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  1. 10/10 i don't deserve 10/10 as I seem to be inactive
  2. Can I have my name changed to ShuttlePilot ? D o i t .
  3. I installed all compatible 1.12 RSS/RO mods with the required dependencies through CKAN, and whenever I launch the game, it just has a black screen with the KSP mouse cursor and that's it, it never loads, nothing updates on the screen. May I get some help? By the way the log doesn't even get to say anything at all, there's nothing strange in the log at all, actually. Maybe it doesn't even get to update? Anyway, maybe somebody has the same issue?
  4. What if a user intentonally annoys a moderator, what are the consequences?
  5. Banned for getting that song stuck in my mind for the rest of the day
  6. banned for having the default profile picture
  7. This actually scares me... 46 hours of extremely unstable loading. ModuleManager: NaN patches applied...
  8. I think that KSP2 will have a lot of procedural stuff implemented, for example fuel tanks, aerodynamic surfaces, etc. I don't know about shrouds, but my solution for now is simple. I basically remove the shroud and install a fairing under the lower stage's separator to cover the engine(s) and then I basically make it stage so it ejects with the spent stage. Not only is it a better way, it also looks better when you configure the fairing properly, separates kinda like a real stage of a spacecraft.
  9. I have never experienced any fatal errors when playing my RSS/RO install which is about 46GB in size, I wonder what would happen if you would install more than 100GB of mods into the GameData directory. I wish I could try it but my PC is already dying from old age and it doesn't have much space, I'm saving up for a new one. So, has anyone ever had so many mods to the point of the game crashing immediately or not even starting at all? Or maybe some of you had some mods that alter the physics and suddenly you woke up the 'kraken'? I'd like to hear some stories, but first I have a question if anybody knows. Is there a technical limit on how many mods you can have at once? Or if not, then I am definitely going to try to sacrifice my current computer for the sake of science after I'm gonna have my new one!
  10. banned for confusion btw i'm taking away your steam account
  11. Change your post name to: Land on Jool... (No, that's not possible)
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