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  1. Why this called the hype rocket?
  2. Oh looks cool... (Sees the amount of MB's) Oh god. (will come back an edit after i use mod and see if it crash me game)
  3. Ksp 1.11 is here so update so tat the new 5 port rcs variants work
  4. Hi so today i saw a mod that prevents vessel unloading but it it like dead and you cant download it so i was wondering, could anybody make a mod for this?
  5. hey @Gameslinx i asked a question about after kerbin but no response so, can you tell me, is OPM compatabile with after kerbin.
  6. no like it always happens dspite correct staging. Also it is not a mod bug but i have a modded game. I know it not mod as i have seen this in stock. thanks but not work
  7. compatible with OPM? thinking bout download but i have OPM
  8. ok my addons are all up to date and there are installed correctly. getting a screenshot right now. (reproduction steps: build any craft and launch with full tanks. It will say 0 dv but i can use engines
  9. Hi for some reason, the vessel has full tanks but the game says i have 0 delta v
  10. the imput lock does not work sometimes, one way to know if it has struck is to see if rcs is firing but producing no thrust.
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