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  1. Because this Mod acts as a sort of a visual mod, do we remove all other visual mods eg: EVE, Spectra, ect...
  2. So does it always take time to build Vessels, Or is that only With KCT. I Appreciate that Mod, But I Enjoy just being able to launch a Rocket ( Or Send it to the Launch Pad At Least ) With No Strings Attached, like Having to Timewarp to a Certain in game day just to launch My Rocket KCT Complaining aside, Great Mod! I Plan to use it soon in a JNSQ, Science Mode with Unkerballed Start and A Bunch of other Mods
  3. Also, with The Blue Moon Update, Would You Consider Adding Parts For The ILV as the Only other Mod with an ILV is EBD, and the Models aren’t the best, combined with the fact that it requires RO. I would Be Extremely Grateful if You even considered Adding it. Thanks
  4. Is there any way to get the Apollo Suits standalone, as my computer really can’t handle all the parts mods, so I’ve had to delete many, including BDB unfortunately , but I Still want to keep the Suits.
  5. Love The new Schirra - Wally Schirra Very Smart and Extremely Funny Also Great Mod lol
  6. I think I realised what I’ve done wrong. ive Completed the tech tree but I remember this page saying they are on custom nodes i obviously haven’t unlocked those nodes thanks and sorry for wasting your time lol
  7. Ok thanks. I had tried to do it myself, but it didn’t end up working. thanks so much
  8. On those images, how did you get the white Fairings for the 5.6ish Diameter Parts? all Mine Come out a Weird Gray Ive Probably done something wrong as I ‘Pruned’ The BDB parts so I Only have about half ish the Parts. however, someone help me please
  9. Sorry I Didn’t specify. it’s A Science mode with the full tech tree unlocked I’ve also had this problem before, a few weeks ago, when I Installed this mod, so I’m sure reinstalling it won’t help
  10. Why are most of the launch pads missing? must be a bug because they are there in files, but the only categories filled in the stock category thingy are general launch plates and general umbilicals pls help I’m so confused lol
  11. Woah - I had no idea - even tho that’s Shuttle C, man That’s so good I love Shuttle C. As Bob Ross Says, “ Happy Accidents” thanks Man
  12. Would You consider Making A Part Switch / a New set of pieces for the Block II Orbiter. I know Cormorant Aeronology has a Block II Orbiter, but I Think a SOCK Block II would be Really Cool!
  13. I tried this pre 1.11, but is it compatible as the last time I tried it, it caused scatterer to delete all oceans
  14. How Exactly do you install the SSTU IVA for Orion. I have Textures Unlimited, and I put the file that people linked in my game data but it hasn’t worked. I heard people say about writing a module manager patch I think, but I have legitimately no clue how to do that. It would be an Enormous help if someone told me exactly how to do it and if there is a patch needed, be able to write one. I know it’s asking a lot so I’m Sorry. Thanks
  15. Does it specifically need BDB eg: it won’t work without it, or is it that BDB just provides a part because Redirect has an RL-10 equivalent engine? Anyway, Great Mod, I was looking To Make an SLS Block 1B so thanks So much!
  16. Hi I found out what the floating runway was. it was a combination of the runway from TSC and the KSC Runways Taxiways that had glitched Behind the Space Centre. thanks for Your help and Patience
  17. No Problem Then! I understand that they work with each other in a specific way so that’s fine by me thanks again PS - sorry for responding so Late
  18. Hi Again I have The Pictures here now. However, I'm new to the KSP forum and I cant figure out how to attach images from my PC I Can't see attach File And Copy/Paste doesn't work, but it could be that I'm still not past the 5 Post Approval Thing, if so I only Need One More After This So I can Just Say Ok or Something. From what I can See, I can Only Insert Images From A URL. I'm Extremely Sorry, but I need a Bit of help here Finding how to Insert an Image
  19. I’m sure this has likely been asked before, but I can’t find it if it has, but what causes the floating runway behind the yellow ‘stadium lights’ at the end of the ksp peninsula. if you have never seen this before , I can take a screenshot of it. please let me know if you have or haven’t any idea or what the fix is cheers!
  20. Wow - I love This Mod so Much, definitely a Keeper! However I Would love to see support For Redirect as their SRBs are Correctly Sized for The STS and the Look Hella Cool Keep up the Good work!
  21. Do You Have A Delta V Map for This mod? (BTW this thing looks Incredible)
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