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  1. Banned for banning for not saying kerbal
  2. Yes, I was so used to the older layout and now alot of functions and things are missing or broken, it's basically unacceptable
  3. banned for banning for masking JB182 with K123
  4. Banned for having irritating 12,899 member reputation. When it will reach 13,000 unban will happen automagically.
  5. I have a different type of question here: How are you not already dead when there is so much mental load on you. Wouldn't it be difficult to moderate the forums almost every single day? I couldn't take this, how do you even. Just tell me your secrets how are you not dead from this much moderating. Or is it a relaxing job? (I don't think so).
  6. This update broke so much, why did they even have to do that when everyone wwas already satisfied with their experience?
  7. Why did depression get stuck in my head. Why do 95% of the games that I like have depressing music, can someone answer?
  8. Where did the "Levels" of users go? (I forgot how they're called). Where did scrollable signatures go? Why does the forums seem buggy with this update? It just doesn't seem right. I know that for most of you this may be a minor issue, but for me... Oh boy. That hurts. With this design update some of the fun of the forums has gone away. I was just used to the older version. I don't know how about you guys, is this liquiding you off too? Why did they even have to do that, it was okay. Kinda like mobile version of YouTube, if you know what I mean.
  9. Where is your banana ninja, I liked that more than this oversaturated banana image. I think that I have missed alot in 2 months of inactivity
  10. Yes, but it felt sooo long, so I made a comeback
  11. Agree, a great idea. I think that Waterfall needs a whole revolution. Going from simply better looking rocket nozzle exhaust to the ideas of expanding it to make better visual effects overall (Using cones. Obviously. There's nothing better than cones).
  12. When is this thing getting a 1.12 update? Seeing the '[1.11.x]' on the thread's name makes me question my existence lol.
  13. read my older post. It's supposed to be "back". I am back to the game
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