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  1. SPH didn't I say it? still not working, looks like a bone now not working still
  2. i had a small mk2 spaceplane ready in the SPH. I wanna fly it. Into orbit. I've flew quite a number of planes (2 to be exact). One of them is the 4 engine commercial jet and the other is a failed single juno powered plane. While as I wanted to continue to push this forward, I unleashed the new jet plane - The Fighter 1 SSTO. The 4 panther engine and 2 swivels give a good amount of thrust, After reaching 100m/s I took off but then many drag came from the front according to the aerodynamic forces thingy (F12). There was a ton of drag at the back but basically nothing that gives drag in the front. What's the problem? Thanks!
  3. Uh I don't think this is a tutorial. This is the windows thingy not ksp. Think you should put it as a WINDOWS tutorial not a KSP tutorial
  4. i was just asking... i used a question mark, didn't I???
  5. yeah To match the delta v map. 80x80km orbit is LKO and 14x14km is the Mun's low orbit I forgot to include craft manager so maybe after I launch this test with the science lab. I need to close ksp
  6. Remember to read this first! We finished like everything in kerbin that gives science, except for things like visiting the poles or landing on badlands which is super hard and unefficient. Lets do something fun! Why not? Exploration. Download this craft. Put Jeb as pilot, Bob as scientist, Bill as engineer. Bill is relatively optional but WE NEED XP!!!! FOR EVA CONSTRUCTION!!!! Anyways, launch it into a 80x80km orbit like normal. Rotate the screen so the mun its in 3 o' clock, moving anti-clockwise At 6 o' clock, set up a maneuver node, the PE should be under 60km but above 10km, 14 km is best Do you injection burn half the time before the node shutdown your engine once your PE is good. Once you're at mun's SOI but over 60km, do your science experiments like normal, including EVA report. Put them into the ESU, EVA Bob to restore them At the PE, burn retrograde. Our upper stage engine is SUPER efficient and can burn over 20 minutes. Try to get a 14x14 km orbit. Make sure the orbital inclination is at 0, if not set a maneuver node a change it, you can check the map view Use mechjeb maneuver planner --> change inclination to perfect it Retrograde from PE decreases the AP, retrograde from AP decreases the PE try limiting your thrust limiter to make it circular. Once your orbit is under 60km, do all your science experiments and store them in the ESU. Restore the science Jr and a Mystery goo. EVA Jeb and do a EVA report in those biomes: 1. canyons 2. east crater 3. east farside crater 4. farside crater 5. highlands 6. lowlands 7. midlands craters 8. midlands 9. northwest crater Once finished, burn prograde from the farside of the mun and target for a Kerbin PE of 30km. Conduct a material study and a GOO unit above 250km in kerbin No more science, retract your antenna, ditch your second stage and use the ablator from the bottom command pod to dissipate the heat. Recover the vessel. With over 500 science, go for heavy rocketry, propulsion systems, space exploration and advanced exploration. Why no advanced electrics. No worries, we will get it very soon. Our science lab will do the job So we went for advanced exploration. THIS should do the job. Launch it into orbit and take a bunch of EVA reports (Only EVA the pilot, the rest should be scientists) and crew reports. Turn them into data by clicking on the green button If it's a EVA report keep the experiment (Should say 0.0 science, that's normal) get in the pod Right click on the pod and click on review stored data Click on the green button and there would be data in the science lab, turning it into science. While flying in the air (flying low and flying high), take more data by taking crew reports At space, take a crew report. Take EVA reports in the following biomes 1. Shores 2. Water 3. Grasslands 4. Mountains 5. Deserts 6. Highlands Right click the lab and level up the kerbals Before we continue, finish your tourist contracts. No science needed, yet. We just need the money and not lose money and reputation because we time warp too much Land in highlands after 1 tourist mission and take a surface sample for 2.3 science We now have 120.4 science Do a rescue mission Accept a Explorer kerbin contract, it should tell you to rendezvous and dock. Do the rescue mission first. Download this craft. Set the craft you need to rescue as target Wait till the target is flying over the desert and launch it. Aim for a steeper trajectory. Take a crew report while under 10000 meters and above the water get a circular orbit once you're close, set a maneuver node. Turn lights on for a better visibility prograde or retrograde a bit until a close intersect says 0.0km once you arrived at the node ignite your engine at 10% thrust Once you are around 100m transfer the pilot to the cabins once you are around 80m use the [ or ] keys to switch to your target and EVA him/her. Use his EVA jetpack to go to your original craft. get in the original craft transfer the rescued kerbal to the cabin and your pilot to the command seat and land For a bit more science take a EVA report in the upper atmosphere Take a part test contract for 1 science It should be a contract on ground finish it Now there shouldn't be any contracts active but the Explore kerbin one, which doesn't expire Go to the tracking station Terminate the empty ship - we already brought the kerbal back home Find our vessel which should be named SCIENCE!!!! On the left hand side, double click it. Time warp to 100000x right click the science lab once there's 350-350.1 science, land it takes around 2y, mines is 2y89d What's yours? Comment down below!!!! Lets land in the water, no matter west or east of ksc, just target the land in front of it while flying above, take a eva report around 1km above the water take a eva report and a surface sample when swimming in the water Recover vessel With exactly 510 science, lets upgrade again! Go for precision engineering (for decoupler, cubic struts and probe core), advanced electrics (for solar panels) and advanced flight control (for rcs (for docking)). We should have exactly 100 science Now we want to finish the docking This seems a good craft For me in space, I undock the small probe core with my pod Then with the pod, I keep on hovering, playing with engines (of course in a stable orbit and within the physics range) Then I flip the thing around and rendezvous and dock back with the probe If it didn't have a tick, use cheats go to the ALT+F12 menu Contracts --> Active --> Complete. Land it. if you used cheats then add 12000 funds Quit to main menu Go to Kerbal Space Program --> saves --> (name) --> persistent.sfs Find for sci = 108.0 Change it into sci = 109.0 Then do this, we want more scientists for our next mission If the guy you've rescued was a scientist, skip this part Search for "ROSTER" Find for the kerbal you've rescued earlier Under traits, change him from whatever it is (Pilot or engineer) to scientist, remember to type it correctly! save it quit ksp and open it again Upgrade the astronaut complex and hire 2 scientists Complete a rescue mission make him/her a scientist (if he/she is not)
  7. uh... I cannot youtube, so sorry, i cannot take this help
  8. that happens if you have a too small twr. Don't use rhinos use a bigger engine like the mammoth. or if not the mastodon engine
  9. Please note that this thing took around 3 weeks in total. Planning: 7 days Eliminations: 1 day Try but fails: 1 day Writing & doing it at the same time: 11 days 7+1+1+11=2 20 days in total I seriously don't hope that it will die within a day after 20 days/almost 3 weeks of work. FULLY original, NO youtubing
  10. I... don't wanna complain, don't wanna say bad things, don't wanna criticize. Just have a super simple question: How to do Tip 1? If you want to ask how I made tutorials I can tell you. You might not understand. It takes weeks, or even months. Like my "Early career games" ones took something like 3 weeks of posting & editing. The "Getting more science" is easier and only took something like a week. This is how I did it, since I cannot youtube. And also just some extra information is that I heard that they are outdated. I go into the wiki, I don't follow those useless old tutorials that the community made in the wiki. I go to wiki.kerbalspaceprogram.com/wiki/Science and wiki.kerbalspaceprogram.com/wiki/Technology_Tree, scroll out everything that gives science. Then scroll out delta v maps, wiki.kerbalspaceprogram.com/wiki/Kerbin and stuff like that. Mark my plans in a document or something like that. Try to do some proofreading, shorten a bit of time and stuff like that. Redo the same step again with a different plan. I did something like 2 or 3 for "Early career games". When I found the fastest, cheapest, easiest one I delete all the old ones, open a new career and then type it in the most understandable way I can.
  11. WOAH... Never saw a tutorial as great as THIS
  12. Please note that the orbital launcher and the HEO rocket follows the ariane 5 design but uses liquid boosters since they're efficent, i don't wanna use 4 gigantic thumper boosters...
  13. thanks, btw i am still working on it. Still making pictures, they're complicated. I had a similar design that will give a ton of science in kerbin. Coming out soon
  14. What do you guys even want??? Everyone is giving bad rating but didn't say anything about improvements
  15. to whoever rated under 5 stars for this tutorial, what improvements do you want
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