from Departure point 2 onwards The flyaround is halfway complete, Frontier has reached Departure point 3 Frontier reaches Departure point 4… …and proceeds to break out of its orbit around freedom, leaving the ‘keep out sphere’ At Departure point 5, Frontier burns to escape the vicinity of Freedom Mission module jettison Deorbit burn SM separation Reentry Drogue chutes deploy at ~20km Main Parachutes deployed Touchdown! Thanks for reading everyone. I won’t wish you Merry Christmas yet as I have a few things to share tomorrow about the last few missions of Freedom. Have a great evening! PS: here’s a sneak peak! New visual pack
  4. Freedom Expedition 8 October 1990 Late October 1990, almost 2 years since the launch of Challenger, Freedom prepares for another crew rotation. Arriving will be CSM Unity, with it's crew: Commander Talv Kerman Pilot Cat Kerman Mission Specialist Kolbie Kerman Mission Specialist Brooklindevil Kerman Mission Specialist YTho kerman It's Early evening, and the M02 finishes it's fuelling ''T-1m, range safety is go, proceed with the count'' ''Ignition sequence start'' ''Liftoff!'' ''Houston, Unity has wings!'' ''T+ 30s, chamber pressure nominal'' ''T+ 50s, trajectory is on target'' ''Commence engine chilldown'' ''Unity, prepare for separation'' Confirmed separation J-2S Ignition T+ 4m, Thrust is go Prepare for Shutdown Successful orbital Insertion SLA separation Confirmed docking to the mission module Extraction confirmed - Unity now will preform it's multiple phasing burns towards Freedom (Loving the new Mission Module btw!) 1st Phasing Burn# 2nd Phasing burn Approaching Freedom 200m 100m 50m Colour images from the SSRMS camera systems 10m Soft capture confirmed Hard capture - Welcome to Freedom, Unity! The Flyaround and Expedition 6's return will be coming later tonight or tomorrow, thanks for reading - it's good to be back!
  5. Right, so I’m Corona free now, I’m on my Christmas break and I’ve finished my important mock exams. I’ll try and post the next Mission tomorrow, and I’m gonna aim to finish Freedom by January. Sorry it’s been so long hehe.
  6. It's been a while since I've used Tantares, but wasn't there a config somewhere that made the diameters on the Soyuz rocket to their correct sizes? There doesn't seem to be an extras folder in the download, so does anyone know where to find this? Thanks
  7. Ah thanks for the concern, but it’s alright. It’s bound to happen at some point. I think I just need to get on with it and try and stay positive (as in happy lol)
  8. Hi everyone, it’s been a while lol. After I posted the last mission, I did another and was gonna publish it, but I held off for a few days because I was exhausted and I’ve had mock exams to revise heavily for. Then ksp stopped loading for like a week and I couldn’t do anything. And I’ve ordered my new computer, which will arrive in about 6 days. Them it all changed as yesterday I tested positive for Corona. So basically while I’m at home, I’m gonna try and work on Freedom as much as I can, as we are so close to finishing, so I’m hoping to post the last few maybe every few days. Sorry for the long wait lol PS: if I have time, I might post Expedition 8 today or tomorrow
  9. P-2 Outboard Truss segment August 1990 Virtually a full year after Freedom reached Initial Operational Capacity, and major expansions ceased, Freedom is preparing again to expand to its Full Operational Capacity (FOC). In order to do this, an Expansion to the solar arrays are required to support the extra modules and any future expansions. It was planned from the start for the truss to be assembled over 4 flights: The two inner segments with the main truss body and the first set of solar arrays, and the two outer segments, with only a small truss and the second set of arrays. Being a lighter payload compared to the P1 and S1 segments, the P2 segment only requires a Saturn M02 for flight, however if requires an extended fairing instead of a cargo SLA due to the length of the segment plus it’s AADRVark bus. The M02 prepares for launch at early dawn - the sky is murky with a dull morning light Engine Ignition Liftoff and Tower Cleared Engine Performance Nominal, proceed with pitch program T+ 30 seconds, the Saturn is approaching Max-Q, and it is gradually being exposed into the daylight. T+175s, Vehicle had passed Max-Q Initiate J-2S Chilldown S-1F burnout, commence shutdown Stage Separation Successful J-2S ignition Prepare for PLF separation Fairing Separation confirmed Thrust is go at T+5m P2 communications have been received by TDRS Prepare for Burnout - T+6.5 minutes Engine shutdown…prepare for payload jettison The P2 outboard truss now prepares for its journey to Freedom. It must perform multiple phasing burns as part of its Hohmann transfer to the Station Burn 1 - Apogee raise Burn 2 - Perigee Raise P2 is now fully Planar with Freedom, and is only a few Km away. After preforming it’s approach burns, the P2 Truss prepares to meet Freedom. Only about 3km away, Freedom locks it’s Arrays Secondary axis so they don’t follow the Sun, and possibly cause damage during docking …hello there! As the P2 Truss approaches Freedom, it lines itself up with Docking point 1, directly ahed of the Fore port on Harmony… P2 now parks itself ~150m from Freedom, and it proceeds to gradually manoeuvre itself to face the port attachment system on the end on P1 It now begins the Approach Very close now, moving at >1m/s Truss Capture, and after a quick inspection over 2 orbits, the AARDVark backs away Now backed away from Freedom, the AARDVark prepares for disposal Deorbit Burn Reentry After Multiple EVA’s to attach wires, secure connections and check the integrity of the arrays, it’s finally time to deploy them. Once again, the right side is locked, but the left isn’t Confirmed Extension Successful rotation and Orientation Freedom - August 1990 - 2 years after launch
  10. Hey! The next mission should be coming tomorrow. It’s been ready for a few days, but I’ve been prioritising things like sleep instead of writing it Also posts may be a bit more periodic until mid December because I have mock exams to revise and prepare for, and that’s where most of my time is going. I’m hoping to do at least one a week, I think that fits good for me.
  11. Expedition 5’s return to Earth 4 days after the docking of Expedition 7, the crew of Expedition 5 make their way aboard their CSM, Nova, and prepare to depart to earth. Confirmed Undocking Retreat completed, prepare for attitude change After a two day coast, Kuiper Kerman is scheduled to perform a CSM EVA to inspect the heat tiles to make sure they are in a condition not to damage Nova during reentry. However, to do this, everyone but the Pilot Calvin Kerman, must move into the Mission module and suit up in case of depressurisation. On the other hand, Kuiper and Calvin Kerman must suit up for a full EVA in their A9 suits, with Nova staying open to the vacuum of space for the duration of the EVA. Commander Kuiper Kerman exits the hatch The Silica tiles are intact and in good shape, the crew can prepare to deorbit. Confirmed Mission module separation Nova prepares to deorbit SPS ignition Nominal Nova Proceeds to Orient itself for SM jettison Clean Separation Nova begins to scrape the atmosphere Live telemetry from the SM and it’s sensors seem to show the Tiles withstanding heat. Despite what the Telemetry showed, there was a weakness in a few tiles resulting in large cracks down the centre. The reduced heat protection led to it succumbing to reentry faster than expected Meanwhile, Nova’s heat shield protects it perfectly from the atmospheric plasma building up on it Prepare for Drogue deployment Drogues confirmed Drogues fully drawn, standby for mains Confirmed main chute deployment https://i.imgur.com/5sFQWJP.png Mains fully drawn Confirmed Touchdown Welcome home Nova! Thanks for reading everyone. I’m looking for more crew members for Expeditions 8-11, so if you haven’t signed up yet, be sure to and have your custom kerbal sent to Freedom!
  12. Freedom Expedition 7 July 1990 (Note: This mission was made a few days ago, so it doesn’t have the new mission modules and the new Freedom, but the next one will.) 3 Months after the Arrival of Expedition 6, the crew of Expedition 5 are ready to leave the Station. With it, they will bring back valuable experiments and research done on the Crews 6 month stay, but it will also allow the HRSI tiles mounted on the service module to be tested as it Reenters. Before this happens though, Expedition 7’s CSM , Liberation, is readied on the pad along with its M02 booster to prepare for its launch to Space Station Freedom. The Crew of Expedition 7 consists of: -Commander Springsteen Kerman -CSM Pilot Onion Kerman -Mission Specialist Steven Kerman (ESA) -Mission Specialist Borb Kerman -Mission Specialist Zere Kerman The mission objectives of Expedition 7 are much more interesting since Freedom reached Initial Operational capacity Almost a year before as the construction of Freedom is to now continue, Starting with the docking of the P2 Truss segment the next month, and the Centrifuge gravity Lab, later in the year. “Liberation, we have confirmed crew service arm retraction, Comms check, over” “Houston, this is Liberation, Over, we hear you loud and clear” T- 67s, initiate F-1A Chilldown sequence “Engine Ignition…Hold-downs released, We have a liftoff” Tower Cleared! “Confirmed roll program…engine output nominal” “Approaching F-1A throttle regime” “Liberation, this is Houston, approaching Max-Q” “70 seconds until core burnout” “50 Seconds, Initiate J-2S Chilldown sequence” “25 seconds, begin G-limiting” Confirmed Stage Separation J-2S Ignition “LES jettison confirmed, burn is nominal” “Liberation, S-IVB burn is nominal so far, switch to Abort mode D” “160 seconds remaining until burnout” “55 seconds remaining” “Confirmed Orbital Insertion, begin engine shutdown sequence” “SLA Separation” Liberation beings Transposition and docking to the mission module Docking confirmed Liberation then Extracts it’s mission module Liberation proceeds to gradually phase its orbit in order to rendezvous with Freedom 2 days later. Approaching Freedom… Liberation targets Harmony’s Zenith docking node, and approaches from above Liberation cruses at less than 1m/s for its final Approach CADS soft attachment confirmed…prepare to retract the active docking ring… Hard Capture Confirmed…Welcome to Freedom Expedition 7! Thanks for reading everyone, I’ll post Expedition 5’s return some time tomorrow, because it’s currently nearly 1am and I’m really tied lol
  13. Yeah exactly. Zorg Just released the CADS yesterday too, and Freedom had been updated to reduce the parts again and to convert all the ports to CADS
  14. Freedom Expedition 6 April 1990 It's crew rotation time again, a common trend here on Freedom, with two cycles of crew's each spending 6 months on the Station. This time, It's Expedition 4's turn to return to Earth, with Expedition 6 replacing it on the Station. Block IV CSM Frontier Sits atop it's Saturn M02 booster, awaiting launch in a few hours The Crew of Expedition 6 consists of: -Commander Cobalt Kerman -CSM Pilot Rhode Kerman -Mission Specialist Toast Kerman -Mission Specialist Joseph Kerman -Mission Specialist DG Kerman (ESA) Toast Kerman also plays an Important part in the Future of Freedom, as he is one of the Engineers trained to ready the P1 Truss for the docking of the next section, the P2 Truss. Launch Complex 39A, Late afternoon Fuelling Finishes on the Saturn, and the crew are readied to board Frontier. Also hitching a ride on this launch are two old Apollo Lunar Subsatellites, retrofitted to monitor earth's magnetic field. Crew arm retraction F1-A Ignition and Launch Commit Liftoff! Roll program Initiated on the Vehicle Approaching Max-Q, Initiate F1-A throttle program ''Frontier, you are go with Throttle up'' Approaching Burnout, begin Throttledown, Initiate J-2S Chilldown Prepare for Staging Confirmed S-IVB Separation LES Jettison J-2S Thrust is Nominal Frontier, you are looking good at 3 Minutes In, Thrust is go. Prepare for Cutoff Nominal Orbital Insertion SLA Jettison Frontier, you are go for docking Confirmed Capture - The Stack now cruises until they reach the light side of Earth as the crew has to verify Subsatellite deployment Extraction Confirmed S-IVB rotating to deployment position Deployment #1 Frontier Retreats from the Booster After a 2 day coast, It begins It's final Approach to Freedom Frontier begins the Flyaround Final Approach and Soft Capture Hard Capture Confirmed - Welcome to Freedom! Expedition 4's Return to earth The Crew aboard Ares depart Freedom after their 6 month stay at the Station After a short Coast away From Freedom, Ares prepares to deorbit Mission Module Pyrotechnic separation Approaching Reentry, Ares prepares its attitude for SM Jettison Confirmed SM Jettison Unfortunately... ...During Reentry, Ares had a major tumble, setting it off course for it's landing site The only option left was an emergency water landing, something Apollo block III and onwards were engineered not to do Drogue deploy Main chutes have been pulled Approaching Splashdown Contact Thanks for reading!!
  15. Sorry for the large break from Missions everyone - I think I just needed some time off from Freedom. I’m back now, and we are gonna finish it soon. Freedom Expedition 6 is coming later today…
  16. Okay, let me answer question 2 first. In actual ETS, the S0 truss was on the top of Challenger anyway. When I started this recreation, I wasn’t very good and cut corners. The bad truss I was using at the time didn’t fit, so I stuck it on the top. The truss I use now would have fit horizontally like in ETS Then about the Kibo Exposed Facility. It fits in the fairing of an M02. It’s that simple lol
  17. Here's a few bits I've done over the last couple of days... Saturn 1D Launch Skirt Recovery Saturn-Atlas-Centaur We do a little trolling
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