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  1. Banned for missing a 'T' in 'BTF2'
  2. banned for daring to engage in a ban war with me
  3. Banned for numbers that still make no sense to me other than the 2022 at the end
  4. banned for possibly knowing about every single thing in this world
  5. I hope there won't be an epic embed fail this time and I hope that this video isn't banned in any of your countries
  6. Paint busted cat casserole clear for thex heat magic waffle simulator. Often fault chrome towers with literation cacti
  7. Why are there accounts that once were moderators but now they are just simple users, what happened? Did they violate the rules? Or is that due to inactivity?
  8. My Personal Opinion: I actually hate the function to change your username on the forums, some people just become completely unrecognizable for me and it's just painful to find out who is who. Maybe @ShuttlePilot?
  9. Pint based cat casserole clear for thex heat magiot waffle simulator. Often tall chrome towers with literation cacti
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