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  1. Absolutely Incredible! do you have a dev thread for it, and Whalen are you planning on release (I know times are subject to change, but where around abouts are you aiming for its release) Looking forward to it!
  2. You need to go into the KK Menu and place down the pad
  3. Is there any reason why the Delta II and Delta I core Parts aren’t Appearing? I Have Delta IV, DCSS, the Delta III adaptor, and the Delta P/K parts, but no delta I core or Delta II Parts They don’t even appear in the R&D building!
  4. Wow! Just tried these Engines today, I was amazed. They look incredible and they mesh extremely well with stock/restock and other mods The effort put in is plain to see! Keep it up
  5. Sorry, but where is the development branch/download? (I’m quite incompetent)
  6. Sorry, but what do the different resolutions of textures mean (I’m really not a computer person ) and what Graphics card / other things are recommended for each level?
  7. Hermin Kerman, found him in the Astronaut Complex Also Rovey Kerman, who was fittingly and engineer lmao
  8. Would you ever consider making sounds when the engines turn on, instead of the standard KSP staging sound?
  9. Will all this spinning when loaded, unloaded and through time warp slow down my game?
  10. I’m not much of a KSP plane pilot myself, but would you recommend FAR for the Average rocket builder who sometimes makes spaceplanes, or do you believe it’s only useful for full time KSP pilots?
  11. What is the Standard Colouration for the Vulcan main tank, and how do you install the extras, it says nothing about it in the readme?
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