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  1. nooo! not jeb! thanks for the warm welcome everyone
  2. just basic building blocks to do basic building block things
  3. saw a post about one on youtube, just curious if anyone had possible plans to build one or a tutorial, id ask for the craft file but i like to build so id rather build one!
  4. as most of you should know by now, yesterday SN9 completed its raptor static fire test, looked a LOT better then sn8's
  5. maybe if one day we can get cubes and or blocks in KSP i might be able to build a RBMK-1000 graphite moderated water cooled reactor and load it onto a falcon heavy and send it into a low earth orbit
  6. i am a big time science freak, anything science related will instantly capture my attention, my 2 current topics im studying is atomic/reactor physics and astronomy
  7. looking forward to the release of ksp 2, i can not say enough that from JUST looking at the trailer for the game looks REALLY good, took my breath away, keep up the good work and hope to see some of you in multiplayer!!
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