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  1. Hey, everyone! I would like you to participate in this NASA mission replica challenge. The MER (Mars Exploration Rover) Mission had two rover launches with the Boeing Delta II rockets which carried the MER-A (Spirit) and MER-B (Opportunity) rovers to Mars. Then they landed and began their journey on the surface of the red planet. You can find more info about this mission on Google. Rules: No cheats are allowed during this mission Send BOTH rovers to Duna Physics altering mods are not allowed Good luck trying to recreate this mission! Duna or bust.
  2. So, I'd just better do it manually than letting moderators leave their footprints on this thread. But how? Or it's unchangeable?
  3. Who told you that? It should be in KSP2, but not in the original, sorry. This update will bring Eeloo revamp and other stuffs with bugfixes (obviously)
  4. You got the point, but you see, I did not mean that they are purely plants. I said that they are definately plant-alike beings. They're animals and plants in one. If they wouldn't have the animal, then they couldn't have eyes, mouth, legs, reproductive organs, arms, hair. They would just be plants. But I like that you always get the point and explain these things.
  5. Why though, specify the reason? I'm not asking purely for .craft files. I mainly want some nice images from some nice missions for some nice positive emotions. I enjoy looking at other spacecraft. So nice to drink some coffee at 7AM and watch your awesome creations guys. We seriously need more posts right there! Come on people, post your missions with shuttles.
  6. Very true and simple explanations. Even if Kerbals doesn't have nose, they breathe with their skin. Because I'm pretty sure they're plant-alike beings.
  7. Welcome to the forums @Kerbaltastic! Are you sure that you did it right? Make sure, that you've got the following dependencies: ModuleManager, Kopernicus (Are you sure you got the right release for your version of KSP). Check If your directory looks LIKE THIS: Kerbal Space Program/GameData/YourMod; Not like this: Kerbal Space Program/GameData/GameData/YourMod If this doesn't solve your issue, then please give us more information and include your MM and KOPERNICUS logs.
  8. Hey russian. Yes this is true, they also should have taller bodies with smaller space helmets. They would look like humans then.
  9. R.I.P Shuttle SSP Mod. I really want this one though
  10. Spoiler

    What? I didn't add this. How do I delete this? Duh...


    1. ColdJ


      Sorry but I don't understand? What is this in reference to?

    2. ShuttlePilot


      I accidentally wrote a topoic here, and also added a spoiler (even more accidentally).

  11. Yes, my PC is now screaming like a jet engine and I'm cooking eggs with it, wonderful.
  12. Yes, but it's not neccessary to post every little bug fix. Just update it and that's it, you don't need to post about it. I understand if you post about a big update, but I can live without these.
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