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  1. Release Date reveal around Christmas would be great. (let me dream)
  2. There are 12 Points above. If they stand for month's, what could mean the second line...
  3. So, I don't think they show us the best and most curious celestial bodies. It's cooler to see them ingame (hopefully soon). ^^
  4. Honestly I think it was finished some weeks before and it was just shown, because it was just something small to show.
  5. If a alpha/beta would be released soon, with for example only the Kerbin System... I would buy immediately. XD
  6. A pre-order Beta for those, who can't wait and are willing to play only in Kerbin System first, could be a good consent.
  7. Hmm... maybe for water extractors, food facilities, cooling/heating, oxygen generators, fuel facilities and several experiments?
  8. What if time warp will only count for the system in which you enable it? Within one system the time difference of your friend, will not be so high. If you travel interstellar, time warp could only count for the ship, which is in interstellar area. (A special gadget, which manipulate time on ship, could be an explanation).
  9. Maybe you are only able to interact (and damage) with other vehicles, if the owner invites you to a group. Otherwise they are untouchable. I'm sure, the developers have a good solution.
  10. Just waiting for open or pre-order Beta announcement... Hype!
  11. Especially life support is very important for me. I will use mods for this but if their implemented as optional settings, I wouldn't complain. ^^ So for other stuff also as optional settings it would be fine.
  12. In my opinion, if you say in vab "burn retrograde at 400 km at 100% for 20 seconds (or for 1000 delta v)" and this is just wrong, you have to rebuild your whole vessel.
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