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  1. If you check the roadmap @damonvv is busy with many other great things so you shouldn’t request much we already have lunar starship in the works give it time ok?
  2. Well technically you only need to do one star but all the planets and moons in that star system not the whole system but hey you can do all 3 stars if you desire
  3. Parallax is stock now @Gameslinx! Anyways @Nate Simpsonwhat about other planets will you show and tell them as well? Because parallax looks like that and parallax is now stock in ksp2 lol (at least I looks like it) The search the forums for news that is REAL TIME relevant not a few days ago
  5. I actually just realized that I thought 2021 starship meant lunar starship but it was the new cargo starship version. LUNAR STARSHIP IS ACTUALLY ON ROADMAP AS WELL PARTY TIME
  6. The FTL drive rule is good but this is a grand tour so rlly landing on each planet in the star system is already a challenge to get there so making a colony whould be too hard (read this): Anyways I will be adding rule 4 thanks!
  7. @StarCrusher96 I made an unofficial challenge for this mod please feel free to make this an official challenge with badges: https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/201768-galaxies-unbound-a-stellar-oddessy-grand-tour-challenge-unoffical/&tab=comments#comment-3955684
  8. The goal of the challenge: Go to any star system in GU and land on all planets (including there moons, choose which system wisely!) there. Refueling is allowed ONLY in the star system you are exploring! Mods are allowed and you MUST have GU to enter. There's no prize as this is unofficial but you may do for the fun of it. RULES: Number 1: Ignore max temperature is the only cheat that is allowed! Number 2: GU Home Switch is not allowed as it puts you in the star system. You are also not allowed to use GodParts Mod and no editing configs! This is considered cheating and results in your submissi
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