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  1. made it shorter, still flipped...
  2. SPH didn't I say it? still not working, looks like a bone now not working still
  3. i had a small mk2 spaceplane ready in the SPH. I wanna fly it. Into orbit. I've flew quite a number of planes (2 to be exact). One of them is the 4 engine commercial jet and the other is a failed single juno powered plane. While as I wanted to continue to push this forward, I unleashed the new jet plane - The Fighter 1 SSTO. The 4 panther engine and 2 swivels give a good amount of thrust, After reaching 100m/s I took off but then many drag came from the front according to the aerodynamic forces thingy (F12). There was a ton of drag at the back but basically nothing that gives drag in the
  4. Uh I don't think this is a tutorial. This is the windows thingy not ksp. Think you should put it as a WINDOWS tutorial not a KSP tutorial
  5. i was just asking... i used a question mark, didn't I???
  6. yeah To match the delta v map. 80x80km orbit is LKO and 14x14km is the Mun's low orbit I forgot to include craft manager so maybe after I launch this test with the science lab. I need to close ksp
  7. Remember to read this first! We finished like everything in kerbin that gives science, except for things like visiting the poles or landing on badlands which is super hard and unefficient. Lets do something fun! Why not? Exploration. Download this craft. Put Jeb as pilot, Bob as scientist, Bill as engineer. Bill is relatively optional but WE NEED XP!!!! FOR EVA CONSTRUCTION!!!! Anyways, launch it into a 80x80km orbit like normal. Rotate the screen so the mun its in 3 o' clock, moving anti-clockwise At 6 o' clock, set up a maneuver node, the PE should b
  8. uh... I cannot youtube, so sorry, i cannot take this help
  9. that happens if you have a too small twr. Don't use rhinos use a bigger engine like the mammoth. or if not the mastodon engine
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