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  1. Right now I need a engine that gives out 250kn, radially attached, modded engine, for my shuttle.
  2. what i mean, putting 3 satellites, the connection might fail. putting 1000 satellites, how could they fail?
  3. practice, but now i am on, i want a good mun landing spot
  4. i think it is a actual bug, or maybe there is a decoupler or a heat shield or whatever between it that doesn't allow fuel crossfeed, and also did you hold alt+right click when clicking on the 2 modules?
  5. ? i mean isn't it cool? isn't it a practice as i am ready to land a unmanned mun base? i mean where is the best landing spot?
  6. no science but i do have data so i can turn that into science in a mobile processing lab
  7. my plan is to have 1000 satellites, then I get a lot of data from every one of them then give it to a large science lab, also isn’t it cool to have 1000 satellites? and the input is from those satellites
  8. because i wanted to transport a lot of data to science labs my goal was actually 1000
  9. plus i wanted to mod the pollux booster but i cannot find the file
  10. The main reason why I wanted to make this shuttle is not only to ship a lot of those sats and being efficent, but also bring a lot of tourists to orbit the crewed one is here https://kerbalx.com/Anonymous49/Explorer-1A, it could bring 13 kerbals into lko
  11. my satellite https://kerbalx.com/Anonymous49/Cubesat-2 my shuttle https://kerbalx.com/Anonymous49/Explorer-1B
  12. 20 satellites each contain 2 relay antenna, a okto, 2 presmat barometer, 4 z-100, 2 retractable solarpanels if i cannot use Explorer 1b, any other rocket, can fit 20 of my satellite, cheaper than 200k, orbital
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