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  1. Mine version is 1.11 and i have kopernicus BleedingEdge 1.11.0 Also i think I'll have to downgrade because i think that's where the problem is laying on
  2. I noticed that the RSS mod is very unstable and buggy, my Earth has strange light blue color in oceans near the lands and the planet itself is very low quality. My spacecraft always moves with the f&*#$!* CLAMPS and WOBBLES! Also in RSS i just timewarped , around 278 years has passed and it's still nighttime all the time. The sun is not even bright by itself and all colors of the planets seem to be overbrightened (distorted). Phew, that was a huge list of problems, man! Please, i need some help fast!
  3. Okay, looks like it does something, but effects? Nah, effects doesn't change FPS for me at all and i don't have shadows enabled. Thank you. Waiting for further replies too!
  4. For example when i try to perform a powered landing on Kerbin, i get so much stutter that the landing fails mostly of the time, i need help. I don't have any graphics mods.
  5. I just completed the challenge, but with a bit of spice btw. The orbit values were 4x increased than the planned. I landed perfectly on the runway. What to do now if I completed it? <------ Also i love this Maneuver vector (so beautiful).
  6. No that doesn't help. It's strange, because when i turn my terrain setting lower it's even more laggy lol. On higher settings performance increases. Somehow. I don't have any graphics mods, thus my settings are acting strange. For some reason lower settings = Bad performance. However high settings = Perfect performance. On the other hand setting the settings lower makes the lag even worse tbh No, my PC specifications are good. I don't have graphics mods and almost all of my mods just doesn't want to work. In older KSP versions this problem didn't exist, now it does. I heard theorie
  7. Very intelligent idea. I'm doing this now!
  8. Yes, but only one time, and i didn't have cargo, thus my landing gear broke when i landed, so i decided to do the challenge properly
  9. I want to totally break the game with Kraken, and have fun. Recently on career mode i randomly launched a mini spacecraft into sub-orbit and made Jebediah go EVA, time-warped at 2x , did some messing around, then got back in, fired the engine at very, very low throttle and shut it down then i was available to set time-warp to the highest point (dunno why), i did it at fastest mode and immediately seperated to the last stage, then the pod just glitched out through kerbin at mach 7 and going at 70,000 m/s got through the whole Kerbol system and floated in the nowhere forever. Couldn't do anythin
  10. This problem does not occur on other celestial bodies, but only on kerbin. The problem is that when i look down at kerbin the framerate is like around 10-16 FPS and when i look up in the space i have around 40-52 FPS. Laggy as hell. Also i have latest drivers n stuff, so let's not talk about specs. In older versions it didn't happen, but now it's laggy as hell. I need some support, that's driving me nuts though.
  11. My graphics has the latest drivers and everything. Also another issue: When i look down while orbiting only at kerbin the framerate is like 11-46 FPS and when i look up in the space the framerate is some good 45-52 FPS lol Thus, the problems are solved with these two but i have another problem which will be posted on a new forum thread. (SOLVED)
  12. Yes, right. This is challenging me because the Dynawing has low amounts of fuel and is slightly unreliable, because the external tank weights too much. I trained re-entry and landing on scenarios and i know how am i going to do it. For now i am orbiting around Kerbin
  13. No, i don't use keyboard combinations. I have the standalone version because Steam is a bit of pain in the ass when it comes to loading times. It just comes randomly, thus i have another problem that may help solving this one. The other problem: The game just randomly freezes graphics entirely and there is nothing you can do about it, but the sound is still going and keyboard works. In 1.10 though, the game ran perfeclty fine. I guess that SQUAD did not put very much time in debugging. Also when i try to set the game's folder to "Read/Write" it automatically goes back to "Read Only"
  14. In older versions the game was running perfectly but when 1.11 came out the stuff began to happen
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