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  1. Woah, the updates that have happened are insane! this is even better now, i must have all times
  2. did you make the performance better cuz the old was laggy like hElL
  3. So it looks like stellaris knows about kerbal: I swear I didnt rename the star and planets it actually spawn this way.
  4. Yes finally. The only thing I want to say is, WHY IS EVERYBODY HAVE NO BUGS, NO LAG, AND SUCH BRTTER GRAPHICS THAN ME!?
  5. I have had the loading part upgrades issue many times and solved it but now it happened again but this time I cant find which mod is causing the issue so should o just remove AVC entirely to cure the problem? I checked my logs already and nothing is useful: it looks like a normal loading except stoping and nit writing to the log any more.
  6. That’s makes sense why one time only. Anyways thanks for the name change
  7. Why change username once per person? Can my username be changed to Terminal Velocity
  8. Why not make it so that ksp2 detects your hardware and sees if it’s capable of the full game or a scaled down game so that everybody can enjoy the game even those with extremely powerful computers and can enjoy the full game instead of targeting the 1M> ksp players on console.
  9. 1.12.2 should have the ground anchors and lots of bugfixes so when will it happen. I want the ground anchors (And fixed bugs) so yea. When's it planned moderators? (Sorry I wrote this post poorly I just lazy to write correct today.)
  10. ive had this too. Its just a glitch you need to endure. this is why ground anchors are comeing
  11. I was thinking the same thing about a mod for this craft. There is a good stock replica on KerbalX but its over 300 parts so its not practical.
  12. just download mechjeb DEV version from CKAN it is for 1.12.1. Note you will have to do some setting tinkering to get mechjeb dev release pop up.
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